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August 12, 2017 18:06

Repair of washing machines with their own hands : correcting faults , bearing repair

Repair of washing machines with their own hands
  • device
  • The principle of
  • What tools are needed?
  • not turn
  • The water is not heated
  • The machine stops during the wash
  • not spin
  • Problems with water
    • Water does not enter
    • Very slowly dialed
    • not drained
    • small leak
    • strong flow
  • strange noise
  • Jumps in the wash or spin cycle
  • door will not open
  • Preventing breakdowns

Washing machine is a familiar household appliance, is now occurring in most apartments and houses.And if it breaks down, it becomes a vexing problem that requires an immediate solution.

call the master, you can repair a typewriter rather quickly, but will have to pay for his work.But sometimes, having understood the possible causes of failure, it is realistic to fix the problem on their own, to repair equipment with their own hands.And should learn to do this, how to construct a washing machine, how they work, what damage are the most common and how to repair the product yourself.

Tools to repair the washing machine


in the washing machine there are such sites:

  • housing to the panel to select the program;
  • detergent dispenser;
  • door latch and seal;
  • tank;
  • motor;
  • drum;
  • temperature sensor;
  • heating element;
  • Drive belt;
  • Valves for water supply;
  • pump;
  • intake valves;
  • Spring Suspension;
  • supply hose;
  • exhaust hose;
  • Adjustable feet;
  • Loads balancing;
  • dialed level control of water;
  • Drip collector;
  • drain standpipe.
The device of the washing machine

The principle of

Virtually all devices operate on this principle:

  1. After opening the intake valve is filled with the required amount of water into the drum.Once the water is filled to the level determined by the regulator, the valve closing occurs.
  2. water starts to heat.When the temperature sensor without heating element will trip the timer.
  3. At the same time involved in the work of the electric motor, so that the drum begins to rotate in both directions, with its twists and turns occur at different periods of time.
  4. pump starts to pump out the contaminated water, and then in pure water drum typed.
  5. After inclusion of a new engine starts underwear rinsed at low revs.Next
  6. engine is switched off and the water is pumped out again, and then turn the engine gaining momentum and spin occurs linen.
The principle of operation of the washing machine

learn how to work the washing machine, you can learn by watching the video below.

What tools are needed?

for self-check of serviceability and maintenance work with such appliances as washing machine, you should have on hand:

  • Flat and cruciform screwdriver;
  • service hook;
  • pliers cleat clamps;
  • Long bent pliers;
  • Tweezers;
  • Screwdriver-fazoiskatel;
  • Cutters;
  • pliers;
  • small flashlight;
  • flat wrenches (8/10 and 18/19).

To learn what you should pay attention first of all, look at the video with tips from the professionals.

not turn



mistake to select a program for washing

Look at the program selector to make sure there are no includedpause mode.

does not work start button

Using a tester, you should check whether you press the button acts.If it is faulty, follow the replacement of a button.

The door is not closed

Check whether the door is firmly locked unit.It can interfere with the seal.

The machine is not connected to the network or machine engraved into the panel

Check whether the device is connected to the network, and whether the electricity is supplied to the house.

faulty plug

parse the plug to make sure that the contact connections are intact.

water can not enter the car

See if valves through which water must be fed into the machine open.

defective wiring inside the machine

have disconnected from a network device, remove the outer panel, check the terminal clamps (if they are oxidized, follow the cleaning) and the cord to ring in search of a cliff.

Broke timers

Turn the program selector until you have the beginning of rotation of the drum.So you check the timer, and if a non-business, will spend his replacement.

The water is not heated



problem with the water level control (heater is not activated when the controller does not respond to contentdrum)

Check switch and if found damage, replace it with a new one.

Heater, heater was covered with scum

Disassemble the machine, remove the heater and remove the scale from it, and then return the item to the place and pick up the car.

heater broke

Check the condition of the contacts.If oxidation has occurred they use for cleaning fine sandpaper.If the contacts are loose, tighten them.If the problem is not in the contacts after disconnecting one wire to ring for an open heater.Burn the heater will have to replace a new part.

not functioning thermostat, which disables the heater when the water is gaining the desired temperature

Try to work the thermostat and make it replaced by a new part if the need arises.

Replacing the heating element can be made at home.The process of replacing the heating element in the washing machine Ardo, LG c front-loading and buying tips PETN, see the video of Vladimir Hotuntseva.

The machine stops during the wash



incorrectly selected program of work machine

Zoom into the panel, making sure that the switch is not on hiatus.

not supplied power

Using a tester, check up the supply voltage in the power outlet, as well as whether the machine is not turned off in the panel and whether plugs are OK.

clogged hoses

Check the condition of the inlet and outlet hoses, and after the discovery of clogging make washing hoses.

