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August 12, 2017 18:06

Anti-vibration mat under the washing machine : where to buy properties and anti-vibration mat

Anti-vibration pad will protect the machine from vibration
  • causes of vibration and solutions
  • Purpose
  • When should you install?
  • prices and where to buy?
  • Reviews

Modern washing machines are convenient, cost-effective, high-quality wash and squeeze things, but there is one "but."Often when washing and spinning machine vibrates, so much so that in the neighboring apartment heard as she walks.Although producer and asserts that his washing machine almost silent, the practice shows the opposite.One of the easiest ways to eliminate vibration - put under a washing machine anti-vibration pad.

causes of vibration and solutions

The most common cause of vibration during washing and spinning - is the improper installation of the washing machine .

important rule setup - is to use the level of the installation.But even if the installation is performed on a level, vibration problem may occur.Sometimes it is in the apartments, where the floors are uneven bed.A boast perfectly smooth floors in the house, not everyone can.Perestilali floors not everyone c

an afford, and this process takes time and energy.To try to solve this problem, you can manually adjust the height legs.

Adjusting the height of legs of the washing machine

process is simple and the need for this is only a wrench.Modern washing machines are regulated by the legs alone, so part of the problem will be solved uneven floors.Adjusted height legs are fixed a special nut.To test how well a washing machine it is enough to shake.If the machine is firm and not falter, it means that everything is done correctly.Even adjusting the height of the legs, it is likely that after some time, the problem will come back, because the washing machine feet have become loose property.

Tightening spanner legs of the washing machine After all feet have been adjusted, tighten the nuts to the machine body

Another cause of vibration is an imbalance of laundry on the drum.This happens when the erased different in texture fabric or linen.The duvet covers and pillowcases are constantly stuffed something.As a result of the machine you pull out one big lump, which will have to unravel.To avoid this, you should try to wash clothes of similar tissues.Bedding should be folded so that their openings are not able to get more clothes.

washing machine with laundry uneven distribution of the laundry on the drum can cause vibration of the washing machine

If in spite of all the measures vibration problem is urgent, buy anti-vibration pad, which is spread under the washing machine.Please note that it is to acquire only after checking the correct installation techniques.


anti-vibration mat is made of rubber and is used specifically for the installation of washing machines.It is tight to the floor and doing all the bumps smoother.

Anti-vibration pad - features

Due to this, the machine is set on a more level surface.Mats well extinguish vibration that is able to extend the life of the washing machine.

Anti-vibration mat under the washing machine anti-vibration mat is better to lay immediately upon installation of the washing machine
anti-vibration mat Choose anti-vibration pad can be any width under the washing machine

Some of the commercially available models even have noise-canceling layer.The range of anti-modern rugs is so wide that you can pick up this accessory virtually any size of a washing machine.Mats are sold in stores, it is absolutely harmless and can be used in residential areas at temperatures ranging from -40 C to +120 C.

When should you install?

Buy and start using the mat immediately better when buying a washing machine.Perfectly smooth floors can be found rarely, so the mat will be out of place. And setting it in the first days of using the machine, you prevent the possibility of damage to parts due to vibration.

Against vibration mat under the washing machine

prices and where to buy?

probresti accessories to the washing machine may be in the same store where you bought it.Stores of household appliances and plumbing - that's where to look for anti-vibration pad.If you do not quite understand what kind of mat you want for your washing machine, in a good shop will always help friendly consultants.They will help you choose a rug based on the features of your washing machine, its weight and size.

Going shopping for a rug, it is necessary to measure the washing machine .Rug must conform to it in length and width.

price of antivibration mats ranges from 1 thousand. Rubles and above the average.Although you can buy and the easiest mat, the cost of which will be about 600 rubles.The cost depends on the size, the availability of additional noise suppression and cushioning layers.

Anti-vibration mat under the washing machine


On the Internet you can find a lot of reviews of anti-pads on.Someone sees the effects of their use, and someone thinks that only wasted money.Negative comments related, usually with improper installation of the washing machine initially.Despite the presence of the negative reviews, pros antivibration mats appreciated by users of advantages.While for some the cost of anti-coating is large enough.