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August 12, 2017 18:06

The icons on the washing machine : the notation modes and decoding Bosch, Indesit, Samsung, Candy, Ariston, Zanussi, LG, Electrolux, Ardo, Siemens, AEG, Beko and Gorenje

washing machine on badges
  • Key designations
    • Laundry
    • Rinse
    • Spin
  • Bosch
  • Indesit
  • Samsung
  • LG
  • Ariston
  • Zanussi
  • Candy
  • Electrolux
  • Ardo
  • Siemens
  • AEG
  • Beko and Gorenje

Modern washing machines are based on the fact that any user would easily manage the washing process.However, to deal with the newly acquired equipment is sometimes difficult.Some refer to the washing machines are understandable, but there are icons to understand the significance of which will not work at first sight.In addition, each manufacturer icons on the front panel of the machine in something different from other brands of equipment.

Machines with icons panel

very convenient if there is next to the inscription that it recovers, but in panels of many machines you will only see the icons.Check that designates a given icon in this case can be of instructions attached to or from the Internet.

icons on the machine Ariston

Key designations

To turn the device on all present washing machine start button / trigger.

Icons indicating the wash cycle, as well as other f

unctions of the machine, are often brought to the panel around the handle, which helps to choose cranking program.

also icons located beside the buttons, including a specific function or program.

definition of wash parameters
hand-washing mode to the washing machine


most common standard for marking washing regimes used the image of the pelvis, which is complemented by other elements.For example, if the pelvis is depicted with his hand, then this icon represents the hand-washing.

Some will prompt that included operating mode is suitable for washing curtains, sportswear, children's clothes, blankets.Many typewriters icons also note modes for different fabrics - wool, denim, cotton, synthetic materials and others.

also associated with washing icons are images indicating:

  • washing at low temperatures.Cold water in the wash on some models of cars designated snowflake.
  • quick wash.
  • prewash.
  • mode economical washing.
  • half load.
  • opportunity to increase the rate of water.
icon on the control panel circuit


on different typewriters rinsing process can be designated:

  • Patterned basin with water.
  • Depiction watering can and water drops.
Rinse mode on the washing machine


feature extraction on most of the washing machines is designated swirling spiral or snail.If this picture is crossed, then the spin cycle in the selected wash program is missing.

Squeeze mode on the washing machine
spin icon


Control panel Washing machine Bosch presented the Start button and other buttons to select the main wash mode.Number of revolutions during washing is selected by a separate switch.Thus, the more contaminated fabric and the higher the density, the greater the speed should be set.A separate switch is used to set the wash temperature.It also helps to select the mode according to the type of fabric.

Bosch washing machine panel

In this technique, you can see the following icons:

  • Image shorts and T-shirts next to a T-shirt refers to the cotton clothes washing mode.A similar picture indicates an intensive wash, but there are different image circled outline.
  • Bowie with a wavy line denotes wash, which uses a significant amount of water.
  • picture empty pelvis corresponds to a quick wash.Also super-fast washing symbols on machines with dials Bosch are marked on their length of time.
  • iron image represents the choice easy ironing mode.Revolutions at this time does not exceed 600.
  • Image T-shirt refers to washing of synthetics.
  • Painted nightgown stands for delicate laundry.
  • icon with hand basin and a hank of wool designated program for wool, as well as a choice of hand-washing.
  • Picture trouser jeans is a symbol of the washing program.
Bosch washing machine
Bosch machine control panel
wash colored laundry


This manufacturer takes care of the usability of its products, so the washing machine from Indesit, you will see not just icons.Next to each icon, you can read the name of the program, as well as to see her room.

