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August 12, 2017 18:06

Pressure switch washing machine: how to check and adjust the water level sensor , and setting the device , where , how to test , the circuit and working principle, how it works

the water level in the washing machine
  • What is it?
  • Setting
  • What factors may indicate a malfunction?
  • check for serviceability
  • Repair Replacement
  • new

Most users of washing machines are not interested in the device unit and available in detail.When the machine, be it Bosch, LG and Ardo, goes down, they cause the wizard to quickly resolve the problem.If for any reason the owner stiralki want to fix it yourself, it is first necessary to understand the principles of operation of the device.

In many cases, the problem may be related to the pressure switch, so for self-repair is important to know what the item is, what causes it and breaking it possible to repair it.

pressure switch in working order

What is it?

Such detail as pressure switch is in any washing machine, whether it is equipment brand Electrolux, Samsung, Indesit, Zanussi, Ariston, Candy, or any other manufacturer.The main function of this element in a washing machine - determining the presence of water in the tank and its level.That is why the second common name of this part is a "w

ater level gauge".

In the absence of a control unit pressure switch module could not determine whether typed in the water tank and how much it is already inside the machine.In addition, different applications require different amounts of water, which should also be regulated pressure switch.

sensor itself is a small round piece of plastic to which the wires are connected.It is also suited to the pressure switch tube from the pressure vessel.

Principle of operation pressure switch in the fact that after the water intake pressure increases in the tank, which is an incentive to make or break contacts in the relay.

water level sensor
full tank washing machine
pressure switch in the washing machine


for the level sensor to work properly it must be configured, but this concern is not the owner of the washing machine and the manufacturer, since configuration is done andproduction checked.However, there are situations when the owner wants to change the art pressure switch setting.This can be done by using a twisting adjustment screws available on the details.

standard water level sensor

What factors may indicate a malfunction?

The fact that the washing machine failure can be caused by a problem with the pressure switch to indicate such symptoms:

  • Water is not plucked up the tank and start the wash machine.The consequence of this situation is usually blown PETN, since the heater has to work in the water.
  • Water plucked up the tank in short supply.
  • Machine overfilled with water.
  • washing is over, and the water remains in the tank, so after pressing you got out of the car wet clothes.
  • not turn the rinse cycle.
  • you feel the smell of burning, which comes from the tank.
a washing machine fault symptoms

check for serviceability

If you suspect that the water level sensor does not work, do not rush to change it immediately to the next.First, check whether it is faulty pressure switch.To do this, remove the part from the machine previously disconnected from the network. Typically the sensor is on the side of the machine near the top thereof.So, your first action should detach the top cover.

removing the cover from the washing machine
removing pressure switch

unscrewing the bolts that hold it, slide the cover away from you and remove it.The sensor mount use 1-2 screws that you have to unscrew.It should also be disconnected from the pressure switch contacts and shlangochku by loosening its collar with pliers.Thereafter

check sensor hose with a length of about 10 centimeters, the diameter of which must be the same as that of a previous pressostat tube.One end of the hose pull on the input connector and the second Blow, putting pressure switch to the ear.You should hear a few clicks (from one to three, depending on your washing machine), indicating the performance of the sensor.If the pressure switch inside silence, then it does not work.

You can also use a multimeter, which measure the conductivity test.At serviceable pressure switch, it will change with an increase in air pressure.

Visually check process pressure switch on the performance you can see in the following video.


removing the pressure switch with a washing machine, in the first place to see if the sensor itself is damaged, as well as to evaluate the integrity of shlangochki.In addition, it is important to check for blockages in pipes.The damaged pipe, replace the new, and if it is crowded, it is necessary to perform its cleaning.Then pressure switch contact is carried out inspection and, if necessary, cleaned them.

pressostat repair

Replacement new

If you are convinced that the level sensor is actually defective, you must replace the new part.Purchase a new pressure switch can be in stores and on the Internet.To do this, just need to know the make and model of the washing machine or look at your non-working pressure switch his number.

Install the new sensor is simple enough.First it is worn tube is then connected contacts, after which the pressure switch is set in its place in the washing machine.Next will only run the machine and check if the sensor is working.

water sensor Bosch machines
place pressure switch in a washing machine

more detail with the work pressure switch can be found in this video: