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August 12, 2017 18:06

Explanation of the icons on the clothes for washing : the labels and markings on the washing temperature, spin , ironing , bleaching and drying

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Improper care of clothing causes a rapiddeterioration of tissue and loss of attractive appearance, so before washing, bleaching, drying or any clothes you need to carefully look at its shortcut icon.There's a legend given the nuances of caring for a particular cloth.

species on the label icons


basic process of care for the majority of types of clothing is washable.On the label sewn to the inside of things, you'll see what kind of washing is recommended by the manufacturer, at what temperature is allowed to wash the thing, whether it can be bleached and pressing.

Labels with marks

icon, which you will be able to understand how to wash this or that thing, resembles in form a basin of water. If your label is shown only a "basin", the thing is washed in the machine at any program, that is how it is permissible to soak and wring out.

значок "тазик"
варианты значка "тазик"

Other variants of this icon is interpreted as follows:

  • Underline one line "basin» indicates the need for a gentle wash.Such a thing can not be washed in the program with a high number of revolutions and load the machine are advised to only 2/3 of the allowable amount of laundry.
  • If a "basin" you saw two line, such a thing can be erased only mode "delicate wash".The amount of laundry in the machine are advised to reduce to 1/3 the recommended maximum.If you want such a thing to wash your hands, you should rinse your clothes in a large volume of water, and pressing very carefully whether or not pressing at all.
  • «Basin" submerged in his hand indicates the need for such a thing to wash your hands.washing temperature should not be higher than 40 C. In addition, such clothing should not be much rubbing and pressing.As a rule, you will see this icon on the clothing of guipure, chiffon, jersey, satin and similar sensitive materials.
  • Housed in a circle image of the washing machine is a ban on the washing machine. Such a designation typical of the tissues that can shed, tear or stretch out while scrolling in the drum.Also, the icon you will see on dresses with sequins, beads, sequins and other decorations that can come off in the wash in the machine.
  • Slashed "basin» tell you that this item can not be washed at all.This icon you see on the products that belong to the dry cleaners, because even gentle wash hands can damage them.
list of icons on clothing
wash machine


Pay attention to the designation of water temperature during washing is important that the thing is not the village, has not lost its color and does not become formless.

About allowable temperature you can learn in two ways designations - inside the "basin" water you'll see a number or point in different quantities:

  • 30º or 1 point - the thing wash at a temperature no higher than + 30 ° C,spin should be minimal.
  • 40º or 2 points - for washing things such temperature should not exceed + 40 ° C.
  • 50º or 3 points - a thing can be washed at temperatures up to + 50 ° C.
  • 60º or 4 points - for washing such thing set temperature + 60 ° C.
  • 70ºili 5 points - to erase such a thing is possible at + 70 ° C.
  • 95º or 6 points - such a thing can be washed at a temperature of + 95 ° C.
Icons on the clothes - washing temperature


incorrectly chosen intensity of the spin can become a cause shrinkage or damage clothing.

icon that tells you about the features of the spin things is a square with a circle inside. Seeing this sign, you can not worry about that thing to wash with high intensity spin.In addition, such a designation allows the use of the drying machine.

Spin - icons on clothing

Other options circle inside a square deciphered so:

  • If this sign is underlined by a single line, for such a thing and spinning, and drying in the machine must be gentle.
  • If under the sign you will see two lines, then such clothing should be laundered on a program with a spin cycle with a small number of turns, and the drying machine must also be sensitive.
  • If the inside of the circle in the square you will see the point, it will indicate the machine drying mode for this item.As for iron, the number of dots indicates the intensity of the drying, for example, if one point, the mode must be gentle, and if the three points, the drying can be fast and with high temperatures.
  • If the circle inside a square sketch, the heating in the drying machine is not allowed (the clothes can only handle the cold air).
  • crossed-square with a circle means the prohibition of push-ups during the washing and drying in the washing machine.
  • Crossed image of twisted clothing indicates that such a thing can not be twist or wring.
violation of recommendations for SPIN

Machine drying

Recommendations for drying clothes after washing presented familiar square.If you see a blank square, such a thing can be dried.

