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December 12, 2017 00:14

Metal door trim Colour Options


metal doors are usually made on a "sandwich".Armored sheet steel frame and doors are trimmed with a layer of insulation and closed by two plates of MDF, which gives an interesting look finished doors.


However, most of the apartments on the currently equipped with metal doors, installed a few decades ago.They represent a simple frame from the corner with a sheet steel welded on to it.Such models are quite fulfill their function of protecting property from "uninvited" guests.But they have not quite an attractive appearance, not to mention any noise and heat insulation.Correct this situation if it occurs, it may well be on their own.One and easiest ways to improve the appearance and performance of a simp

le metal door is a leatherette trim.Covering the front of the metal doors that allow a synthetic material to give it freshness, elegance, to reduce heat loss.To learn how to do upholstery leatherette metal door - on.

features, advantages and disadvantages of leatherette


This synthetic material has been known for quite some time.A few decades ago, it was difficult to find an apartment, where the front wooden door would not be chipped this material.Different patterns on the door leaf are designed with the help of decorative nails with different kind of hat shape.

Like most plastics, leatherette has excellent performance properties:

  1. Moisture.Besides the fact that it does not absorb moisture, it is able to hold back her coat, not missing inside.It perfectly protects both the insulation inside the door, and its metal structures from the harmful effects of moisture.
  2. resistance to sunlight.Material is practically no fade in the sun, it can be used in places of intense solar radiation, for example, for the upholstery of entrance doors of private homes.
  3. Resistance to microorganisms.Leatherette not afraid of mold, fungi and various insects.
  4. Practicality.Leatherette upholstery can be cleaned from dirt, simply wiping with a damp cloth.In addition, he brings excellent cleaning chemicals.
  5. large number of different colors.Like many plastics, leatherette perfectly treatable chemical dyes, so that manufacturers can offer customers a wide range of colors.
  6. relatively low price.Compared with other types of upholstery, leatherette has a rather democratic price.

However, it should be noted that this material is not without drawbacks, including:

  1. Extremely flammable.This material is burning well, which can cause the spread of fire.When burned, leatherette, like many polymers, emits toxic fumes.
  2. unfit for repair.If leatherette coating is damaged, it can not be repaired, without sacrificing appearance.In this case, the only alternative would be his replacement.
  3. low mechanical resistance.Even the most thick leatherette easily torn, that can deliver certain problems if there are animals in the house.
  4. Based on the above, it is possible to make an unambiguous conclusion that the plating metal door leatherette covering is the best solution for a limited budget repair.

Preparations for upholstery leatherette metal door


Before starting work, you need to prepare the material and tools.For upholstery leatherette metal door may need:

  1. Thick padding polyester, foam sheet or other material to be used as a lining.
  2. Screws, stapler, staples.
  3. sheet laminated fiberboard, to close the space between the door frame and the metal sheet.
  4. Glue universal for stick polymeric materials.
  5. small wooden slats.On the wooden door leaf leatherette upholstery is made by means of a stapler.With a bit more complicated metal door.The coating is laid in two ways:
  • glued to the metal surface by means of an adhesive;
  • nailed to the fixed to the surface of sheet metal sheathing.It is necessary for its device wooden slats.

Upholstery leatherette metal door.The procedure works


So, there is a standard door, welded from sheet metal and parts.The procedure works on her next upholstery:

  1. first stage of works will be the dismantling of the door elements (latches and handles).This should be done carefully so as not to damage their mechanisms.
  2. When the door is ready to work, you can begin to trim the inside.Initially, you need to install wooden cross beams inside the door frame, they will need to create an ornament on a leatherette surface.
  3. inserting the bar into place, you must secure it with screws.To this end, a hole is drilled through the appropriate diameter bearing area and a screw screwed into it.
  4. further into the cavity between the door frame and the metal sheet is placed insulation.The latter can be used as a foam.After warming back panel door secured fiberboard sheet.It also uses screws.Further, the sheet of hardboard, in places with pieces of wood, it is necessary to drive a few nails, a length of 40 mm.However, their hats bites by using wire cutters.Hammer a nail will serve as a guide for the installation of decorative nails.Arrange them so necessary, as will be located picture.
  5. This preparatory work is finished, you can begin to upholstery.The first step is glued 1 or 2 layers of foam.On the back wall of the perimeter adhesive applied and leaning against a heater.At the same score earlier nails should go outside.Once the glue is dry (it takes less than 30 minutes), with a knife balances necessary to remove foam.
  6. then pasted the second layer of insulation, which is similar to the later trimmed to size.
  7. The next step will be directly hauling.Leatherette glue to the ends of the door.To this adhesive surface is gently promazyvayut ends, one bonded side, then gradually and gently pull material adhered opposite direction.This work is quite demanding and you need to do it slowly but surely, to leatherette went smoothly, without wrinkles.In the process of gluing the corners of the material to be cut on the diagonal, so that they are located exactly at the ends of the door leaf.
  8. When the glue is dry, you can proceed to the final stage of work with the inner door side - decoration.To do this, prepare a few narrow strips of which will be made decorative banners.This technique is quite popular with leatherette door trim.It gives an interesting appearance of the door.When the band is stretched between two nails, it makes a furrow forming a convex pattern.
  9. By pressing on the upholstery, it is necessary to ensure that the previously hammered nails came out.Having broken leatherette, they will designate places that are clogged with decorative nails.
  10. Then with the help of pliers is necessary to remove the nail-marks and in their place to fill fine.Now you need to gently pull the stretch honey decorative nails and hammer them.


leatherette trim the outside of the door


trim the outside of the metal door leatherette fundamentally no different from the work on the inside.Typically, the outside layer of insulation does not fit, just pasted a sheet of foam rubber.If you plan to decorate the outside of the fabric stretch marks, then it will have to install a few wooden planks to allow them to score a decorative nails.

layer of foam glued to the surface of the door leaf and is adjusted for its size.Remains of material are cut with a knife.After that, proceed to gluing leatherette.The same as for the case with the inner surface of the front side upholstering be well adhesive ends fluff door to leatherette well behaved.Then the surface is glued leatherette.In operation, the material should be smooth so that it adheres well to the surface.

material Remains are cut with a knife.When the work is finished upholstery on the door again mounted locks, peephole and door handle.

If the work is done correctly, when the door is closed, interior will serve as a kind of seal that will prevent drafts.

noise and heat insulation doors

padding - dverey6

When finishing metal door leatherette, you must pay attention to the noise and heat insulation.The fact that ordinary metal blade very well miss the sound of the room, which creates additional inconvenience.In winter, through this door will leave a large amount of heat.

Now on the market there are many materials to improve teplosberigayuschih and noise insulation properties.The most optimal solution to this problem is mineral wool boards.They have excellent performance properties, are easy to install and have a relatively low price.For noise reduction can be used vibrofiltr, which is often used for the treatment of car interiors.To improve the sound insulation parameters, over vibrofiltra superimposed layer splenitis.This material is produced on the basis of the adhesive, so all that is needed - to remove from it the protective film and stick.

Upholstery metal doors with his own hands: video