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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to disassemble the washing machine : how to remove the top and the service panel , heating element , a rear wall

How to disassemble the washer
  • process of dismantling
    • Removing the top panel
    • Disconnecting
    • control unit Removing the service panel
    • Removing the central panel
    • Removing the rear wall
    • Removing PETN
  • How to build

All washing machines from time to time break and fail.And if the owner wants to understand the technology and to repair damage to the machine with his hands, he should first learn how to understand the washing machine, and then how to collect this technique correctly.

about what tools you may need for self repair and washing machine read in another article.

disassembly process

You must first pick up and lay down next to the machine all the tools needed for the job.

Tools for the analysis of the washing machine

Removing the top panel

It is fastened with a few screws, which helps loosen Phillips screwdriver.Hold one hand on the back of the panel and lift it slightly.At this time, the second hand panel move rearwardly.As soon as you notice that the panel is no longer attached, it can be removed from the machine freely.

Removing the top panel of the washing machine

Disconnecting the control unit

First of all, remove the tank, into which are poured detergents.This does not present any particular difficulties.

Removing the tank with detergent washing machine

Then enjoy a dismantling of the distributor box.Since it uses the same mounting screws, you will need to pick up a cruciate screwdriver again.

Remove the drawer of the washing machine distributor

one hand around the right side of the control unit, and the left hand, pull the panel 90 degrees.With this action the panel detaches from the right fasteners.

Lock service panel hook washing machine

Next you need to fix the panel, what service will help hook.Your goal - to expand the panel by 180 degrees and hung on a side wall of the washing machine.At the same time, place the larger end of the hook into the groove of the control unit, and a smaller - in the wall of the machine.

Department of washing machine control panel

Removing the service panel

Using a screwdriver, remove the screws, and then remove the panel by a crowbar, which should be wood or plastic.Push the machine is very careful not to damage the service panel.

Removing the washing machine service panel

then dissolving the door, take a flathead screwdriver to remove the clamp that fixes it.Put a tool side, then remove the cuff arms, which is mounted in the middle.

Removing the washing machine service panel

Removing the central panel

For its attachment to the side walls of the machine meet the four bolts.Unscrewing the bolts cross-shaped screwdriver, remove the mount and remove the center panel with a window at the same time.At the same stage pull out the connector, which performs the function of a door lock.

Removing the central panel of a washing machine

next goal - the dismantling of the hose, which is suitable to the distributor.Take the pliers and loosen the clamp on the hose, then pull out the hose, and then remove the clamp itself.

Removing the washing machine hose

The same steps will help you remove the hose, suitable to the pressure switch - after loosening the clamp, disconnect and remove the hose itself, then a collar and cuff.

Remove the cuff washing machine

to remove the cuffs on the hatch first loosen the screw sleeve, which are on the tank.For this purpose, suitable cruciform screwdriver.Next is already using a flat screwdriver to remove the collar clamp and remove it, then you will only have to unhook itself cuff and remove it from the drum.

Removing a cuff on the hatch of washing machines


rear wall For this purpose, unscrew the screws, which are responsible for it's attached to the equipment.Then unplug from the drum all the elements that will prevent its dismantling (it's all the hoses connected to the tank).

Removing PETN

Carefully disconnect from the heating element wires, unscrewing them.This operation can be skipped if the unscrew the nut and remove the heating element completely.

Removing the heating element in the washing machine

If you want to tank, unscrew and remove the counterweights them aside. Next, disconnect the tank holding the shock absorbers with a wrench.Unscrew it screws that secure the shock to the body art, and then remove them.Now we have to carefully remove the pot from the spring and pull it together with the engine out of the car.

V. Khatuntsev in his video visually to disassemble the washing machine to replace the heating element.

If there is such a need, then the motor spun from the tank.Analyzing the tank, you can face the fact that he glued some models of machines.This tank happen to cut it with a hacksaw, and during assembly use bolts, nuts and sealing of silicone.

Removing the washing machine motor

A good example look at the video channel "Wash +", which understands the brand Zanussi washing machine.

How to build

assembly process the washing machine should be carried out in the same order in which you disassemble the unit.Please perform the last operation, in order gradually getting to the first action.

collecting machine, it is important to make sure that the cuff is at the door stood exactly in its place.triangle symbol on it must coincide with the vertical axis of the machine - right in front of the symbol should be Drain groove (it should be the bottom most point of the cuff).

addition, screwing bolts clamps on the cuff, make sure their heads are located at a level corresponding to the location of the pin free of stretch marks.Analyzing the car, you can take photos of places particularly complex connections to take advantage of these tips when assembling the device.This will help you avoid confusion when working with wires and sophisticated fixtures.

About s Amen drum flange bearings in a washing machine Whirlpool top load, refer to the copyright video V. Khatuntseva.

To replace bearings in washing machines with frontal load Electrolux, Zanussi, AEG smotriet next video Vladimir Khatuntseva.