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August 12, 2017 18:06

Sauna in the apartment with his hands : features and requirements

Sauna from scratch
  • Recommendations and legal technicalities
  • requirements
  • choice of equipment
  • Installation
  • Sauna own hands
  • What if the wiring is not designed for the required load
  • types of saunas for an urban apartment
    • Ready sauna with an electric heater.
    • fitobochki
    • portable sauna, infrared sauna
    • Finnish sauna, Turkish steam bath

sauna is considered a useful procedure, but urban residents often do not have time for regular visits to the sauna.However, fans of the sauna is available opportunity to install it directly in the apartment.This sauna can appear in city housing in the form of factory stall or be created with their own hands.

installing a sauna at home, you can relax in comfort in your own apartment.What does this extra spending drains and pipes are not required, because the cabinet is connected to the already existing line.

Sauna in the house

Using your home sauna has a positive effect on the health of the respiratory tract and the cardiovascular system.Also, these procedures help cl

ean of toxins and promote skin rejuvenation.Visiting a sauna at home after exercise, you restore power.Furthermore, relaxation in the sauna help in overcoming stress.

The sauna
Attributes saunas

Recommendations and legal technicalities

Not long ago set the sauna in the apartment was not possible, but for now, despite the need to obtain a permit,the idea of ​​home sauna installation is not unrealistic.

To design sauna in a city apartment, will have to adhere to these conditions:

  • heating in a home sauna is permissible only by special oven, manufactured at the factory. In such a furnace shutdown is provided with a continuous 8-hour operation at a temperature above 130 degrees;
  • to spray water in a sauna is set open sprinklers or perforated pipe.Connecting to the water supply is carried out inside the apartment is sauna;
  • home steam bath area should be up to 24 m2;
  • wood must be treated with special impregnation against fire and decay;
  • can not place a sauna in the living room.
Sauna with oven
Sauna with an electric stove
Sauna in the bathroom with the furnace
Sauna wood

To match saunas project in the apartment to visit some instances - SES, condominiums, housing inspection, fire service and other.The list of services and facilities, which is necessary to obtain a permit for the installation of the sauna can be different in different regions, so it is better to specify in their area of ​​residence.

saunas Example


Since sauna belongs to the fire hazard structures, for the installation imposed certain requirements.The basic requirement applies to the choice of the heater. only allowed to use infrared or electric heater, and the gas and solid fuel appliances is prohibited in the home. Note that the wiring in the house must be powerful enough, so it is necessary to know the state of advance.

Infrared sauna
Sauna in bathroom
Sauna in the apartment

When installing saunas in their own steam room sensor installation required, is automatically disabled Heating element at a certain temperature.Need and another sensor is designed to give a signal to the Emergency Situations Ministry in fire sauna.

second requirement for a home sauna is to ensure the removal of moisture from the room through the corrugated pipe. quality ventilation to prevent the formation of condensation on the walls of the sauna and the development of mold.Also in the room should be a good steam and water proofing.

Sauna in the apartment

choice of equipment

Sauna in the apartment installation composed of parts such as a special oven and the cabin.The choice of furnace capacity will affect the area of ​​the future steam.For every 0.6 kW of power is calculated 1 m3 of space.Acquiring more powerful device, you will spend more power (and this extra cost), and if the stove is a lack of capacity, you'll have to wait too long to sauna heated

cabin can be folding (default design) or made with their own hands. timber for a cab is spruce, alder and other conifers, rarely basswood or aspen.To fix the cabins are used for ceiling and angled slats of metal.To the moist air out of the sauna, provide ventilation grilles.

Wooden cabin sauna
collapsible sauna
Team sauna

floor in the home sauna has to withstand the conditions of high humidity and temperature.For its skeleton is used galvanized steel or aluminum, but those who love the naturalness, often choose wood flooring (slatted).

The equipment for home saunas also include sun beds, the number of which is selected based on the future use of the premises.Usually the beds are made of durable smooth wood and presented P- or L-shaped.


team usually placed next to a sauna shower or bath. The configuration data has saunas oven grid furniture, wiring, lighting fixtures, and sometimes a shower.

Sauna with shower
Professionally Decorated saunas
apartment sauna

For installation of the walls and roof panels are used.When mounting the panels, all joints are tightened for greater sealing foil.It is important to ensure good waterproofing and lay facing material to the sauna installation.

