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August 12, 2017 18:06

What is a cell drum washing machines , and whether it is necessary

Cell drum of the washing machine
  • Features conventional ram
  • Pros Cons
  • As it produced?

In today's world simply can not live without technology.Manufacturers of household appliances is constantly looking for new solutions to create improved products. Honeycomb drum in the washing machine - an innovative invention which offers great opportunities for customers.

Washing machine with honeycomb drum

Features conventional ram

drum of the washing machine represented in the form of a small tank, made of stainless steel.It has many openings for the washing process.Each manufacturer determines the size of the drum and the number of holes, but it is not much effect on the process.

Washing machine with a conventional drum

big drawback of using the washing machine is wear clothes.When the drum rotates at high speed, the filaments rub on it, and eventually lose their original appearance.When washing the fabric enters the holes during ejection intensive water.Many manufacturers of washing machines offer several kinds of washing, to reduce to zero the wear process, but it does not help

much.Cell drum was made specifically to even after numerous washes clothes maintain their appearance.

Cell drum


  • differs smoothness , therefore less wear fabrics during washing.It produces due to the method of rolling, so different durability and strength.
  • small diameter holes are responsible for the circulation of water, allow water to stay longer in the drum and to protect the fabric from friction due to the thin film of detergent.Also, smaller holes practically dragging the fabric during the spin cycle.
  • Cell drum has a special design of the concave cells, process that reduces the friction of clothing on the wall of the drum.
  • to reduce electricity and water consumption washing machine with honeycomb drum is the ideal solution.
Cell washing machine drum with convex texture


The only drawback is the cost , because the new technology is always more expensive.Some users believe that it is not necessary to pay for such purchase, though they acknowledge his superiority.

Washing machine with honeycomb drum

As it produced?

Miele, one of the most popular manufacturers of washing machines, proposed in 2001 the original decision - Creation of a cell drum that resembles a honeycomb bee houses. It has small round holes whose radius is only 1.65 mm.Their number is much smaller than a conventional drum.This option is much superior to the conventional drum. Washing machine with honeycomb drum gently washes .Fabric virtually no wear even during spinning.Small holes also "tighten" the clothes, but with less force than a conventional drum.

Even visually honeycomb drum looks more smooth, almost imperceptible depression.And the washing process is in no way different from a conventional washing machine.

Washing machine with honeycomb drum

It looks like honeycomb drum, you can see the video from Miele.