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August 12, 2017 18:06

Choosing a washing machine : selection criteria , manufacturers , vertical and front loading

Washing machine Bathroom
  • Types
    • dryers
    • Front-loading
    • Other classifications
  • Selection Criteria
  • If the room is small
  • Top
  • Tips for Choosing
  • Operating Guidelines

Washing machine - is a very important member of the family.For years, the work assistant, facilitating the life of almost every woman.Buy them for years and even centuries.Well the cost of the washing machine is fully justified, if intelligently approach the selection.In Soviet times, there was no choice, and now - look at first.How to choose a reliable ally in the field of home affairs?


main way of classifying machines - by the type of load, only two of them - the front and a vertical.They determine how the door is opened and how much space you will need the unit as a whole.Each method has its advantages and weaknesses.Before choosing a think about where to place the washing machine.

Washing machine in the bathroom


The advantages of machines and dryers include: large capacity, accurate dimensions, easy to cause less curiosity in young childre

n and pets.It can "squeeze" into a narrow space, the machine does not flood the apartment.

vertical load (top cover) is considered a good idea: a compact machine allows you to add a forgotten laundry in the washing process.

logical Cons:

  • top should be free space,
  • in the machine is not suitable as a working surface,
  • costs - higher.
  • beautiful design such devices do not differ.
Washing machine with a vertical type of load
Washing machine with a vertical type of load


front-loading type (located on the side door) characterized by extensive plowing door, place this unit needs more.

Wheel cars - the favorite of consumers.Manufacturers offer a variety of models and colors, so choose the right machine with options simply based on any budget.The transparent door allows you to follow the washing, sizes vary, so it is suitable for many rooms and easy to "hide" in the interior with a built-in furniture, is a convenient countertop.With regard to the reliability of the machines and dryers - a myth.Each model has its weaknesses in the design.

Washing machine with a horizontal load in the niche

Other classifications

Distributed grading machines Washing class (degree of damage clothing fibers in the process), energy efficiency and spin. Manufacturers use the scale A-G, the closer to the top, the higher the score.The most sensitive is A ++ and A +, the best-selling machines are those that belong to the class A and B types such as the C, D and E are inexpensive, usually have few modes.F and G-Class the most "tough", they are loved no buyers nor sellers.

similar division for energy efficiency.Optional indicators will be the same.There are washing machines such as washing E with high energy efficiency (A and A +).

also important to be machine-standing or built-in.The first option can be accommodated in any room (bathroom, kitchen, corridor), and built-in characteristic of the room, where it can swing the fantasy of the designer or the owner.The quality of these machines is higher, but the cost of making them less accessible.On the choice of furniture for built-in washing machine read in another article.

Freestanding washing machine
built-in washing machine

Selection Criteria

Generally, the lower the class of washing, the fewer "bells and whistles" and the price.Additional features include many that are very useful in life, and there are useless for ordinary people.

options that you really need:

  • Download size lingerie. Miniature cars have a small capacity (3-4 kg), so a lot of linen they not be removed, but this may be enough for a small family.But in the family for more than 3 people may need to load the machine with no less than 5 kg.Usually enough machine loading capacity of up to 7 kg, the ones that are able to wash more than 9 kg already belong to a professional, and careful they do not differ.
  • drive from the machine can be direct, it characterizes the way of connection of the engine and the drum, which is beneficial to the buyer.In such models, higher energy savings, lower noise and vibration during operation.An additional advantage is the compact model.Mechanism within the machine is smaller and it is advantageous to use the space allows.Such construction often combine with a large number of options, so these machines are not cheap.
  • pressing and drying. are good modes, but not all need.Spin at 1000 rpm is optimal for the main types of linen, wool, silk and delicate fabrics need less speed, for flax and cotton enough 1000 max 1200. All above - a waste of money (up to 40% of the cost of the machine) and electricity.Drying is needed for those who forget things in the machine, or saves dryer (rope) for linen.This little useful function, because most things still stroking and overdried linen reluctant to be subjected to this action.
  • class washing machine for today is determined by the energy consumption, the degree of extraction and the quality of the wash. already familiar gradation determines the cost of the device as it is - an essential characteristic.If energy efficiency should be at level A, the other two indicators may be at the level of B. This relatively high bid, such machines have a lot of programs, and the ability to customize a variety of functions.They cost more expensive machines with a class E wash 2-3 times, but the mistress of love.
  • main and additional programs. Almost all appliances based on smart electronics sensitive to voltage drops.But its implementation will enhance our capabilities.In particular, it allows you to select an existing wash program or change it, using additional options.User-friendly interface shows what stage of the work going on and how much time remains until the end of the process.Manufacturers offer approximately 15 basic types of washings, and the rest - variations due to changes in conditions (water temperature, rotational speed during the spin cycle, the duration of washing, etc.).Among the most needed programs: cotton, wool, delicate wash, intensive wash, quick wash, children's clothes.The rest of the program can specify the composition of the tissue, or appointment (synthetics, daily, dark things, sportswear and so on.), They are used less frequently.Machines make it possible to program your own washing cycle or a single step (rinse, soak, spin).
  • Program for housewives: boiling (for baby clothes) and steam program. interesting feature to "refresh" - fast processing, in which the dry items are moistened, they can be ironed immediately."Protection of children" will help parents curious crumbs."Control of foam" - Pause function cycle, if the powder was too much, the machine waits until the foam subsides, and then continues to run.Timer "Delay Start" lean like: you can program the machine to work at night (at the rate of profitable "day-night")."Balance Control" is convenient at partial load the machine, as well as underwear zamatyvaetsya in a solid lump.Sensors record the weight of the weight of overweight and selected the algorithm moves to the laundry to be uniformly distributed on the drum.This is useful for the device itself.
  • Flud. Even inexpensive models should be some protection, it may be simpler ways of valve connecting hoses or sophisticated (water level sensor).Full protection includes a system of measures.
  • Noise and materials. normal noise in the wash - no more than 55dB, for pressing - 70dB.The volume of sounds depends on sound insulation (special material inside the machine, the sound-absorbing) materials.For example, a model with a plastic drum on the whole quieter.Metal more durable (use stainless steel), but the noise is stronger.Machinery collector type is always louder than asynchronous, so there is a special regime of "Silent Wash", which is handy for night time.
Washing machine in the bathroom
Washing machine in the bathroom
Washing machine in the bathroom

