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August 12, 2017 18:06

Bags for washing laundry in a washing machine : Case - net for washing clothes

Laundry bags in laundry
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  • recommendations on the selection of
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Special bags of laundry in the washing machine are a very useful toolat home.Through their use, you can avoid some trouble that can occur when a washing machine.

Bags for washing laundry in a washing machine
  1. Protects your belongings. placing before washing the thing in the bag, you get a guarantee that after washing it will not lose its shape, and fittings, locks and keys will remain in place.Rinse and Spin will not affect the structure of the fabric, knitted and crocheted items will be protected from the stretch.You get the effect of hand washing in the washing machine.
  2. Wash underwear and textile shoes - no problem. special bags used for underwear and shoes.Their structure does not allow the garment deform and fully retains its original appearance after washing.Variety of bags for shoes not only make washing easier and quality, but also protect the washing machine drum from damage.
  3. loss of small items e
    Forgotten contents of pockets remain with the product in the bag and does not provoke damage to the machine.Handkerchiefs, gloves and other accessories placed in a laundry bag, do not scatter around the drum, and socks do not lose their steam.
  4. thrift time and money. If your clothes, shoes and other items of clothes receive proper care, they will keep their properties and appearance for a long time and you do not have to spend time and money to buy new things.
Washing of shoes in the washing machine using special bags
Bags for washing underwear in the washing machine


buying a bag for washing, it is necessary to understand their varieties.To do this, you need to know to what kind of washing it will be used.Groups vary in bags:

  • · value;
  • · type of material;
  • · closing system;
  • · model.
Bags for washing laundry in a washing machine

magnitude or size of the bag for laundry depends on its function.So, for washing underwear, handkerchiefs bag may be small.To wash the upper value of the clothes will be a lot more.It is recommended to purchase different types of laundry bags for the occasion.

The most common material "polyester" is used for the manufacture of laundry bags.The main properties of the synthetic fiber are considered its high heat resistance and wear resistance .During washing and laundry bag itself it does not change the form, does not shrink and does not stretch.Things are protected from deformation and molting.

A common structure is a grid with large and with small cells.It does not prevent the penetration of water and contributes to high-quality wash.If the bag is made of thick fabric, then the entire surface thereof arranged small holes, which do not interfere with the washing and rinsing of items inside.

also varied and the shape of the bags for the washing machine.Such a device for washing can be shapeless or take the form of a cylinder, cube, sphere, which is achieved by using the frame and well rotated in the drum washing machine, providing a perfect wash, rinse and spin.The bulk bags wash knitted and handmade things, to avoid twisting and damage.

produce and bags for washing shoes.They are fairly large in size, asin which it is located a pair of shoes and still needs to be enough space for proper washing mode.

in lightning laces used as a closure system.

Laundry bags in laundry

recommendations on the selection of

  • · Things qualitative erased and caress in a bulk bag than in a flat.Eliminates tangling and twisting, asin such bags more free volume.
  • · When choosing a bag with a zipper to check the presence of a preservative.In his absence the bag during washing can arbitrarily unbuttoned.
  • · When choosing between the zipper and lace suggest delicate fabrics to wash things in a bag with drawstring and tight, knit, knit - in bags with a zipper.
  • · bag with a framework of ribs 6-8 acquired wash underwear with bones to prevent deformation.
  • · It is better to buy several bags of different sizes.Then do not have problems like with washing large upper garment and washing clothes and small accessories.
Bags for delicates

Proper use

  • · To increase the efficiency for washing things should not take more than three-quarters of the volume of the bag, leaving a quarter of the free.
  • · When washing large items or upper garment bag should exceed its size.
  • · Before filling the bag for washing, check for damage.
  • · Weight bags of laundry must not exceed the allowable limit for this washing machine.The more free space, the higher the quality of washing.
  • · advise not to use washing powder for, just falling asleep in his bag.Use a special compartment in the washing machine.
Bags for delicates

bags for laundry - an indispensable tool and thus have a low price.

Bags for delicates


Women actively use bags for washing in the economy, they say:

  • In practical use bulk bags than flat.They due to better free wash and rinsing the laundry, not allowing it to be twisted and confused.
  • If lightning unbuttoned during the washing, then securing the gum for the slider, you can avoid it. to thin the material is better to buy a bag with a lock in the form of laces.
  • bags made with "ribs" from 6 to 8 pieces, attach the bag limited mobility. This feature is used when washing underwear in the bones and prevents its deformation.

Video: how to make their own hands tulle

about how to make these mesh bags with their hands, see the following video.