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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to open the washing machine , if the handle is broken : a way to unlock the door

repair pen washing machine
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all modern washing machines type "machine" with automatic locking hatch system that locks the lock on the door immediately after the start of washing and unlocks it after a few minutes after the program ends.But sometimes it happens that after position "safety minute" not open the door, no matter how much you or pulling the handle. most often handle remains blocked or because of problems with electronics, or as a result of mechanical failure.

In this article, we will tell you why the handle can break a washing machine, and what to do if it happened.

broken washing machine knob

Possible causes

As we have said, there are two most common reasons for blocking the washing machine door:

  • failure in the electronic module;
  • failure caused by damage or wear-handle lock.

If you blame the entire problem in the control module, to correct the situation can be quite simple.In most cases, the problem is solved simply restarting the device (by disco

nnecting from the network, then on).If this does not work, try again to start the wash (select the shortest program).It does not help - then the matter is something else.

washing machine hatch handle
hatch handle on the rear side
ручка люка стиральной машины "Индезит"

about what to do if the washing machine does not open due to mechanical damage to the handles, see below.

solutions to the problem

  • Emergency release hatch. In most models of modern stiralok provided cable for emergency opening of the lock.It is located behind yourselves with the same small door on the front panel of the device, and that the drain filter.Check the cable can be at a bright red or orange coloring.
  • Self unlock the hatch. If the previous method did not, or washing machine is not equipped with an emergency rope, you can try to manually unlock.This can be done, pick the lock from inside the device (removing the top cover, and turning down the drum in the direction).
  • Using improvised means. In some cases, jammed the door easy to open with the help of ropes.To do this, take a thin but strong string and enter it into the gap between the housing and stiralki hatch.Then pull both ends over - lock and open.

method, which allows you to open most of the washing machine shown in the following video.

Dismantling handle. This is an extreme method, which may be resorted to only if the appliance is faulty pen.The fact that it can not be repaired, you can be sure to find mechanical damage by visual inspection.Most often, the plastic lock on the stiralka breaks down after a few years of active service.

hatch door lock
washing machine door lock

Removing the pen?

When the door is opened without damaging the handle-lock fails, the master usually takes the decision to dismantle it.Before that, you need to disconnect the washing machine from the network and prepare a bowl with a rag - in case you have to collect the water poured out of the hatch.

Immediately remove the handle does not work, you first have to detach the door from the body.It is usually fixed at the two bolts to be unscrewed with a screwdriver.After that you need to put the door on the work surface (screwed up) and take it apart into two halves, by getting rid of their fastening bolts and picked up the top half of a thin screwdriver.

Disconnect halves hatch, carefully take out the glass.After that, it is recommended to photograph the interior of the hatch, only to correctly place all the elements.Plastic handle is usually fixed with a thin metal pin.We need to gently pull it out, then remove the handle itself, and then remove the small spring and hook.New handle on-site, reproducing the entire sequence in reverse order.

Removing the door of the washing machine
pulled down the door of the washing machine