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August 12, 2017 18:06

Compact washing machines : automatic with front and top-loading , under the sink , narrow

Compact Washer
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    • Front loading
    • vertical loading
  • Size
    • Narrow
    • Superuzkie
  • Under sink
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  • most compact washing machine
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Most apartments housing the country are houses of old, Soviet-built.All of them combine some features of planning, including a special cause discontent of the inhabitants close the kitchen and bathrooms are small.In terms of free space deficit has to very carefully choose the furniture and appliances: it is important not only functionality, but also the size.

Compact washing machine under the kitchen sink

The advent of compact washing machines has become for many of us a real salvation, because it is now possible to squeeze this useful instrument even in the small apartment. Today, all major appliance manufacturers produce line of compact washing machines. about the pros and cons of such devices, as well as their variants, we describe in detail in today's article.

Compact Washer
Compact washer- dryers


The advantages of compact washing machines include:

  • small size - this is the main advantage of this type stiralok, which often isthe determining factor in the choice for buyers, strictly limited area of ​​the premises.
  • functionality - modern compact models offer the same feature set as the Full Size and washing machines.So do not be afraid that buying such a device, you will lose some opportunities.
  • Cost - compact stiralki consume less water and electricity, although as washing it has no effect.
  • tank - an important option for many users, especially for large families.Despite its modest dimensions, the compact stiralki equipped with standard tanks.You can even find a model with a maximum load of up to 8 kg.
Compact Washer


Deficiencies in compact washing machines is considerably less than the merits.Experts call the two main shortcomings:

  • Price - one who wants to save money by purchasing a compact model, it is likely to be disappointed.The cost of such stiralki and similar characteristics Full machine is about the same.
  • Limited choice - unfortunately, not all appliance manufacturers engaged in production of compact models.Find a unit produced by the popular company is not difficult, but the compact stiralki from a little-known brand - it is rather rare.
Compact Washer
Compact Washer

Download type

on the market for home appliances washing machines presented two load types - the frontal and vertical.This option is often decisive in the choice stiralki, so here we will tell you more about compact devices with varying load.

Front loading


Dimensions, see

Maximum load, kg

spin speed, rev / min


average price, rbl.

Indesit WISL 103


to 4.5


- the ability to embed;

- Timer delay start wash


LG F1096WDS5


to 6.5


- 13 wash programs;

- hypoallergenic


Samsung WW60H2210EW




- ceramic heater;

- saves the last settings


Bosch Maxx 5 VarioPerfect




- voltage regulator;

- protection of children


Candy Aquamatic AQ 1D 835


to 3.5


- 16 wash programs;

- the ability to install under the sink


Washing machines with frontal load are the most popular among buyers, as it is believed that they are more comfortable and functional, though it requires a bit more space for the installation.Consider the most interesting options stiralok compact with front loading type.

The compact washing machine with front loading

vertical loading

Washing machines and dryers - is the choice of those for whom it is important to make rational use of every centimeter of space in the house. They take up less space than the front cars , and compact models and all can be installed even in the narrow pier.We bring you the most popular models of compact washing machines with vertical loading type.


Dimensions, see

Maximum load, kg

spin speed, rev / min


average price, RUR

Whirlpool AWE 7515/1


to 5.5


- 18 wash programs;

- foam control


Candy EVOT 10071D / 1-07




- balancing control;

- overfill protection


Indesit ITW A 5851 W




- the presence of the wheels;

- protection of children


Zanussi ZWY 51004 WA


to 5.5


- washable wool;

- choice of washing temperature


Candy EVOT 10071 D




- 18 wash programs;

- Timer delay start wash


Buck in a narrow washing machines and dryers
Compact washer- dryers


Among compact washing machines can distinguish two kinds of these devices: narrow and superuzkie.The fact that they are, and what is the difference between them, more see below.


Narrow referred to washing machines not deeper than 45 cm. The depth of the majority of these models ranges from 40 to 45 cm. Usually, the class of narrow applies only washing machines with front loading type, as vertical models already have a depthsignificantly less than the standard.

minimum depth narrow stiralki is about 30 cm Typically, these machines can hold a lot of clothes do not -. About 3.5 to 4.5 kg .Despite its small size and very limited size of the tank, there are narrow washing machines are not cheaper than usual.

Among the most popular models for users of narrow devices are the following:

  • Vestel WM 640 T - the depth of 40 cm, the price of 8000 rubles .;
  • Bosch Maxx 5 Speed ​​Edition WLX 20163 OE - depth of 40 cm, the price of 13,000 rubles .;
  • BEKO WKL 15105 - depth of 45 cm, the price of 8000 rubles .;
  • LG F1056MD - depth of 44 cm, the price of 12,000 rubles.
Narrow washing machine


Superuzkimi called washing machines standard width (oddly enough) and height, but very little depth. Normal depth superuzkih stiralok is 30 to 35 cm. Since they have a standard height, it is not suitable for installation under the sink.

