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December 12, 2017 00:14

Glass for interior doors

Doors are a very important part of the interior, which is given the right is able to give the room a special charm.Preference glazed doors recently given not only because of the attractive design, but also for purely practical reasons.Due to the presence of glass that transmits light, such doors can be installed in the upper room lit and unlit space, for example, in the passage between the hall and the bathroom with a window.In this case, you do not have to cover both the premises, because the light will break through the glass.However, it is worth noting that not all the rooms it is advisable to establish a model of interior doors with glass.For example, in the bedroom to create an environment conducive to rest, it is better to install a blind sheet, so that the light from an adjacent room did not break and does not interfere with sleeping.The main element of glazed internal doors, which generally determines their appearance, is glass.That's about it, we'll talk further.


Types of glass for interior doors

corrugated glass

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This type of glass has an irregular surface, whereby, though misses a large number oflight, creates a barrier visibility of what is happening in the room.It is also another strong point of corrugated glass is its low acoustic permeability, thus reducing the noise level, distributed around the apartment or house.This type of material is produced in various colors, which allows the doors blend in with the overall color design space.

Glass coated with

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quite common option due to its relatively low cost.Through application of a special spray to the surface of the ordinary glass, the master can draw almost any image, creating the present compositions.Glass interior doors of frosted glass can be installed in bathrooms and kitchen.

safety glass


This kind of glass appeared on the market relatively recently, but in a short time received many favorable reviews from both the builders, and by the end consumers.

triplex Glass for interior doors is a kind of "sandwich" of two or more glass sheets, between which a layer of reinforced material.What makes this material has a relatively high strength, it can be used even as a floor covering or for mounting staircases.This option is relevant for installation in the door leading to the children's room.This material is not under force will break even adult.

From safety glass very often produce frameless doors.They are installed in retail outlets and offices.With its excellent sound insulation such a door can create an atmosphere of absolute silence, while not limiting the room in natural light.Frameless doors are very often used for the organization of office space in the style of "open space" in many of the world's leading companies.

Polycarbonate glass

Polycarbonate sheets

This material is an excellent option if you need to make a solid door.Unlike conventional or corrugated glass, polycarbonate, in fact, is a transparent plastic that virtually no beating.One disadvantage of this material is that its surface is very susceptible to scratching.Also, over time, can turn yellow polycarbonate, having lost its transparency.To make plexiglas interesting species, it is covered with decorative foil.It can also serve as additional protection against scratches.

Replacement glass interior door with his hands

Replacement - window - in - a connecting - door

Glass, whatever it was, could still deteriorate or break.Therefore, you should always be able to replace him at the right moment.Of course, you can simply call a carpenter, so that the latter has done this operation, but for this type of work will have to pay far more than to spend time on it.Therefore, it can be done with their own hands.

So check before replacing your door and find out how the fixed glass.There may be two:

  • Fixing quarter, which is often called the glazing bead.
  • Installing glass into the door leaf.

If the fabric is collected by the first method (commonly used to do before), then replace glass in the interior door in the cellar.

order of installation works:

  1. first step is to remove the glazing beads.This should be done very carefully so as not to break it.To do this, we take a broad screwdriver with a sharp tip, and carefully drives it in the gap between the door and glazing beads closer to the extreme nail.If there is no screwdriver, fit the knife with a thick blade.
  2. Gently turn the screwdriver to bead behind the canvas.Next, do the same operation with the other nails.When the bead is completely lag behind the fabric, remove it with pliers.
  3. During the dismantling quarters need to remember the sequence of work.First remove the lateral quarter, and then - the lower, and the last thing - the top.Subject to a sequence of risk die and fall glass door will be minimal.Otherwise you run the risk of breaking the glass.If it is damaged previously, the order removing the glazing beads does not matter.
  4. then perform measurements.It should be remembered that the glass size should be 3-4 mm less than the seat on each side.Do not try to put the glass back to back.In this case, when the door swell from moisture, they may simply burst.
  5. next step order it in the glass studio.Do not attempt to add on the glass yourself.Ordinary glass cutter make it at home will be difficult.Under incautious handling of glass sheet may just burst, so it's best to turn to professionals.After selecting the desired type, just give them the size and after a few minutes take away order.
  6. transport the glass need to very carefully.If the sheet is large, and its thickness is, on the contrary, is small, it can "play" the wind and the pressure burst.Be sure to wrap the sheet of dense matter and well secure.Be aware of the security, all the work carried out only with the glass in special gloves.
  7. If you ordered a regular glass without a pattern, it can ennoble using dubbing or decorative film.She, by the way, will make it much stronger.Work on the film held at an undisclosed glueing glass.In simple words - first sticking, then put.
  8. film gluing process is extremely surface is wetted light soap solution and gradually pasted film.Before starting work, make sure that the surface is dirt, dust or grease spots.When available, be sure to clean the surface, otherwise the film will fall ill.In order to "expel" the air bubbles out of the material, use a plastic spatula.Once the glass is slightly dries, trim the excess at the ends of the film, and you can install it.
  9. installing glass in place and secure it shtapikami in reverse order.


quite another matter if the glass is installed inside the door.Then repair interior doors glass is somewhat more complicated.Consider the order of installation works in this case:

  1. Usually, all new wood paintings are made in such a way that the glass is set on top of them.In this case, the door will have to be dismantled.First, remove the blade from its hinges.Remember loop unscrewed from the box and not on the web, in which case you will be easier to put it in place.
  2. Once the door is removed, look for it in the ends of the special caps.Under them should be hidden screws that secure the cover.Having found the screws, carefully unscrew them and remove the cover.
  3. Then you can get to the glass.Carefully remove it and put in a safe place, so that it did not break.Remember safety when working with glass.
  4. Then take a pre-prepared sheet and insert it into the slot.In carrying out this work, be careful not to damage the seals.These elements are responsible for ensuring that the glass when closing or opening the door not rattled.That they have not deteriorated, lubricate the edge of the glass with soapy water, then it just slips down, and after drying will reliably hold.
  5. After installing windows replace the cover, tighten the screws and close their caps.
  6. Install the door in place.To do this, take a wedge and substitute it down the canvas.Correcting it, you can put curtains in the upper seat.Grab it with one screw.Then, holding the cloth, set the lower curtains and grab it.Then tighten the remaining screws.To make it easier, use the screwdriver.

Setting the backlight of interior doors with glass

Recently, quite a popular way to make the original interior doors is to install a glass backlight.For this purpose an ordinary LED ribbon, which can be bought in any store.Place it on one side only.The easiest way to do this connect the lan side.To this end, it is soldered to the two power wires.Side canvas drilled through-hole, through which the output wires.

Remember that the tape is designed for 12 volts, so you need to be a transformer 220/12 V. Hide it is possible for the door frame, there can be placed discreetly switch.Connect the entire chain and check its operation.Then gently insert the glass and press the glazing beads.

Photo Interior doors with glass in the interior will help to determine the best one for this.

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Interior doors with glass: Video