Indesit washing machine panel

Icons on machines of the brand Indesit are quite clear to users:

  • washing cotton things denoted schematic picture blown cotton boxes.
  • to indicate washing synthetic materials Indesit typewriters presence of a chemical flask.
  • flower image indicates the delicate washing.
  • picture jeans pants indicates the wash cycle.
  • Seeing the picture curtains, curtains you choose wash cycle.
  • Motoc thread appears next to the mode of washing woolens.
  • tree Figure represents a cost-effective washing.
  • iron image points to a function of light ironing.
  • Picture mode dial is a symbol of a very quick wash.
machine Indesit panel
linen, machine washable by Indesit


On models of this brand icons are often non-existent, because the manufacturer for more convenience on the front panel indicate the names of programs at once. you can find on a typewriter Samsung standard icons, such as bowl with vertical stripes, depicts wash cycle or spiral to describe the spin function.

The icons on the washing machine Samsung

Also on technology Samsung are such icons:

  • Image T-shirts sketched the lower right corner stands for "intensive wash."
  • Dial is delayed start.
  • Castle, near which depicted a smiling face, points to the protection of children.
  • Picture T-shirts with a few soap bubbles indicates the use of the function Eco-Buble.
  • Basin with a wavy line is a symbol of soaking function.
delicate wash
Samsung machine panel

more clearly with icons on the washing machine panels Samsung will read this video.Also from the video, you will learn about a new feature, "Do not pressing at all," which, at first glance, looks like a joke Samsung's engineers:


As on machines from Samsung, on the brand LG models icons almostIt found, and for the convenience of selecting next to the program immediately noted its description.

The control panel of the washing machine LG

rotary knob, you can select the type of fabric, especially spin, fast or hand wash, rinse spin mode, discharge mode.Separate buttons you can select the temperature, delayed start-up, protection of children and easy ironing.

machine LG
washing machine with child protection


On the control panel of machines of the brand Ariston, you will notice:

  • Image Cotton boxes, indicating the mode of things wash cotton.
  • An icon bulb associated with the regime of washing synthetic fabrics.
  • flower image, meaning a delicate wash cycle.
  • a picture of the tree, indicating the economic wash cycle.
  • iron image indicating the EASY IRON (in this mode, there is no last wash spin, and during the rinsing water is taken a little more volume).
  • An icon with a hand basin, associated with hand washing regime.
  • image of two balls of wool, which means washing wool fabric.
  • a picture of trousers, indicating wash jeans.
  • a picture curtains, washing curtains indicating mode.
Ariston machine control panel
  • An icon filled basin with a single vertical line associated with the function of soaking.
  • pelvis image with waves and dots, indicating the rinse mode.
  • a picture of the pelvis down arrow indicating the drain.
  • Image spiral indicating spin.
  • An icon of the month and the stars associated with the night washing mode, in which the machine operates silently and does not drain.
  • Image dial, meaning Super Quick.
  • a picture of an empty basin with a vertical line indicating the prewash.
  • pelvis image with the waves, and the plus points, indicating the extra rinse.
  • arrow icons, and two vertical lines associated with the start of the wash programs and pause.
list of designations
laundry , wash in mild ironing mode


on machines of this brand are usually present such common designation:

  • disclosed cotton boll cotton points to the laundry items.
  • Image bulb corresponds washing synthetic clothes.
  • Flower picture refers to washing materials, requiring delicate care.
  • Basin submerged in his hand is the symbol of hand washing.
  • Snowflake means washing in cold water.
  • Image skein of wool indicates washing woolens.
  • Basin with running down arrow indicates the drain.
  • Image spiral indicates spin mode and crossed spiral means laundry without spinning.
  • clasp indicates protection of children.
  • Basin with a horizontal stripe is a symbol stop washing with water-filled tank.
  • Basin with a wavy line from the top, inside of which there are several points indicating the rinse mode.
Control panel Zanussi
drying on the street

But more often the manufacturer once wrote symbols on typewriters.