If the room is small

Question narrow and compact machines are always relevant. Most manufacturers have in their range of a couple of models to meet this demand:

  • machines with vertical load.Previously, the main their advantages have already been mentioned.Such machines have a standard height of 85-90 cm, the width of their depth dimensions 40 * 60, the access is actually needed on one side.The top machine must be free, but a space before they are used in contrast to front.Patterns found in AEG, Bosch, Ariston, Electrolux, Whirlpool.
  • Narrow cars have a standard height and width, depth 32 cm from them. This makes it possible to place the machine in a small bathroom or hallway.Such devices are manufactured Ariston,null, Indesit, LG, Samsung, Bosch.
  • Compact models can be smaller volumes (from 60 cm, depth of 40-60 cm, width 50-55 cm), which helps to "hide" them in the interior.They are characterized by a front loading laundry.Find possible in Candy and Electrolux.

latter two often combined with shells, water lilies.Vertical its dimensions are small, about 15 cm. It seems to be almost flat, but because of the wide surface successfully performs its functions.Under "water lily" You can hide a narrow or compact washing machine, using the front cover to open space in front of the sink.It looks neat, space saving.Read more in the article about the shell-lily on a washing machine.

What you need to remember typewriters, baby?Vykraivaya precious centimeters, manufacturers reduce the load size and power of the machine, so pay attention to models with direct drive, where the volume of cars running on its host.

The shell of the washing machine
The shell of the washing machine


Price segmentation occurs in a number of manufacturers:

  • MIELE, AEG, BOSCH, Asko - this technique has a higher value offersbuilt-in models.It is very reliable, but not everyone can afford.
  • WHIRLPOOL, ELECTROLUX, SIEMENS, BRANDT - high-quality and expensive equipment, which has rivals in this segment.The difference in quality exists, but not as big as the difference in price.
  • BEKO, ARDO, SAMSUNG, LG, INDESIT, ARISTON, ZANUSSI, CANDY, Hansa - quality massive model.

remaining firms offer model at more affordable prices, which is associated with lower levels of component quality, low innovation, the lack of options, less pleasant design, low power.This "cheap, cheerful" for washing machines, although the required minimum they have.For example, Atlanta - domestic brand of home appliances with decent quality.

Whirlpool Washing Machines

Enforcing consumer companies of its pricing policy does not always imply quality standards.Many brands have European roots, is assembled in the territory of the European Union.Due to this cost more.Also, the high price may be in the high-tech models that can afford brands, specializing in major appliances (eg, the BOSCH and ELECTROLUX).

Many Eastern firms have a good snap and produce high-quality equipment, this can be attributed to SAMSUNG and LG.

The most important parameter - How long company in the market of washing machines on which it is more specialized techniques, how active it is to innovate and offer some guarantee on their products.And the rest - the budget and the question that you require options.


Tips for Choosing

When any art buyer wants to focus on quality and brand, however, will play a crucial role purse size.And yet, such a purchase is made for the next 10 years is necessary to approach the question thoroughly.

First of all, be guided by placing the machine - its parameters will limit choice.If space allows, choose a machine with a good class energy efficiency and washing.

Note that small loading does not allow to wash bulky items (plaid blanket), they just do not vlezut the drum.The best indicator of loading 5-7 kg (weight of wet laundry), is the majority of models.

Choose the model of the washing machine, which is integrated into the design of your bathroom.

Ask about warranties and service centers in your city.Unsuccessful models come in and luxury manufacturers.

Washing machine in the bathroom

Recommended use

Washing machine, stuffed with electronics - a rather delicate apparatus.Therefore, we must remember the golden rule:

  • Wash items in the correct mode (do not skimp on the time sensitive things and observe the temperature of the dark and woolen clothes), it will retain their color and shape.It also includes a delicate lingerie and items with embroidery.
  • Follow pockets before washing for delicate items, you can find a special protective covers.
  • not stop the wash cycle.
  • Quick wash does not allow quality to wash long-standing and serious dirt stains.
  • For machines have special powders and capsules, their use will improve the quality of washing.But the air conditioning units do not like to regularly wash the tray for liquid fillers: it quickly becomes soiled.
  • not use the machine for storage.Specific smell quickly turns on the drum.
  • If the composition of detergent does not include a special chemistry, but at least once a year, use powders from scale (turn the unit on a complete cycle without clothes).
  • need to place the unit on a level floor include - into a separate outlet.
  • Check filters regularly and ventilate the car.Standing water and debris can cause odor.

About the nuances of the installation of the washing machine read in another article.

Washing machine - excellent investment, so you need to choose it for the soul and life.Then your house will be filled with joy!

Washing machine in the bathroom
Washing machine in the bathroom
Washing machine in the bathroom