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August 12, 2017 18:06

Case for the washing machine : how to make your own hands , for a vertical load

Washing machine cover
  • Purpose
  • For machines with vertical load
  • For machines with front-loading
  • Purchase Case
  • How to make your own hands?
  • How to use?

cover for washing machine - an innovation of recent years, which has had time to take a strong position on the market of accessories for the home.While some users have already appreciated this product, while others have not even heard about it.Among experts there is also no consensus on the usefulness of covers for stiralok.Some consider them a waste of money, and someone thinks that they bring substantial benefits.

So what is the case for the washing machine: beautiful luxury or a necessity?We will try to answer this question by telling detail that is the thing which functions it should perform and how it should be used.

washing machine in the bag in the interior


have covers for washing machines have two main purposes: aesthetic and practical.Let's talk about each of them in detail.

Most modern stiralok differ little from each other - manufacturers rarely indulge us a variety o

f color and style solutions.Attached bath room can be originality, making your washing machine is not like the others.For this purpose, perfect for special case.With it, you can change the coloring and ornaments on the washing machine, without harming its original cover.

Cover with a green print for the washing machine

addition, cover - a great way to enter the washing machine in the interior of the premises.For example, if the bathroom is made in a classic style, it will look organically stiralka dressed in cover under marble, and in the bathroom, in a Victorian spirit, successfully fit a washing machine in the bag with floral ornament.

decorative cover for washing machine

Practical function covers for washing machines is quite wide.Firstly, they protect the unit from a variety of domestic pollution and saves you from having weekly cleaning stiralki.Second, they protect your faithful assistant from small, but difficult-to mechanical damage, such as scratches and chips, which are particularly difficult to avoid if the device is installed in the kitchen, in close proximity to other equipment, sharp knives and heavy pans.Finally, cases are needed in order to prevent dust from entering the mechanism stiralki, fine dust, water and household chemicals (in spite of the tightness of the housing, this sometimes happens).In addition, it has little noise insulation.

washing machine in the bag with a pattern

For machines with vertical load

Manufacturers covers for washing machines have taken care of so that you can choose the right cover for each stiralki model.

One of the main criteria by which different washing machines - is a type of boot.Most buyers prefer the device to the front (horizontal) loading, but also a model with vertical load, too, are in demand.They are indispensable in small spaces, where it is necessary to save every square centimeter.

covers such machines consist of two parts: one - in fact for the unit, and the other - for the flip cover.Thus, each element of the device is protected from scratches and dirt.

Case for the washing machines and dryers
Case for the washing machines and dryers

For machines with front-loading

stiralka with front loading type are in great demand, so the covers for them to find much easier.cover design is very simple: it consists of the top and four sides.In the front of the cover has a small window by the door with a kind of "curtain", which, if necessary, is twisted into a roll, freeing access to the drum.

covers washing machines are often equipped with additional accessories such as hooks and pockets for storing small things.

Machine with a horizontal load in the boot

Purchase Case

If you like this idea, you can buy ready-made cover for washing machine or make it yourself.The first option is more simple, it requires minimal time and effort.

Ready covers for washing machines may be full, but can only be a cloak for the top cover.If you are not difficult to periodically wash the body or the machine is arranged so that the dirt does not get it, you can opt for a cover-cloak.It is especially convenient for those who use the washing machine as an additional storage shelf for toiletries.

shop covers are made from high quality polyethylene - a material that is waterproof and easy to clean.Choosing a case, you should pay attention to the company Rayen products, which specializes in the manufacture of covers for different needs, and collects a lot of good feedback from customers around the world.

Case for the washing machine in the packaging
covers different types of washing machines

Where to buy?

residents of large cities to find cover in a large hardware store is not difficult, but the rest will have to run in search of this, is not quite the usual accessories.However, there is another possible solution: book cover in the online store: a very diverse range of covers in the network, so you can easily find a suitable option.Many stores provide free delivery, not only in Russia, but also from abroad, so make purchases remotely often as profitable as in stores.When ordering, be sure to pay attention to the dimensions of the cover: there are universal models that can be adjusted in length and width.

Case for a washing machine agitator type

How to make your own hands?

If you find a suitable case did not succeed, or if you want to decorate your bathroom truly unique thing case for the washing machine can be made independently. For this you need water-repellent cloth (suit and the usual kitchen oilcloth) tailor meter, crayon, ruler, scissors, thread, needles and pins. If you have a sewing machine, the whole work will take much less time.

First you need to make a pattern: make all the necessary measurements and transfer onto the fabric, leaving a small overlap.washing machine Dimensions of front-loading typically about 85 * 66 * 44 cm, with vertical load -.. about 90 * 40 * 65 cm

Provide reclining curtain - one from the charging port, and the other - on the rear panel, so thatif necessary they can be removed without removing the cover.Crepe curtains are on the buttons or Velcro.

Do not forget about the side pockets where you can store detergent and other necessary things in the household.A cut parts first have to tack to each other, and then sew by hand or on a typewriter.

Case on the washing machine with his own hands

How to use?

Experts strongly recommend to wash the time to raise the curtain folding front and rear of the washing machine, so that air can circulate properly inside the unit.This will prevent mildew and unpleasant odors and, in addition, will prevent the device from overheating.

washing machine with a folding curtain

Before you put on a cover on the washing machine, ventilate the device and carefully dry all available elements.The fact that the waterproof fabric, which is sewn from such cases, almost no air permeability, that prevents the evaporation of moisture, which leads to corrosion, rot and other unpleasant consequences.

white cover for washing machine
Washing machine cover
Case with ruffles for a washing machine