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August 12, 2017 18:06

Dimensions of washing machines : standard for machines with vertical and front-loading

Standard sizes of washing machines
  • What you need to know the sizes?
  • Dimensions for
    • standards for machines with vertical load
    • For washing machines with front-loading
  • What sizes are rare?
  • Tips on choosing the size of

Before you go to the store for a washing machine, you need to determine what parameters it should have - because you get yourself faithful assistant for a few years.Taking into account all important factors, you save yourself from further inconvenience caused by poor choice technology.

Dimensions of washing machines

One of the key parameters that need to be guided - it is the size of the washing machine.Usually we choose stiralki size based on the characteristics of the room in which it is installed.The smaller the space at our disposal, the more we are limited in the choice.

In today's article we will tell you about the accepted standards for the size of washing machines.We hope that this information will be useful, and will help to make the right choice.

Dimensions of washing machines

What you need to know the sizes?

knowledge of the alleg

ed size of the washing machine it is necessary to life at home was comfortable. bulky washing machine in a small bathroom or kitchen close "consumes" too much space, which could be usefully used for other purposes.In addition, it serves as a constant obstacle and makes it difficult to pass.

Washing machine , compact size
Washing machine , compact size
Washing machine , compact size

Choosing a place for the washing machine, you need to make sure to stay at least a couple of free centimeters between the device and walls (other furniture or appliances)- it is necessary to ensure that the machine is not fought on hard surfaces during the spin cycle.

Dimensions for

standards for different types of washing machines have their own size standards.On what dimensions are the most popular for stiralok vertical and front-loading, see below.

For machines with vertical load

Vertical models of washing machines are considered to be more compact, but because their owners often choose smaller dwellings.

  • Depth units with a vertical type download the same for most models.It is 40-45 cm. The absence of an opening front door allows you to install these devices, even in the most confined spaces.
  • width vertical stiralok very small, as a rule, it is 60 cm. Such washing machines are called "narrow" as they are free to put in the smallest niche.
  • height of such devices is typically a standard and is 85 cm. Since the laundry load the hatch at the top, the vertical model is not designed to be installed under the sink or countertop that often leads to opt stiralki front-loading.
Washing machines with vertical loading type Washing machines with vertical loading type
Dimensions of the washing machines with vertical loading type Washing machines with vertical loading type

For washing machines with front-loading

Washing machines with frontal load type has a wide variety of sizes.

  • depth is considered to be one of the key indicators, since it depends on the tank capacity stiralki.Sales can be find models with depths ranging from 30 to 60 cm and more, but the standard is the size of about 50 cm. Deeper devices are usually equipped with a laundry drying function that requires a large amount of the drum.
  • width of the front of washing machines typically ranges from 60 to 85 cm. The most popular among buyers enjoy the most narrow model, which, however, have a good capacity.
  • height washing machine - a parameter that, with few exceptions, remains unchanged.Stiralki standard height - 85 cm, but there are some lower models, designed for installation under the sink.
Washing machine with front loading type washing machine with front loading type
Washing machine with front loading type washing machine with front loading type

What sizes are rare?

rarely consider the size of washing machines is significantly higher or lower than the standard .For example, the machine is higher than the usual 85 cm - a very rare specimen, as well as a very "small" unit, the depth is less than 30 cm As a rule, cars custom sizes -. This outdated model, long-prodution.But it can also be units issued by a little-known firm or simply devices that are used in specific areas (eg, at work).

Dimensions of washing machines

sale there and wall washers.This is a small stiralochka with dimensions - 55x29x60 cm

Tips on choosing the size of

  • Choose a model that well (and with a stock) will fit in the allotted space for it..In addition, make sure that the delivery of the unit to connect to the site do not have to dismantle the interior doors (since they are often narrower than 60 cm).
  • determine the type of download new washing machine, make sure that the loading door is free to open up or forwards without encountering obstacles in the form of other equipment and furniture.
  • calculating the appropriate size, do not forget to also provide the location of the sewer and water pipes if they are located directly behind the washing machine, then it will be impossible to move up close to the wall.