Broken or clogged pump

removing the pump, check the impeller and replace any faulty pump if necessary.

is dirty or broken inlet valve

The first step is to clean the valve, and when failure to replace this item new.

drain water through the outlet hose (water entering the machine due to the siphoning immediately poured out of the machine)

Check how well connected outlet hose from the riser.

Broke thermostat

necessary to check whether this detail, and perform the replacement on the serviceable thermostat if necessary.

Broken heating element

After checking the electric circuit Replace the element if necessary.

timer does not function programmer

If the item does not work, you will have to replace it with a new timer.

Broke motor

Remove the drive belt, then turn and spin, after the machine to the network, check whether the motor is started to rotate.Faulty engine must be disassembled and then check the operation of its elements.

pump replacement can be made with your own hands.Vladimir Hotuntsev tell you about the pump replaced at Bosch washer and dryers in the next video.

not spin



Invalid mode

Check whether the pause the selected program is activated.

drive belt is not in place

Check the condition of the drive belt (as he stretched) - if you have clicked on the belt, and he moved up to 12 mm, all right.Seeing that the strap is not tight enough or jumped off a little slip elekrodvigatel down, pull the belt (make sure that it was not too will draw), then tighten the bolt.If the machine is not provided tensioner have to replace the drive belt to the next.

broken or devoured door lock

Press the button several times to make sure that the latch is not stuck.If-press has not given any effect, it means that the item is damaged and needs repair.

belt replacement can be carried out independently by video Vladimir Khatuntseva.

Problems with water

Water does not enter



Closed valves responsible for the water supply

Open valves, making sure that they were closed.

inlet hose deformed

Look for a hose, and if it is flattened, the item should be washed and bend if necessary.

inlet filter is littered

inlet hose must be disconnected after the closing of the intake valve.Using pliers, remove the filter and rinse under running water item.Place the filter and then the inlet valve into place and then connect the inlet hose.

spoil inlet valve

If the filter is unable to hold the dirt, it hits the valve and cause it to malfunction.In this case, the valve needs to be replaced.After disconnecting the intake valve tubes look for and spend his replacement.

Broke switch, spanning the intake valve after a set of water machine to the desired level (a tube could be damaged or clogged)

Check tube that impaled on a switch - if it has solidified the end, cut it and push the tube againthe switch.Blow into the tube to check how the switch - you should hear a click.Next you need to loosen the hose clamp which fixes on the drum pressure chamber.Look at the camera, wash it to completely clean the inlet and outlet.Check it for damage.Make sure that the switch is working properly by using a multimeter.In case of failure replace a new item.

Broke motor

Depending on the damage it can do to repair or replace a new one.

If the water is not poured into the washing machine, check the video channel "Wash +".

Very slowly dialed



Inlet Hose Clamp

Check hose and straighten the deformed portion.

inlet hose dirty

Flush hose to remove the blockage.

The water pressure is insufficient

Check whether the valve is fully open, responsible for the water supply.Probably, the reason is weak line pressure.If such a situation occurs in a private home, can help equipment pressure tank in the attic.

not drained



incorrectly selected program

Make sure you do not press pausepaper machines, as well as not including deferred laundry.

not working water level switch

checking its operation, install a new switch, if necessary.

clogged or bent outlet hose

Assess the hose, and then wash it and make sure there are no foreign objects inside.

clogged exhaust filter

Depending on the degree of clogging of the filter can be washed or replaced.

clogged pump

sheet under the cloth machine, disconnect the hose from the hose clamps, which are fixed to the pump and make sure that they do not clog.Using a pencil, an account of the impeller rotation - if found tight rotation, open the pump, using the appropriate tools.Make a revision of the impeller chamber, rinse it, and then slide the pump assembly and install it on the spot.

Broke pump

Replace defective parts.

problems with electrical wiring

disconnecting the machine from the network, make contacts audit.If necessary, tighten them up and smooth out.

Broke timer

Replace this part intact.

If during washing washing machine has stopped and does not drain the water, see the video channel "Wash +".

small leak



Slightly loosen the hose clamp

Inspect clamp assessing whether around him tracewater.First, loosen the clamp and slide slightly, then tighten.

hose in a crack

At detection of cracks in any hose should be replaced.

shifted door gasket

Replace the door seal of the new piece.

Leaking oil seal tank

Fully disassemble the machine and replace the bearing.

about how to replace the bearing in the washing machine, refer to the video Vladimir Khatuntseva.