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August 12, 2017 18:06

Infrared heater for the bathroom : panel and film

Infrared heater for the bathroom
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    • Panel infrared
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infrared heater called combustion heaters that warm environmentthanks to a directional infrared rays.Also, these devices are called reflectors or heat radiation devices.

Space heating in this way is much more efficient in comparison with heating by means of convection heaters: Convection devices first warm the air space, including air podpotolochnye of the room (which is not used), and then heats the surrounding objects.Infrared heaters warm the first items and then air.The surface of objects, in which infrared rays are directed to absorb the radiant energy, convert them into heat energy and then transmit it to the air.This makes it possible to quickly and efficiently heat a certain area of ​​the premises.

Infrared heater for the bathroom


  • All varieties such as infrared heaters run on electricity on the principle of the sun, that is not the heated air and the surrounding things and people around them.
  • housings of such devic
    es for heating are made of metal or glass ceramics.The main part of the infrared type heaters considered transmitter, located within the housing.He spreads the nature of infrared rays.The heating part is a tubular-shaped electric or electric open spiral.Those heaters with an open spiral, which are intended for use in living rooms, equipped with additional protecting metal grid.
Features of infrared heaters for bathroom


  1. heat from infrared rays does not dry the air and do not burn oxygen.
  2. Focused beams allows you to instantly heat the surrounding things and people around them, as well as a certain area.This allows you to save electricity in many ways.
  3. the absence of any noise or movement of air during operation.
  4. Availability thermostat allows you to maintain a comfortable temperature.
  5. are considered highly safe devices.They can be used in residential areas, including in the bathroom, in the greenhouse, country houses, offices, garages, and even on the outdoor veranda.Of course, also in the open air will be warm in the premises, but being close to the radiant panel, you will feel warm.
  6. According to many buyers, these heaters are an excellent value for money.
Advantages of infrared heaters for bathrooms
The advantages of infrared heaters in the bathroom


Currently disadvantages of infrared heaters is not revealed.Almost all of the positive feedback of customers.


Panel infrared

It is the most compact and economical form of heater.The panel hung on the wall. resembles an ordinary glass ceramic tiles of medium size. panel on the market are presented in different colors, allowing you to choose the style of the interior heater.The look is such heaters is very stylish and fashionable.This heats the panel need not be removed for the summer.It will be a useful element of the bathroom interior.

Panel infrared heater for the bathroom
Panel infrared heater in the bathroom


film heaters - the most thin wall heat source. It consists of a housing, infrared film, and cord with a plug. body is made of refractory material, which is applied to the image by thermal transfer.Infrared film has a carbon coating. Outwardly looks like a painting, so is more popular with designers. This device not only does not interfere with the interior, but somehow it adds.It is absolutely fireproof heater.Its surface is heated to a maximum of 60 degrees Celsius, which is impossible to get burned.The heating element of the heater is made of a thin carboxylic yarn whose thickness is 1.5 mm.The flexibility of the unit allows it to fold in the form of tubes and clean for the summer.In this form, they can store and carry.Easy product makes it possible to hang the unit on any surface, including walls and doors of different thicknesses.

The film infrared heater for the bathroom

Tips for Choosing

  1. buying a particular kind of infrared electric heater for the bathroom, it is important to remember that the heat transfer device does not depend on the size of the heater, that is, his body, and by hispower.If the height of your bathroom standard, then for every 10 square meters.meters of floor space required 1 kW heater.
  2. defined the power, select the model of the infrared heater.
  3. Ask the sellers, correspond to the model chosen for use in the bathroom at an elevated level of humidity and sudden temperature changes.
  4. Do not forget about fire safety requirements of the device.
  5. Select the model that not only looks beautiful, but also fit into the interior style of your bathroom.
Tips for Choosing an infrared heater in the bathroom
Recommendations regarding the selection of the infrared heater in the bathroom

If infrared heaters are the sole source of heat in your bathroom, it is best to hang them around the perimeter of the room to the wall or ceiling.If you just need an extra source of heat, the infrared device can be mounted in front of a small area where the person is present more often.

Infrared heater in the bathroom