Control panel Zanussi


Almost all notations on machines of this brand presents common symbols found on most of such equipment. However, you may notice some icons that are typical only for machines Candy:

  • Image 2 droplets and corresponds to a plus function "AQUAPLUS", providing additional rinse.
  • Figure T-shirts with patches indicating intensive washing.
  • Image hours and left direction of the arrow corresponds to the function delayed start.Figure
  • empty basin, which falls stream of water is on the machine Candy rinse symbol.
  • Taz with the letter P on machines of this brand indicates a prewash.
  • Three tangle of wool wash cycle stand for woolen garments.
  • Basin, which is located next to the number 32, can be seen next to the button, including quick wash.
  • Figure feathers will tell you that the selected wash cycle suitable for delicate materials.
  • picture clouds and a downward arrow means washing resistant fabrics.
Candy washing machine control panel
Washing machine Candy


In some typewriters this manufacturer navigation very comfortable and provided inscriptions, while in others you will only see the icons.They can be deciphered as:

  • Cotton box corresponds to the wash cotton white and colored clothes with conventional and light pollution.If next to it there is the Eco label, it means the program is suitable for washable colored cotton items, and white cotton.
  • bulb icon indicates the wash items made of synthetic or blended fabrics.
  • flower image means washing delicate fabrics such as viscose and acrylic clothing.
  • ball of wool and a basin of water meet one mode suitable for wool and fine materials that need to be washed by hand.
  • Image butterfly meets a special program silk clothes washing.
  • Picture blankets indicates washing curtains, duvets, quilts or synthetic quilts.
  • Image trouser means that the program can be washed jeans, dark clothing and knitwear.
  • Picture curtain corresponds to the special program of the washing curtains, in which the pre-wash is present.
  • Image shoe indicates the washing of sports things.
  • picture shirt tells the user that the program can be washed five shirts with little pollution.
  • Taz with wavy lines correspond to regimes rinse and wash in cold water.
  • Image snails points to the spin mode.
  • with Taz drops down arrow indicates the water drain.
Electrolux Control Panel
washing machines Electrolux


Rotate on machines of this brand can choose a wash:

  • usual.It is marked by the image of the pelvis with two vertical lines.
  • quickly.Her pelvis notes icon with horizontal lines and the letter R.
  • Cotton things.It corresponds to the image of a cotton boll.
  • Manual.Its symbol is a basin with lowered it by hand.
  • daily.She meets the image of T-shirts.
  • Synthetics.On it indicates a picture of the flask.
  • delicate.It corresponds to the image of a feather.
  • Wool.In her picture indicates a ball of wool.
  • preliminary.It depicts a basin with a single vertical line.
  • in cold water.About it tells the picture of snowflakes.
  • No spin.It represents a snail crossed.
  • vigorously.In it indicates the pelvis with two wavy lines.
Washing machine control panel Ardo

Separately chosen function:

  • Rinse.It corresponds to the watering can picture with three drops.
  • spin.It is denoted by a snail.
  • SPIN to drain.Next to the symbol is a snail picture arrows pointing down.
  • switching delays.Its symbol is the face.
  • extra rinse.This mode is indicated by two watering-cans with water drops.
  • wrinkle resistance.On this mode, the picture tells iron.
loading laundry into the washing machine
washing machine in the interior


next to the icon on the washing machine from Siemens can read their transcript:

  • icon black T-shirt refers to washing of dark synthetic fabrics.
  • Icon with several jackets associated with shirts washing regime, linen and professional clothing.
  • mountains image is wash cycle for sport, protective and functional clothing.
  • picture dial indicates the quick wash.The dial is marked the duration of the program (15 or 30 minutes).
  • pelvis icon down arrow indicates the discharge mode.
  • snail icon denotes spin.
  • pelvis image with water rinsing means.
  • Picture T-shirt with horizontal lines associated with intensive washing cotton clothes.
  • leaf icon indicates the eco wash cotton.
  • Icon sweaters on a hook connected with washing of synthetics.If there are depicted pants, this mode is a mixed wash clothes.
  • Image nightgown denotes washing delicates.
  • pelvis Pictures at hand and a ball of wool suggest delicate wash (hand wash and wool).