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August 12, 2017 18:06

Washing machine agitator type : a spin , real differences from automatic

activator machine Assol
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Although machine-gun can be called is now the most common form of the washing machine, there are still people who, for one reason or another can not be established at home such devices.Their rescue model activator type.


  • activator machine is often much cheaper machine-gun.
  • device does not need to be connected to a centralized water supply.
  • device saves energy, especially if it is a simple machine, which immediately pour hot water.
  • In such a device, you can use detergent for hand washing, which also saves money.
Means for manual washing
  • Due to the simple design of such a machine failure - a rarity.
  • typewriter activator type convenient to use at the cottage.
  • In such a machine, you can also save water, if to wash white clothes at first, and then in the same water to start washing of dark things.
  • Stop washing in a similar machine a
    t any time.
  • When the activator machine almost vibrate and wash pretty quiet.
agitator type washing machine


  • during washing in a machine consumes more water and more detergents.
  • draw water into the machine and pour it out of the machine manually.However, these shortcomings are deprived of modern models.
  • After washing many typewriters required to rinse the laundry separately, so the owner has to put more effort.
  • class of washing machines in the activator is much lower than the automatic machines.
  • Sometimes machine agitator type underwear is torn as a result of exposure to the activator of tissue.
  • activator machine can not be built because the laundry is loaded from the top.
activator cons washing machine

Differences from the machines automatic

activator machine compared to automatic:

  • has less functionality.In such a machine mainly can only wash clothes, and heating and spin are represented only in some models.
  • Erases faster.On average, one wash cycle takes approximately 10 minutes.
  • worth much cheaper.
  • more reliable and less likely to break.
  • not allow to rinse the laundry and use air conditioning.
  • not allows you to control the water temperature and spin speed.
  • not need to be connected to the water supply as well as sewerage.
Compare activator machines and machine


standard machines, which belong to the type of activator, are reasonably simple device.In their design there are four main parts - tank made of metal or plastic, complete with electric motor, timer and activator.The latter is represented plastic range, which are convex (rib), causing the movement of the water inside the tank.

activator type machine unit

After loading into the tank and turn the activator laundry timer affects the water, causing it together with the clothes begins to rotate in a certain direction.When washing is over, the laundry is rinsed and removed separately, or pure water is poured into the machine and include washing again.The centrifuge machine with linen shift in and perform the spin cycle.

Fairy washing machine with centrifuge


Among activator machines emit:

1. The simplest model, the description of which was higher.They may be present hand-wringing, represented by two rollers (wet clothes inserted between them and the scroll).

washing machine with manual spin

2. Models with spin (Semi-automatic machines). main plus data activator machines is the ability to spin the laundry.

Washing machine with a centrifuge

3. Models heated. When using such devices is not required to heat the water separately, as it copes with a built-in heater.Laundry in such typewriters more thorough than in the unheated units.

different types of washing machines activator

4. Models with minimum dimensions. Such machines are called the baby to their small size.The capacity of these machines is up to 2 kg of laundry.Due to the ease of transportation they are suitable for use in the country.

Baby car

5. Bubble activator machine-gun. This is the most advanced model of such equipment, which provide for different modes of operation, including washing wool and delicate fabrics.The water in these typewriters typed, heated and fused, and rinse in such devices presents an air-bubble process.

bubble machine
air bubbles

more information about bubble machines agitator type, you can learn by watching this video:

With spin

In some typewriters activator type present such an extensiontheir functionality as spin.It is a centrifuge, which is often adjacent to a tank for washing in the same housing. Erase activator in such as typewriters:

  1. underwear lay in a tank with an activator, where the main wash.Underwear
  2. rinsed in a separate container, for example in water-filled bath, basin or under running water from a faucet.
  3. Lingerie charged to a centrifuge for spinning.

While this washing process involves manual labor, the presence of the spin is considered a plus because Unscrew lingerie hands near dryness will not work, and centrifuge to deal with it well.

drying underwear

typical representative of washing machine agitator type with spin function is a device Saturn ST-WK7618, the possibility of which are shown in the following video.

Browse popular models

One of the most common models of machines activator is a fairy. It is a semi-automatic machine, which has a centrifuge.The range of machines Fairy represented quite a large selection of (at least 12 models).The difference between the two is the recommended load volume of the unit, power work during the wash and spin, drain pump presence, body color.In such typewriters can be washed 2-3 kg of laundry and spin speed in many of them is 1320 rpm.

also available to customers automatic machines Fairy (MCMA-19GP and MCMA-21G), allows you to erase 1.2-2.2 kg of laundry.In such typewriters have 4-6 washing modes, and spinning is performed at a speed of 850 rpm.Managing data mechanical devices.

Fairy machine

other popular devices activator type are:

  • Baby.Its main advantages - small size and light weight.In such a machine is convenient to quickly wash slightly contaminated clothing.It is often bought for questioning.In the tank of Little wash 1-2 kg of laundry.The phone has a hose that helps to drain waste water.Spin in the baby in most cases, is absent.
  • Renova WS 50. A representative semi-activator machines in which there is a centrifuge.In such a machine can be washed up to 5 kg of laundry at once.Clothing pressed at a speed of 1350 rpm.The complete set contains water hoses and drain.Management of such a mechanical device.
  • Oka-100.Another semi-automatic machine, which has a centrifuge.The device offers the laundry in two modes - normal and sensitive.Also available model forced draining.
  • Snow XPB30-2000S.Inexpensive model with mechanical control, which can be washed 3 kg of laundry.
  • gonna XPB30-148S.In such a machine can be washed without spinning at a time up to 3 kg of clothes.The duration of one wash is 15 minutes.Weighs 7 kg this machine, so it is easy to transport.
  • EVGO.Machines such as the activator of this manufacturer are presented automatic models with different load capacity - from 3.2 to 7 kg.In models with average load (5.5 kg) is present fuzzy logic function is to save energy and water.The main advantages of machines EVGO - easy operation and good quality wash.
  • Whirlpool Vantage.Automatic machine, the benefits of which are touch-sensitive controls, broad functionality and high quality of the wash.
activator machine at the cottage

Sample prices

cost agitator type machines is much lower than many devices with a drum.Cheapest activator machine - Baby model.They can be purchased for 1500-3000 rubles.Fairy Clippers are a bit more expensive, their average cost is 3500-4800 rubles.The most expensive among activator machines are automatic models.Their price may exceed 100 thousand rubles.

activator cost of washing machines


activator machines have not so many fans, but the owners of such vehicles are often satisfied with the purchase, noting the low cost, the reliability of the machine, quick and quite proper washing.Plus a separate call small size and weight activator models that appreciate the owners of summer cottages.Many noted the need to include cons pour water and wring out the laundry by hand.Also, there are complaints of damage to delicate tissues in contact with the activator.

activator machines hostess


Due to the simplicity of design failure activator washing machine is usually associated with a timer or a motor.It is extremely rare in the machine with a plastic tank of the tank may cause cracks.Since these devices do not have electronics, and then fail such cars less.

activator repair washing machines

Suitable for?

Clippers claimed activator type:

  • With low income, does not establish the house machine-gun.
  • The owners of apartments and houses, which has no running water or sewage.
  • For use in the country.
  • Young families living in a rented apartment.
  • Young parents who want to quickly wash children's underwear.
young parents