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August 12, 2017 18:06

Mini sauna for apartments : electric , portable , how to make their own hands

Mini - sauna for home
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sauna like almost everything, because to be in a warm, fragrant steam filled the room, not only pleasant, but also very good for health (except for some contraindications).Unfortunately, urban residents unable to use the sauna is not often - because this has to be selected out of the city and come to the sessions in the spa-salons and fitness centers.All this is connected with a waste - not only time but also money.

Today, true connoisseurs of saunas have the opportunity to get health treatments at any time, right in your own apartment.To acquire a home mini-sauna can be in three ways: to buy a ready-made booth, order a sauna on your sketch or build a sauna with your own hands.Which option to choose - it depends on you.In this article, we will tell you about the existing varieties of home saunas and how to build a sauna in the apartment alone.

Small saunas for apartment

Forms, their pros and cons

Of all the diverse types of saunas

that exist in the world, for everything in the usual city apartment suitable only two: the classic Finnish steam bath and an infrared sauna.Consider the features of each of these types.

Finnish sauna gained special popularity in our country, as in their impact is very similar to the Russian bath. However, unlike the usual, we bath, Finnish steam in the steam room is not humid and dry.Finnish sauna air is typically heated to a temperature of 100 to 120 degrees, so long there may be only a well-trained people.A large number of hot steam is obtained by pouring water hot stones lying on the stove.

Finnish sauna for the mini- apartments

device in the apartment Finnish steam bath arrangement requires waterproofing and powerful ventilation system, in addition, will need to comply with fire safety requirements, which are many.

Other disadvantages include the Finnish sauna a large list of contraindications and adverse effects on human mucous membranes.

Finnish sauna for the mini- apartments
Finnish sauna for the mini- apartments

infrared sauna lately is becoming more and more fans. This is due to the fact that the infrared rays are harmless to the body, so this kind of steam for those who wish to avoid the traditional "hot" sauna (though, infrared sauna still has some limitations, so before you equip it in his apartment,read the list of contraindications).Infrared rays do not heat the air, and the body, therefore, the heat penetrates into the deeper layers of muscle and bone tissue.The air temperature in the cabin does not rise above 60 degrees, so it is in the infrared sauna is quite comfortable.A significant advantage of the infrared sauna is the low power consumption.

Infrared sauna for the mini- apartments

If your apartment is not possible to allocate space for a full stationary saunas and receive wellness sessions still want, look for portable models of home saunas.

The apartment conditions are best suited following varieties:

  • fitobochki - sauna sessions in a wooden cask often offer different health centers. barrel size allows you to freely fit in her adult.Sweating can be with infusions of herbs.
  • Tissue sauna also is a kind of barrel, consisting of a thick fabric, stretched over a metal frame. Folded this mini-sauna is practically does not take place, it can be hidden in the closet or under the bed.The disadvantage of this device is a large power consumption, since inside the structure fully powered heaters.
Tissue sauna house
Fitobochki for apartments


Having decided to build a real steam bath at home, you should be ready to claims by some instances.Therefore, before proceeding to the home sauna equipment, obtain the consent of these organizations.The exact list of instances in which you will need to apply for a permit depends on your residence, as even within the same country requirements may vary.

If you are in Russia, it is likely you will need the consent of:

  • State Fire Service;
  • State housing inspection;
  • Homeowners;
  • Sanitary-Epidemiological Service;
  • Rospotrebnadzor;
  • Inspectorate of state construction supervision.

collection of documents will take you a lot of time and a certain amount of money, but the resolution you probably get.

Documentation for home mini -saunas

How to make your own hands?

construction grade sauna in a city apartment - a laborious process. to result in a beautiful, comfortable, and most importantly - safe sauna, you need to take care of some important points:

  • Electrical. All electrical equipment that you will use in the regeneration of the pair must have an appropriate degree of protection against moisture.Wiring should be carried out covert manner.One cable must be "responsible" for the lighting, and the other - for the oven.Be sure to connect the device to the wiring breaker and grounding elements.
  • ventilation. Mandatory for all types except infrared sauna.The ventilation system must include the hood and through holes in the door, providing air flow.Ventilation can be positioned on the wall or on the ceiling, the main thing that it was in front of the furnace.
  • the walls and floor. Since we are talking about dry steam, the need for equipment waste water is not present.Paul can be laid with ceramic tiles or wooden planks.For wall cladding are commonly used timber from pine.Bruce is fixed to the dowel-nails in at least five places, therefore, must be secured to the frame cross members as much.
  • Warming. only those materials that do not emit toxic substances when heated can be used to create a heat insulating layer.Most often selected for this purpose rockwool.On top of the first insulation layer is attached foil (using staples and adhesive tape foil).On the foil placed kontrobreshetku and only it is attached bar.
  • furnace. traditional home saunas use the so-called elektrokamenka (except infrared sauna - it installed infrared heaters).If your apartment has electric stove, the heater with connection problems will not be - electrical power is sufficient to connect one more furnace.However, in the apartments connected to the pipeline, there are some difficulties.Solve the problem in two ways: connection of the stove with a small capacity (in this case, the sauna will warm up for at least a couple of hours) or the organization of a separate input for connecting heater to the network (here you need help professional electrician).
  • door. doorway and, accordingly, the door itself should be as small as possible - it would be better to keep heat.If resources permit, the door should be made of solid timber as in these saunas.According to the safety requirements, the door must be built insertion of heat-resistant glass.
  • Interior fittings. Inside the sauna should be a minimal amount of furniture.Enough seats, footrest and shelves for bath accessories.Experts recommend doing accessories from linden sauna.Optimal upper seat height - 110 cm
Home mini- sauna with their hands
Stages of the construction of a home sauna
Mini - sauna for the apartment with his hands


  • Do not use the sauna too often..The recommended frequency of visits depends on the state of health, so everything is solved individually here.One people can spend sessions each day, and the other is limited to one or two times per week.
  • best time to visit the sauna - early morning or evening, before bedtime.Before the sauna should take a shower to clean the pores of dirt.After the sauna and do not forget to wash, and spend some time alone.
  • sweat glands begin to actively work not earlier than 10 minutes in the sauna, so ask a comfortable temperature of heating, so you can sit at least 15 minutes in the cockpit.
  • The sauna should walk with a clean towel.Firstly, it is hygienic, and secondly, towel absorbs sweat, thus maintaining the cleanliness of seats.
  • Do not forget to drink as much clean water.During the session, you lose a lot of fluid, so supply must be replenished.
mini- sauna for home