Although much smaller depth, the maximum loading of the drum of such devices is approximately the same as that of the narrow models. Superuzkie stiralki economical with respect to the consumption of water and electricity .As regards prices, they are similar to the narrow value of the washing machines.Among the models superuzkih stiralok worth mentioning the following:

  • Candy Holiday 104 F - installation depth 34 cm, price 11000 rub .;
  • Indesit WIUN 81 - 33 cm depth, the price of 10,000 rubles .;
  • «Atlant 35M81» - the depth of 33 cm, the price of 14,000 rubles .;
  • Hotpoint-Ariston ARUSL 105 - depth 33 cm, the price of 16,000 rubles.
Superuzkaya washing machine

Under sink

Compact washing machines are best suited for installation under the sink.This solution allows the best way to arrange the furniture and bathroom fixtures in the bathroom, without cluttering up the already tight kitchen usually unnecessary appliances.

Washing machine under the sink

To stiralka loose fit under the washbasin, without interfering with the normal drainage of water and providing easy access to the shell, it must meet several requirements:

  • height not exceeding 70 cm;
  • width not exceeding 50 cm;
  • depth not exceeding 50 cm;
  • front loading type.

In addition, the shell edges should be issued on the washing machine, protecting the unit from water spray.

Compact automatic machine under the sink
Compact automatic machine under the sink

Not every sink is suitable for a washing machine.About what kind of shell fits into the washing machine, read in another article.


Built in appliances has become a familiar attribute of modern life by enabling a new way to organize the space in the apartment.This is an incredibly beautiful and comfortable solution.Despite the fact that it is more expensive than common household appliances, consumers are willing to pay more for ergonomics and beautiful appearance.

Compact washing machines are often purchased with a view to incorporate them into the kitchen area, or under the countertop in the bathroom.For this machine should be small height and depth and, of course, be able to front-loading.

Built-in washing machine

of the front panel stiralki hide behind the door, thus masking the instrument under a cabinet or cabinet.

Built-in washing machine
Built-in washing machine
Built-in washing machine

With drying

How to find a place in the apartment dryer?This is a problem faced by urban dwellers often.Here are a few possible solutions: to hang the laundry on the balcony, stretch linen rope to the bathroom or to purchase a portable dryer.Those unlimited cash, we can recommend a more modern solution - washing machine with laundry drying function.

Besides the obvious advantages, such as savings in time and space, in this version there are significant drawback - the high cost.

Prices for compact models with drying start at 50,000 rubles

Washing machine with dryer
Washing machine with dryer
Washing machine with dryer

most compact washing machine

Among compact washing machines are the real "Thumbelina ", which can boast the smallest dimensions.In the catalogs of home appliances we managed to find a machine that has the most compact dimensions, its installation is possible even on the wall.Read more about this in the article about wall washing machine.

Actually, these models are presented two - Daewoo Electronics DWD-CV701 PC and Daewoo Electronics DWD-CV701JC.Most of the parameters have the same: the dimensions - 55x29x60 cm, weight - 17 kg, the maximum loading - 3 kg, spin speed - up to 700 rev / min, 6 wash programs.We'll get this baby is not cheap. average price of these models is 20 to 23 thousand rubles.

Washing machine Daewoo Electronics DWD-CV701 PC
Washing machine Daewoo Electronics DWD-CV701JC

Overview brands

We offer you to get acquainted with the most famous brands that produce compact washing machines.

  • Indesit - Italian company founded in the late nineteenth century;originally produced gas and electric heaters, and then switched to the large equipment for the home.The most popular compact models of washing machines from this manufacturer: IWUB 4085, IWSB 5085, IWUC 4105.
  • LG - a group of companies from South Korea, the history of which begins in the middle of the 20th century.The first product released by the corporation, - cosmetics, household chemical goods and plastic goods.Among a wide variety of compact stiralok from LG should pay attention to the model F-1089ND, F-1096SD3, F-80C3LD.
  • Bosch - group, based in Germany in the 80s of the last century.Starting with the manufacture of electrical products, the company has gradually become a major manufacturer of construction equipment, and electronics.The best representatives of the class of compact washing machines of the firm - is WLG 20060, 20260 WLG, WLG 24260.
  • Candy - another pretty old company originally from Italy (it was founded over 60 years ago).At first, the company specialized in the repair and manufacture of mechanical devices, and then arranged the production of kitchen appliances.Among the most successful compact model from this manufacturer can be called: GC4 1072 D, GC4 1051 D, GC4 1061 D.
  • BEKO - Turkish producer, existing on the market of household appliances since 1967.In 90 years, the company opened production in our country - the plant is located in Kirzhach.Here are models of compact stiralok, are most popular among Russian buyers: WKB 61001 Y, WKB 50801 M, WKB 51031 PTMA.

as presented can be more familiar with the characteristics of compact washing machines Candy company.