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August 12, 2017 18:06

Manufacturers of washing machines : producing countries , miele ( mile ), AEG, bosch, beko, candy, electrolux, zanussi, candi, hotpoint ariston

Manufacturers of washing machines
  • masthead brand
    • Economy
    • middle class
    • best - luxury
  • Does the country build quality?
  • Reviews and Compare brands
  • What to consider when choosing?

One of the important factors when choosing a washing machine manufacturing firms consider this technique.Some of the better known brands in the market, others are not so popular.In addition, the manufacturer can produce several lines of washing machines with different price categories, and the machine one brand may be issued subsidiaries in other countries.So the choice can be quite challenging.

masthead brand

First of all the whole range of washing machines can be divided into price categories.Each of them has its own top-end manufacturers, whose products are most in demand.


Cheap cars represented in art stores with such brands:

  • Beko;
  • Candy;
  • Atlanta;
  • Vestel;
  • LG;
  • Indesit;
  • Ardo;
  • Siltal;
  • Samsung.

All these companies offer equipment and more high-end, but most of the models of economy class machines are just th

eir products.

The disadvantages of such washing machines carry too broad functionality and a set of programs, as well as the lack of full protection against leakage.Some machines of this class say poor build quality or washing.

Cheap Washing Machine

middle class

going to buy the machine in the middle price range, you will often be offered by the technique:

  • Electrolux;
  • Whirlpool;
  • Kaiser;
  • Gorenje;
  • Ariston;
  • Siemens;
  • Zanussi;
  • Bosch.

advantages of such washing machines is a long and extended service programs list.

Again, these manufacturers offer equipment and a higher class, but their standard class models and average prices are more common.

Programs in the washing machine Gorenje

best - luxury

those who are watching the highest quality equipment, not sparing the finance, technology stores offer products AEG and Miele companies.Machines of these manufacturers are reliable, high quality wash, serve long, but are quite expensive.

Washing machine AEG
Washing Machine Miele

briefly compare machines of different price category in the table:


middle class


washing programs

minimum set

Advanced set

maximum set

Quality of details

low- and middle



Average life

4-5 years

7-9 years

Minimum 10-15 years

average price

300-350 dollars

400-600 dollars

From $ 800 and up

Additional features



presents large list

about the different functions of washing machines and their rationality, see the video experts "Eldorado".

Does the country build quality?

Crop model will not affect the quality of the wash, but may affect the service life of equipment.However, if you acquired the machine belongs to the well-known brand, but made in another country, its quality will still be high, because the world-famous firms value their reputation and strictly monitor the work of all its subsidiaries.

Reviews and Compare brands

According to reviews, the most high-quality and reliable machine called the German manufacturer Miele. Buyers pleased with the high quality components, the manual assembly of the models in Germany and the longest service life, and is called only a very high price among the minuses.

The second highest consumer demand are the Austrian, Swedish and German brands Bosch, Siemens, Kaiser, Electrolux and others. Austrian cars attract their excellent quality and long life.Products from Siemens and Bosch are collected in Spain, but the technology used in this case German, so the quality is up to par.

Italian manufacturers in our market are trademarks of Zanussi, Indesit, Ardo, Candy, Ariston.The feedback on these machines buyers say the best balance of quality and cost. They effectively washed and serve an average of 8 years.Good quality mark from the Italian brand Siltal.Cars of this group are reliable, high quality, are at least 9 years, and affordable.

Turkish machine Beko and Vestel companies attract consumers in the first affordable price. relatively inexpensive and fairly high-quality models pleases buyers American manufacturer Whirlpool.High build quality and at the same affordable price as noted in Korean manufacturers Samsung and LG.

Among domestic manufacturers of the most in demand Antlant washing machines, Fairy, Evgo and Vyatka. Their main advantages are accessible to people with low incomes and ease of operation.

The fact on which the washing machine is better to choose, tell the expert online store E96ru.

What to consider when choosing?

Choosing a washing machine manufacturer defined in the first place decide to purchase budget.It makes no sense to consider models of higher price category, if your income allows only buy equipment Budget.Newfangled features and long service in this case, lose big spending or long-term payable to credit.Consider the possibilities and choose the machine that will most closely meet your needs.

If finances allow, pick a model from the proven and reliable manufacturers in Germany, Austria and Sweden.In these countries, collected the highest quality cars.

Watch video Vladimir Khatuntseva - master repair washing machines, in which Vladimir talks about the important criteria for the selection of the washing machine.Regarding the brands you do not get recommendations, but will learn about many important nuances.