Ready saunas can also be purchased under the order with the size, equipment, and accessories that the customer wants. Plus is also the opportunity to decorate a sauna outside of plasterboard, which simplifies its design under the design of the room.One of the current trends today is the production of ready-made saunas with walls (1 or more) of heat-resistant glass.

Sauna own hands

independent manufacturing home sauna is more complex, but cost-effective option.For the carcass is usually used wood, creating a panel board design submitted by 2 layers of lining and a layer of vapor and thermal insulation between them.

longest service sauna cabins differ from softwood. Also, you will need the board (to make the floor and beds), electric, foil, heat-resistant cable, door, lamps and other items.

Sauna with their hands

work begins with the preparation of the bathroom walls that need to clean up the concrete base. Then the floor is laid tiles or boards, as well as pave the cable.After processing the wall disinfectant on them and on the ceiling is fixed frame, which is made of wooden bars.In this framework is laid insulation, and the top foil is laid.

The framework for the sauna

next task will sheathing, wall and ceiling linings.Next, perform the installation of benches and assembly factory furnace.The final touch is to install a door that opens to the outside (wood or glass), installation of the exhaust hole in the far corner of the furnace and the installation of fixtures.

It is worth noting that the sauna can be placed not only in the bath room, but also on the balcony or in the hallway.It is desirable that while the sauna was tied to 3 walls, but very valid option is to use a load-bearing wall.If such a wall border of street, then to prevent it from fogging between the sauna and the wall should leave space for ventilation.

What if the wiring is not designed for the required load

Mounting home sauna will be more difficult in the apartments, where using a gas stove because the wiring in such a house can not withstand high loads.They are required to carry out the reconstruction of power, which will certainly agree.

The solution is to buy a stove with a small capacity.Since the load in these conditions, must not exceed 3.4 kW, and the need to consider other electrical appliances, the capacity of the oven is selected to 2 kW.However, in this sauna temperature will rise for a long time, so to accelerate the process to take care of the quality of insulation.

saunas insulation

to use the sauna at home is safe, it is important to install a separate power cable that connects the stove to the shield.

Inside sauna wiring must be installed only hidden way - the cable must be heat-resistant and hidden under the skin.Sauna must necessarily be grounded and protected by the RCD. The house with electric heater capacity of 3-4 kW will not have a big load on the network, but the oven is connected to the phase, intended for electric stoves.Include a plate at a time when the heater is working, it is not necessary.

types of saunas for an urban apartment

Variants residential saunas are quite diverse, differing in their capacity, design, process heating and additional functions. Here are the types of saunas can be installed in the apartment:

Ready sauna with an electric heater.

Its area may be from 1.2 m2.This sauna is often chosen for a small family.Its advantage is the ease of installation, as is often the factory sauna is made of wood, is easily assembled switchboards.To cope with its assembly can be 2 people.Heat and steam, already present in the design, so you need only a draw to the assembled booth communication.

Ready-made sauna


The advantages of this type of sauna for the apartment - for it should be a minimum of space, and it is not necessary to strengthen the wiring.The model is a specially designed wooden barrel.It is possible to enter from the side, and when a person sits on the shelf, the body is inside the barrel, and the head - outside.Such phyto barrels are used for herbal steaming body with healing properties and a very pleasant aroma.


portable sauna

By design is specially made frame, which is fitted a cloth.By the action of this type of home sauna is similar to the phyto barrels, because the head can not be affected by the heat.The main advantage of portable sauna is the ability to take in any procedure where there is outlet.Also, this sauna inexpensive, lightweight and compact.

Portable sauna

infrared sauna

source heating it serves as an infrared emitter.He deeply warms the skin, but the temperature conditions inside the sauna is considered sparing (it is in the range of 40-60 degrees), so in the sauna can remain children, the elderly and people with vascular disease and heart.This sauna consumes little energy.

Sauna infrared

Finnish sauna

This option is suitable for large rooms and several people can simultaneously accommodate.Unlike other types of home use saunas is dry air and heating to 90-100 degrees.

Finnish sauna

Turkish bath

Enough exotic species are rarely installed in a city apartment, because it is necessary to fulfill certain conditions (installation of a separate drawing, good waterproofing, installation of underfloor heating, decoration tiles, etc.).To get couples in the home hammam steam generator set.

Turkish steam bath