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August 12, 2017 18:06

The height of the washing machine: a standard , 60, 65 , 70, 75 and 82 cm as selected.

the height of the washing machine
  • height-standard
  • Suitable Whether washing machine under the sink?
  • What other sizes are important when choosing?

Few of us goes for buying household appliances, are not defined, at least approximately, the options should have a new device.Usually before going to the store, we collect information on the product of interest to us: study advertising, browse online catalogs, asking acquaintances.Thus, buyers know in advance what requirements must meet the purchase.

Choosing a washing machine, it is necessary to take into account a number of important criteria: the type of download, installation method, class of washing and, of course, the dimensions of the device.After all, to be mistaken with the size of only a few centimeters, we will create additional difficulties themselves (for example, may require the dismantling of interior doors or rearrangement of furniture).

Washer - Standard

Dimensions of washing machines are evaluated according to three parameters: the width, depth and height.In this articl

e, we will tell you about the latest indicator: you know what height stiralki considered standard and how to determine the desired height of the device.

the height of a standard washing machine


Any expert will tell you that the standard height of a modern washing machine is 85 cm. In contrast to the depth and width, which depend on many factors,including the volume of the tank, this option usually remains unchanged.However, it should mention the compact models with a small load, which is usually acquired for a summer residence;such stiralok height - about 60 cm

Rarely, but still there are models of washing machines with non-standard height, if you search well, you can purchase stiralki 65, 70 or 82 cm in height..

Due to the adjustable support legs standard 85 cm can grow to 90 cm and more.For vehicles with front and top-loading standard height will be the same, but we must remember that the vertical model with the lid open can reach 130 cm.

washing machine in the interior of the apartment
washing machine under the table

Suitable Whether washing machine under the sink?

Recently, interior designers and manufacturers of household appliances offer many innovative solutions, to maximize cost-effective and functional use of space in the apartment.One of the most interesting ideas - is the installation of the washing machine under the sink in the bathroom.

For many, the decision becomes a real salvation, because in our small bathrooms and kitchens so little room for the essentials.One thing to note: for the realization of this idea does not fit every washbasin and not every washing machine.On what shells are suitable for installation above the washing machine, can be read in another article.

requirements as to the washing machine are as follows:

  • height up to 70 cm;
  • depth of 10-20 cm smaller than the depth of the sink;
  • width is not more (or better, a little less) than the width of the shell;
  • front loading type.

Please note that the washing machines and dryers can not be installed under the wash basin, as in this case, you simply will not be able to open the loading hatch.For the same reasons, vertical models are not set under the tabletop.

washing machine at the sink
how to calculate the height of the washing machine under the sink

What other sizes are important when choosing?

height - this is not the only dimension that must be considered when choosing a washing machine.At least (and sometimes more) are the important parameters such as width and depth.In stiralok with different types of loading these characteristics can vary widely.

Thus, the maximum depth of the frontal model is 60 cm, and the minimum - 32 cm width of the largest machines with front loading - 60 cm, and the smallest - 47.

For vertical models of the figures will be different:. Minimum depth - 40 cm, the maximum - 65 cm;maximum width - 60 cm, and the lowest - 33 cm

washing machine in the kitchen
washing machine in the bathroom
built-in washing machine