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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to position the rails for the kitchen

for any hostess is very important is the convenience and comfort of placing objects in the kitchen.To ensure rational organization of working space, as well as significant time savings actually installing kitchen rails.They can place the necessary cooking tools literally at arm's length.In a similar way it is possible to avoid occurrence of an excessive amount hinged shelves and work surfaces cluttering.


  • Advantages of railing
  • Species railing
    • materials manufacturing and design
  • methods accommodation railing
    • Helpful hints
  • Roof Kitchen - photo
  • How to arrange the kitchen roof rails- video

Advantages of railing

first rails appeared in bars and restaurants kitchens.Such design allows to optimize the cooking process and to achieve significant savings in space in the work area.After some time, the mistress appreciated their ease of use in the home.Open repeatedly countless lockers very tiring - at the same time set in the right place reylingovye system allows for compact p

lacement of dishes, as well as various kitchen utensils and accessories.

The advantages of the use of railing in the kitchen should include the following:

  • significant savings in space, which is especially important for the small size of the kitchen facilities - reylingovye systems allow efficient use of every centimeter of space;
  • convenience and practicality in the application, increasing the functionality of the working area - kitchen roof rails allow to place within the reach of a variety of utensils, which is commonly used in the cooking process;
  • similar devices simple design harmoniously fit into any kitchen interior, and the look is very modern and stylish;
  • mobility railing in the kitchen - in the case of need, it is easy to dismantle and outweigh elsewhere.


Species railing

name of this device comes from the British A railing of, which means "rake crossbeam railing."The simplest construction in the form of hollow tubes of small diameter, equipped with holders, and mounted elements occupy at least in the kitchen space.On the tube-bar can be hung on hooks kitchen equipment, as well as small mesh shelves in one or two layers.If necessary, the suspension elements can be moved along the beams.

railing configuration chosen depending on personal preference and on what items will be placed with it.Most often, the pipe diameter reylingovoy system is 15-32 mm.Along the edges of the tube is equipped with plugs, to give it a finished look.Sometimes the railing pipe in the construction replaces the rack in which the groove is provided for the movement of the elements.Installing the railing in the kitchen is not difficult - it is usually fastened with screws on the two lateral bracket (either by adding an additional element of fasteners in the middle, if the bar is longer than 1 m).

Depending on the destination, reylingovye system can be equipped with:

  • mesh mini-shelves of various shapes - they can be conveniently placed, for example, a jar with spices, vegetables and fruits, mixer or grinder, as well as soapand household chemicals near;
  • small drainer;
  • plastic or metal baskets and cups cutlery;
  • holders for bottles, lids and pans;
  • removable or non-removable hooks S-shaped, which can be hung from a variety of spatulas, cutting boards, ladles and skimmers, and the dishes are relatively small size - mugs, woks, colanders, pans and small pots;
  • towel holders, bread bins, wine glasses, glasses and knives.Inclined stand designed to accommodate cookbooks;
  • special holders for the bundles (such as paper towels, food, film, or foil) - with a serrated edge, allows effortless tear off the paper or foil with one hand.

In addition, the suspended elements reylingovoy system can be placed decorative kitchen trinkets and souvenirs.Individual attention, magnetic rails - they are convenient to mount the knives or scissors.It takes only bring metal kitchen appliance to the magnetized tube, and he to her, "glued".

materials manufacturing and design

pipes and holders reylingovyh systems are usually made of steel, aluminum or brass.Roof made of shiny chrome-plated metal and stainless steel look great in a kitchen interior, designed in a contemporary style.Steel constructions railings are the most robust and durable, able to withstand heavy loads, resistant to moisture, cleaning agents and detergents.You can also buy rails for coated dishes in bronze, black nickel, copper or brass.Copper or bronze roof rails will be harmonious look in the kitchen room decorated in a classic style or country.In addition, wood, plastic multi-colored and transparent glass can be used for the manufacture of roof rails.These materials provide ample opportunities for decoration.

To reylingovaya system was ideal for style designers recommend to buy it in the same cabin, where the furniture was ordered.In any case, do not skimp on the quality of kitchen accessories.High-quality long rails stateless coatings are durable and ergonomic design - hence the use of more convenient, and they will last long enough.When choosing the most appropriate design reylingovoy system should focus on the color scheme of the room and the kitchen design style household appliances - in the first place, the cooker and cooker hood.

In general, the idea is not new railing applications.Hung on hooks kitchen utensils characteristic of the cuisine in the style of Provence, or country.If desired, an elaborate system of placing open shelves or racks in conjunction with roof rails will opt out of the walls and weighting cluttering space hanging lockers.In this case, the working area will be staffed appropriately, kitchen items - in order not to create a sense of confusion.Add comfort cuisine is simple, fixing on rails pots with plants or herbs such as parsley and basil.Decorate the kitchen themed images or photographs, set out with special holders in the form of pegs and hung on rails textiles in the form of small kitchen towels, pot holders and napkins.

