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August 12, 2017 18:06

Design and installation of the door frame

Whatever building or built, a lot of time and money is spent on the installation of doors.To save on this, you can put the door frame with his hands.It will be controlled by you personally This installation process.In addition, perform such work helps to develop orderly and learn a lot in building codes.It should be said that the quality of the installation of the door frame depends largely on longevity, durability and aesthetic appearance of the door.Therefore, the present stage of work should be treated with the utmost responsibility.Then explain how you install the door frame.


  • Door frame: size
  • How to install the door frame
    • Tools
    • Preparations
    • Stages mounting
  • Cusp door frame for houses and baths from the beam

door frame: size


dimensions box wooden door determined by several parameters:

  • first - the size of the selected boxes to the door leaf.
  • second - the purpose and characteristics of the room.

Before starting work, you should read the instruction how to a

ssemble the door frame.It is said that different rooms have different requirements for ventilation and noise insulation, and they certainly should ensure the door is installed.For example, the bathroom door should not pass into the cold air and thus it is necessary to prevent leakage of hot air outside.Other facilities, such as storage rooms, on the contrary, require ventilation to material inside, not spoiled.If the door is installed in the boiler room, then it is useful to make an additional ventilation, especially if there is gas equipment.

To prevent heat loss, door frame structure is built of four bars.As a result, it will be a closed rectangle in shape.In the design of the door will be attended by such details as cheesy and hinge vertical beams and lintels.should be kept in the gap between the timbers 3 mm boxes and around the perimeter of the door to move the door smoothly.

If necessary, provide ventilation duct is collected only three parts.In this case, instead of technological gap threshold retained 16-18 mm.The door basis then it will take the form of the letter P. The necessary indentation of 3 mm should be observed only along the top bar and uprights.Furthermore, between the threshold and the new floor covering should be observed in the gap of 2.5-3.5 mm, to compensate for expansion of the material at a differential temperature.

closed box is usually greater in height than the unlocked.This is due to the fact that the height of the threshold is increased by the thickness, and hence the thickness of the door frame will be more.This should be taken into consideration in the calculations and measurements.Otherwise, the door is too long, it will have to be shortened to fit the opening.It is highly undesirable to do, especially if the fabric is coated with a veneer.If you have to cut a similar coating, it is best to start from the side, where there is a decorative finish, and then move to the side, where this is no trim.In this case, the box design is not compromised.

How to install the door frame



To reinstall the door frame with your hands, you will need some tools:

  • It will need a few bars, which usually are already included with the doorframe.
  • In order to avoid distortions in the course of installation, you need to have on hand a plumb or level.
  • In addition, will need nails, hammer, screwdriver, screws, elektrofrezer and hacksaw.
  • More work will be required wooden slats, router, chisel, polyurethane foam, and as wedges can take pruning.

course, a set of professional tools cost is quite expensive, but it will ensure a quality result works.The fact that by using mounting box of simple tools, large errors can be tolerated, especially if the experience in this case is small.So before you start work, you should contact the experts who can provide high-quality tools for hire.It will be much more profitable asit makes no sense to buy new tools for one job.


that the first - laminate - and - doors - 4

Before you put a new box, it is necessary to dismantle the old.This item is a key part of the preparatory phase.It is simple enough:

  1. First of all it is necessary to remove frames, and then take a hacksaw and montirovochny tool with which to remove all the old wooden box.It is important not to damage the wall that can threaten a waste of time in conducting additional work to finish.
  2. old anchor bolts and the remaining fasteners can be turned out, or alternatively, cut away using a grinder.Be sure to check the strength of the wall.If need be, then freed from the pressure of the door frame should be strengthened.
  3. When removing the old box in the first dismantled frames.Then, by hacksaw understands the box itself.
  4. In order to fortify the wall, sometimes need reinforcement installation design.This is a very important point, becauseit determines how much installed the door will last.

Stages mounting


Installation works consist of several stages:

  • You must first measure the doorway.After dismantling the old box of its size can vary from the original.The results of measurements are needed in order to be able to put in place wedges, the size of which must exceed the distance between the beam and the wall no more than 3,5 mm.Anyway, with their hardware boxes get stronger.Yet it should be noted that the presence of the rotary stuslo allows, where necessary, the boards sawed at an angle of 45 degrees.Therefore, before performing the installation be sure to get a similar tool.


