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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to make the sauna in the apartment with his hands : self- design, on the balcony

Sauna with his hands in his apartment
  • Types
    • Mini sauna
    • infrared sauna
    • Turkish or hammam
  • Pros and cons
  • Project Coordination
  • Stages
  • Tips

To equip its own saunaIt is not as difficult as it seems at first glance.It need not be bulky.Small - a perfectly acceptable option.


Mini sauna

visually represents the barrel of natural wood (usually cedar), which is integrated steam generator. Wonderful compact unit, which takes only 1m2 for accommodation.

Despite its small size - it is still a sauna.Therefore, it will certainly have a healing effect on our bodies: to lose weight, will lead slag, give tone.

This design uses about 2 kW.The set includes a thermometer and a remote control.More expensive models are equipped with spray system aromatic balms.

Mini - sauna for the apartment with his hands

infrared sauna

very popular model, which uses the heat of infrared radiation.A positive aspect of such a sauna is the ability to use it for people with heart disease.

Infrared sauna in the apartment with his hands

Turkish hamam or

This type of steam requires a large area, room height o

f about 3 meters, the presence of hot and cold water, sewer, a separate hood and a very good hydro-and vapor barrier.

Turkish bath ( hamam ) for the house with his own hands

Pros and cons

Positive aspects:

  • relaxing effect on the nervous system.
  • stimulating effect on the cardiovascular system.
  • excretion of toxins and other harmful substances.
  • Improve blood circulation process, resulting in the healthy appearance of the skin.
  • recovery of strength and energy (only 10 minutes).


  • is necessary to take plenty of fluids before and after the sauna.
  • taking too long in the sauna can have a negative impact on overall health.
  • When skin diseases is necessary to consult with your doctor.
Advantages of home saunas made ​​with their own hands
Negative impact of home saunas made ​​with their own hands

Project Coordination

Any reconstruction of the dwelling requires the approval of certain organs.And the more it relates to redevelopment.It must be provided written permission for the work from the Department of Architecture and Construction.Coordination is necessary with Rospotrebnadzor, SES, Fire Service, the housing inspection, HOA.

Each region has its own characteristics, so check the list of relevant organizations.

Organization issued a permit for reconstruction of apartments under the mini- sauna


  • Choose a location for the sauna. It can be placed in bathroom, balcony (infrared sauna), the pantry (if available) or just to isolate, for example, in the hallway.Basement living room and it does not fit.Note that for each person must be 2m3 space, and floor-to-ceiling at least 2 meters.Change the floor is not worth enough to put tiles of the tile.
  • Determine the materials.Ideal sauna panels.They are easy to assemble with each other due to the presence of grooves.
  • frame Production. To do this takes 2 meter beam.Molded goes to frame trim (it is better to fill it vertically, as it will extend the visual design).Then they cover it with foil insulation (it is its reflective surface facing the inside of the sauna).Need strapping frame in frame five mestah.Krepit need right through insulated material.The distance between holes of 50 to 70 cm. They certainly insert dowel.
  • Set the oven. Electric option is ideal.It is important to protect the system from moisture was maximal.If the sauna is small, the power of such stoves should not be very large.220 in the network is enough.
  • last stage of work is the interior walls of the sauna.
Construction Stages sauna in the apartment with his hands on the balcony
sauna with their own hands at home on the balcony


  • on upholstery walls take only one type of timber, mixing is undesirable.
  • wiring overlaps the frame on the outside.System requires thermal protection, as the temperature in the sauna is high enough.
  • fixtures material must be resistant to moisture and temperature.
  • Each type requires a special sauna doors: Glass - for infrared, wooden - Sauna with oven (in need of insulation foil).
Tips for construction of the sauna with their own hands at home