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August 12, 2017 18:06

Infrared saunas for apartment: selection and installation of their own hands

Infrared saunas for apartment
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Contraindications
  • Types
  • cost
  • room requirements
  • Setting his hands

Most of those who live in a country house, sooner orlater decided to build on a plot of bath.And be sure to steam.After the heat and hot steam have a truly healing force.City residents wellness bath procedures have long been available only in the summer in the country, in the public baths or spa-centers.

Today we have an opportunity to organize a mini sauna in your own apartment.Among the different types of home saunas is very popular infrared sauna.On the advantages and disadvantages of infrared sauna, features of the equipment, as well as the rules of the installation will be discussed in this article.

Infrared sauna for apartments


  • Infrared Sauna is a cabin with all the necessary equipment is ready to use immediately after connection.Installation of infrared saunas is easy and fast.
  • Inside the cabin to be very comfortable, because the air is not heated much.The heating temperature can be controlled, but it can n
    ot exceed 60 degrees.For this reason, an infrared sauna sessions are recommended for those who wish to avoid the usual pair.
  • Infrared radiation is harmless to the body, so infrared sauna sessions can be carried out even children and the elderly.Interestingly, the infrared rays do not affect on the air and the human body.Consequently, the heat penetrates much deeper than when in the normal steam.Rays warm up not only the skin but also the bones, muscles and internal organs.
  • infrared sauna is good for city apartments that during its operation does not produce steam.Some types of baths require a good arrangement of the ventilation system, and it is not necessary for a cabin with an infrared sauna.
  • infrared sauna as compared with other types of domestic doubles - space-saving design.Locate it at any more or less spacious apartment.Another advantage lies in the fact that the cab can be not only in the bathroom, but also in any other room.
Infrared Sauna Benefits for apartments
The benefits of infrared saunas for home


  • Fans of this wood do not like bath infrared sauna at a low temperature and the absence of hot steam.So if you like a traditional steam room, take a look at other options for home saunas.
  • Infrared rays heat the body very much, because of which the person begins to actively sweating.Thus, even after a short session of infrared sauna there is a significant loss of fluid.Therefore, before and especially after the infrared sauna should drink plenty of pure water.Note that doing physical exercise after a session of sauna is contraindicated.


Despite the fact that the infrared rays are harmless to healthy people, infrared sauna sessions are a number of contraindications:

  • should refuse to buy a home sauna when you have benign or malignant tumors.
  • also warm infrared rays is not necessary during the period of infection and the presence in the body inflammation.

The list of contraindications does not end if you are in doubt whether you can carry out infrared sauna sessions, because you have a medical condition, consult your physician.

Infrared Saunas for apartments and their shortcomings


Home infrared sauna recently gaining popularity, so the choice of models is very diverse.Classical infrared sauna - a compact pressurized cabin, equipped with everything you need, including comfortable beds and seats. Infrared cabins differ in several key parameters: size, capacity, type of construction, material manufacturing, power heaters, additional functionality etc.

Area cabins infrared sauna can be from one to several meters.There are some models of angular, square, polygonal or rounded.

In large cabins can accommodate two or three people.Most often, buyers purchase the cabin, made of wood or finish that mimics the natural texture.But the apartments are decorated in a contemporary style, it has a large variety of saunas with glass and metal elements trim.

Very convenient is considered infrared sauna room with shower. Also on offer can be found for the infrared sauna cabin, equipped equipment, allowing to carry out aromatherapy, color therapy and inhaled the sea air.Some models are equipped with a radio and a television monitor.

Variety of infrared saunas for home
Types of infrared saunas for apartment
The models of infrared saunas for home


Depending on the model, the price of infrared cabins can vary by a few hundred thousand. The cheapest model of infrared sauna today it will cost you 90-100 thousand rubles.This will be one single cabin area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout one square meter. Most manufacturers equip all the necessities even inexpensive cabins infrared saunas.In addition to heaters and seat, there is usually a reading lamp and a holder for the bath accessories in the cockpit.

most expensive models of infrared saunas are 300-400 thousand rubles. Area class "luxury" models of about two square meters, so the inside can comfortably accommodate two adults.These infrared saunas have a wide range of additional functions, equipped with multimedia equipment and a remote control.

Infrared saunas Cost for apartments

Requirements room

Assembly and infrared cabin installation is easy and takes less than an hour.The place for installation, you must choose in advance.

It is important that the room was dry as much as possible and that there is a distance of at least 5 cm between the cabin walls and walls of the room. If the sauna is to be installed in the bathroom, select a place for it as far as possible from the plumbing fixtures.

Setting his hands

first mounted equipment inside the cabin - usually the seat, footrest and shelves for accessories.Then place the door is installed.Once the cab is assembled, it can be connected to the mains.

Infrared saunas for apartment

distinct advantage of infrared saunas is that before they are installed in the apartment do not need to carry out comprehensive preparatory work. According to the rules of operation of infrared cabins, special attention should be paid to fire safety.

Before purchasing and installing the cabin for infrared saunas make sure that the wiring in the apartment works properly.Be sure to install the device on the wiring breaker.Before connecting the cabin do not forget to disconnect the apartment.Remember that you should not connect the infrared cabin to the network via adapters and extenders.

Infrared sauna for the apartment - the requirements and installation
Requirements for premises and installation of infrared saunas in apartment