Icons on the clothes - drying

square Other options need to decipher as:

  • If crossed the empty square, such a thing can not be dried.
  • If the top of the square shows a semicircle, the clothes are allowed to dry vertically - either on the shoulders or on the clothesline.
  • Three vertical lines inside the square will tell you that a thing is unacceptable pressing and should be hung to dry still wet.
  • One horizontal bar inside a square indicates the need for drying on a horizontal surface, otherwise the fabric is deformed and stretched.Usually, this is recommended for drying knitwear and wool.
  • two diagonal lines in the upper left corner of the square indicate the ban on drying in direct sunlight.Clothes with the icon on the label should be dried in the shade only.Usually this white cloth, which is under the sunlight becomes yellowish and bright clothes that can burn.
варианты значков "отжим" и "сушка"


Before using bleach, be sure to look for on the label of a triangle:

  • If the triangle is, bleaching allowed.
  • If this triangle is crossed, then, accordingly, prohibited whitening.
  • Also note the letter inside - if you see the triangle «Cl», you can use for bleaching with chlorine agents.
  • If ticked triangle with the letters «Cl», the whitening is allowed, but you can not use chlorine-containing agents.The same value of a triangle, within which are two diagonal lines.
The icons on clothing bleach

Without icons

Although most clothing manufacturers note features laundry icons, also found clothing labels on which you will see an inscription in English.Decrypt can be so:

  • Machine wash - thing can be washed in the machine
  • Hand wash only - for such a thing is permitted only with hands washing
  • Wash separately - painting such things unstable and can shed on the other clothesso washable it will have isolation
  • hot wash - wash use hot water
  • warm wash - such a thing wash in warm water
  • Cold wash - wash this stuff the water should be warm
  • No wash / Do not wash - a sign manufacturer warns that the thing to wash can not
English humor on the label shirts
Clothing unmarked on the labels

Dry cleaning

designations related to feature the chemical processing of clothes, interestedmainly employees of dry cleaners, as indicate what kind of cleaning is acceptable for a particular garment.

  • most important thing for the ordinary man in the street an icon associated with dry cleaning is crossed circle. He will tell you that such a thing in interior cleaning should not take as dry cleaning her contraindicated.
  • Round icon without any letters denotes that things used dry cleaning.Often, such a designation can be found on wool, leather, silk or suede clothing.
  • If inside the circle have letter, she tells what chemicals is allowed to carry out cleaning cloth.This may be the letters A, F, P, or W. A dash under the terms of the employee prompt cleaning that treatment should be delicate.
Icons on the clothes - dry cleaning


During proglazhivaniya fabric lends itself to high temperature, so every manufacturer on the label marks the optimum temperature for the fabric.For example, a linen or cotton cloth can be ironed with a strong heating of the iron, and the use of only a couple will help to smooth out wrinkles.If you overheat the iron when ironing synthetic or wool, the thing will be spoiled.

T-shirt with burns from an iron

ironing mode is indicated on the label image iron.If you see just «iron» without points, such a thing can be a stroke with any heating and process steam.Other images "iron" stands as:

  • One point inside "iron» allows heat iron during ironing to a maximum of 110 ° C.This gentle pressing, which is used primarily for synthetic materials such as rayon or nylon.
  • Two points inside "iron» allowed to heat up to 150 ° C.This temperature mode is used when ironing silk, polyester, wool.
  • Three points inside "iron» allowed to heat the iron to the highest temperature (+ 200 ° C).This mode is typically selected for processing cotton and linen products.
  • «Iron» inside the circle indicates the temperature ironing mode to 140 ° C.
  • Slashed "iron» prohibits iron product.This notation is often found in terry cloth or nylon.
  • If «Iron" crossed legs, it is impossible to apply moisturizing when ironing.Typically, such a recommendation is present on the label of silk, satin and satin dress, which is forbidden rip off.
Icons on the clothes - iron


All of the above designations are located on the label, which is a fabric tag.On this label also indicates apparel manufacturing firms, the composition of things and its size.

To find a label can be on the inside of clothing, consider the inner seams of the product.The jacket this tag is usually on the left side at waist level.For Jeans tag sewn or rear or side seam.In a sweater, shirt, T-shirt and other light clothing label can be found either on the side seam, or under the collar from behind.

manufacturers joke
bright clothes

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