  • So, proceed to assembly.The work is usually conditionally divided into several stages, the first of which is that the design of the bars simply laid out on a flat surface where it will be convenient to examine.Thus it is necessary to pay attention to the presence or absence of grooves planks, through which items will be joined into one.
  • It is important to seal the mounted box.For this purpose, the joints bars drilled holes.Boards placed horizontally and vertically, it is necessary to pull screws.The most important thing at the same time be careful and accurate.Run this job competently - means to ensure sufficient strength of fastening the door.Note that in some modern door systems that make today, the lower rails are not available, because, in fact, they do not need.
  • If there are grooves, they in the upper part of the beam connected to the other sides of the bar and stray gently with a wooden mallet.Another tool is better not to use, the material is not damaged.
  • Then all the parts are connected to each other.As fasteners suitable screws.When this is done, you need to check how to obtain reliable final design.In short timber slots may well not be.Then choose one of two options: parts are held together by nails or screws.At the first stage of assembly ends.
  • protruding ends of wooden beams will interfere with further work.Therefore, their sawing conventionally begins the second stage of the installation.Further, before proceeding further, note the surface of the bars.If it is smooth and level, it means that everything has been done correctly.You also need to take your measurements from the top of the door frame.
  • Besides the surface, be sure to check out how to get a straight design angles.Next, cut the rake, and then fastened by nails to the side rails.The extra part of the rack should be cut off.In this second phase has been completed.
  • In the third stage to place the hinges are installed.To do this, set on the floor assembled door frame and the door.In this position, you need to determine the location of hinges.Note that the upper and lower edge of the door should be at least 19 cm. The length can be different.Most importantly, all the doors at home, it was about the same.


  • at the right place indicated by the contours of the loop, not only at the door, and the door frame.When the door is in place between the floor and the upper part must be small lumen.Next, you should check some important points.For example, horizontal and vertical axis of the door frame and the door leaf elements must match.
  • pass to the cutting sites for future hinges.This requires a chisel.So, it is necessary to measure the inside of the structure from the top 19 cm. Further applied hinge and encircled by a contour with a simple pencil.Keep in mind that the folded hinge of the door to the box leaving a gap of about 40 mm.Taking into account the thickness of the loop need to calculate the depth of its installation.
  • then take the mill and prepare a seat for the upper and lower loops.If the router is not present, you can do as mentioned above, a set of chisels.From the lower edge of the door structure must be indented about 22 cm, and 10 mm of which are allocated to the gap from below.
  • Then the box together with hinges applied to the door leaf.It is necessary to make the door marking places for fastening loops.: Door cutouts are made similarly as in the door frame.

  • Further measurements are made of the opening size.These calculation results are transferred to the side rails.When this is done, the box can be gently lifted and ready to install it in the doorway.With the help of a plumb line or spirit level Be sure to check the verticality of the structure.In addition, the need to ensure that the corners are straight, and the upper bar is strictly horizontal.
  • is always a chance that the frame is the first time does not fit into the opening.This can happen even if all measurements have been done without errors.If any such defects should not be upset.Having between the frame and opening gaps easily sealed with sealing foam.
  • When the frame is set in place, it is necessary to fix it.By the slopes of the box is attached by means of dowels.As a result of the construction work in the doorway should be reliable.In this you need to make before the temporary rails and spacers will be removed.Upon such verification, temporary parts are removed and the projecting parts of wooden wedges to saw off.
  • When clearances must be met accepted standards, the calculation of which can easily also perform independently.When using the foam in the works should not be forgotten that it expands when it hardens.Therefore, it should be possible without any obstacles to cut too much.It is important to use fasteners and hinges fit the weight and the appointment of the door.When performing installation work door frame should not forget about the indoor climate.

This installation design can be considered complete.Therefore, you can hang on the door hinges and install the trim.Casings can be attached in various ways.For example, for nails, screws or on to the adhesive.If nails are used, they must be of the cap after the works closed.In the case of self-tapping screws, they should be put on the decorative plastic covers.A similar scheme going and boxes, metal door.


Cusp door frame for houses and baths from the beam

doubt, wood is one of the best building materials.But it has one feature, which should be remembered - after the construction after a while it settles.Therefore, the wooden houses are not recommended to equip doorways after the construction of the crown around a couple of years.Moreover, it is imperative to know how to put the door frame in such buildings.

mainly used the following method.So, if the aperture size and the width of the door frame coincide with the dimensions stated in the draft, in the end in the middle of a groove cut through and then it clogged timber, which can beat the box.The walls, however, even after shrinkage continues to sag.Therefore directly to him the box can not be fastened.If the opening is not yet formed, the first thing is a hole under the door construction.Moreover, the width of the passage should be two crest thicknesses less than indicated in the plan.In this case, a box-shaped timber is done with the groove.Next, the box is set in the same way that has been described above.