Depending on the method of attachment, the following types railing:

  • horizontal - the most popular are the construction reylingovyh systems with tubes, mounted on a wall horizontally and fixed to the bracket with screws;
  • vertical - such storage systems are installed between the floor and ceiling, countertop and wall cabinets or counter tops and ceiling.Steel rods data structures are fixed on the edges in thrust;
  • pendant - products of this type are attached to the ceiling.Reylingovye Similar systems are used in the kitchen with an island layout.

methods accommodation railing

Reylingovye system can be installed in any convenient locations on different surfaces of the kitchen facilities.When planning how to arrange the rails for the kitchen, it is worth considering the following.The most expedient to place such storage facilities in the work area - under the overhead cabinets above the sink and stove.


Most often reylingovoy tube system is mounted horizontally - it is fixed to the sides with brackets-holders mounted on a vertical surface of the kitchen apron.These tubes can be arranged in a line along the wall or in several stages in a working kitchen area, using a space between the floor and hanging lockers, over the sink, a desk, and a stove, as well as at the edge of the tabletop.On the bar in one or more tiers hang suspended necessary elements in the form of hooks and shelves (their number can be increased with time).

Such designs allow to unload the working surface countertops and sinks from cluttering their subjects.As a result, freed space for comfortable work and easy movement in the kitchen.Near the hob can be placed on the rails utensils, which is commonly used in the cooking process (different blades, skimmers, ladles), as well as shelves for spices.In this case, all you need for cooking will be placed at the stove at arm's length.In addition, the compact kitchen accessories can be placed on rails fixed to the end of the table top and side surfaces of the kitchen island, and even the inside of the cabinet door.

very practical in use are angled reylingovye system placed over the kitchen sink.Next to it is possible to arrange the dryer Plate, stands for spoons and forks.The cutting area of ​​the countertop is conveniently accommodate knives, cutting boards for foods, towel holders and foil in the serving area - cups, wine glasses, kitchen tongs, as well as various tools for processing of meals.


For vertical reylingovyh systems do not need fixing on the walls.Such design is set in a spacer between the surface of the floor (or table top) and a ceiling or between the countertop and the wall cabinet.Vertical reylingovye designs allow you to place at the desired height removable or non-removable elements (shelves, brackets) different configurations.Thus, there are new opportunities for the most effective organization of space and design of the room design.Vertical reylingovaya system can be equipped with, for example, holders for glasses and cups, bottles of sauces and drinks, as well as a support for the fruit.The vertical beam railing can be used as a support for the bar or for a small table.

Owning island cuisine is worth paying attention to the ceiling reylingovye system.Suspended roof rails attached to the ceiling of the kitchen island counter top or over the bar.These storage systems can be positioned comfortably variety of kitchen utensils and crockery.Accommodation in a cabinet reylingovuyu system is useful for the orderly storage of various kitchen stuff.It will need to stock up the required amount of hooks and suitable hangers, and you can adjust the distance between them and assemble them according to their needs, as opposed to stationary shelves or drawers.In addition, rails may be positioned in the narrow spaces between the kitchen furniture, and the ends of the inner side and on the doors of cabinets.

Do not place the boxes on the kitchen apron for cooking surface, as in the cooking process to reach for the necessary adaptations over hot pots and pans are not too comfortable, besides it can turn burns.In addition, it is not recommended have reylingovye system directly over the stove, as the fat droplets and settle evaporation will accumulate on the rods and placed them on the subjects.

Helpful hints

clever design reylingovyh system allows you to place them in different places in the kitchen, regardless of the furniture arrangement.However, when planning how to install the rails, should take into account the size and configuration of the kitchen facilities.

It is necessary to consider the following recommendations:

  • in a small set of kitchen items hung on the walls will create a sense of clutter space.In such cases it is necessary to give preference to the simple designs of small size, which you can place the most frequently used number of kitchen appliances (set of blades, knives) and secure the shelves for spices;
  • on a short wall, which is strategically located multi-tiered storage system with the sections located at different heights;
  • in a spacious room reylingovuyu system can line up along the walls.Especially convenient is the location in the absence of wall units, in this case the roof rails allow to place everything you need in the immediate reach of the working area;
  • when planning the placement of roof rail in the kitchen room you can use the following method - draw it mockup on paper, cut out and attach to the wall in order to simulate the future picture;
  • before going to the store is about to decide the size of the railing, quantity and purpose of suspension elements.Try to imagine how they will look in the interior of your kitchen, if she does not become too cluttered.Buy kitchen accessories "in reserve" hardly worth it.Design railing is unified, and in the future will be easy to purchase the required comfortable and functional elements according to the emerging needs.

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