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August 12, 2017 18:06

Set door trims

casings are an integral decorative element of any wooden structure.Their task is to provide accurate framing the door, concealing defects of construction and process connections.The installation of door casings is no big deal, but for a successful result you need to know some nuances.In this article we'll show you how to fix trim on the doorways and choose the appropriate option installation.


pruning methods

There are two ways to install casings, different cropping technology elements: 45 ° and at 90 °.On this depends the appearance of the door structure and the degree of complexity of the work.

Pruning at 45 °

For this method of installation ends of casings are cut at an angle of 45 °.This is the most popular variant of the installation, since it can be used for the casings of different configurations.On the varieties of products, we w

ill talk about later, but it was clear, the front side there may be arched, carved, straight, etc.

main difficulty of installation of door casings is correct and even trim angles.If there is a divergence of at least a couple of millimeters, the details converge with each other, and framing will turn curves.To properly trim the trim, you will need to get miter saw - that this instrument makes clear and smooth cuts.If a saw blade in the home arsenal is not found, you can use a hacksaw and an ordinary, but act very carefully.


Experts still advise not to neglect the special tools and take them out when necessary.In addition to the miter saw you also need a manual miter box and handsaw with rotary mechanism.Mitre is a rather primitive tools - pattern-groove with cuts.The slots help to define the angle of the cut.Then, the cutting tool, for example, regular breaks hacksaw slot, and does it not very accurate (in the main flaw miter box).By and large, it is designed for one-time operation.


much more convenient to use a rotary hacksaw.This tool is more durable and saws parts more accurate and cleaner.Learning to work with him in 5 minutes - just turn the saw at the required angle to fix this situation and to saw the wood element.


If you have experience with the jigsaw or hand hacksaw, it can be cut by hand.First, using a protractor, draw a line at 45 ° to the edge of the casing, and then make sure the movement Saw it.However, in this case, the smoothness and cleanliness of the cut will depend on your ability to handle tool.

Useful trick: Experts to eliminate the occurrence of chipping on the decorative surface during cutting, paste transparent tape on the cut-off line, and then make the cut.

How to cut the casing at 45 °, refer to the video instructions below:

Pruning at 90 °

This method of fixing the door casings is less common, but still noteworthy.This unpopularity is due to the fact that the crop at the right angle, you can not all kinds of trims and moldings only with a clear rectangular cross-section or slightly rounded edges.In other cases, it is best to resort to sawing at 45 °.The essence of the paper is that adjacent straps connected to each other at an angle of 90 °, with the upper casing over the door must be placed between the side.This condition allows you to make pruning easier and more accurately fit the joints.

Despite the seeming simplicity of the work is not so simple.Make a neat cut, as in the previous case, without precise measurements and special tools will not work.For a perfect docking end of the casings must have a flat rectangular configuration, so the calculation of height and length of the lateral parts of the upper casing need to keep up to millimeters.


If you bought casings with slightly rounded edges, the situation is a little more complicated, because there can not be made straight cut.If the right to cut off a piece, it will be visible after the installation of the upper ends of the casing.To hide them, you need to make a sloping cut, directed from the front to the rear side of the part.

Important: If you need to install frames with carved or rounded configuration, this method is not applicable and must be cut in parts at an angle of 45 °.

mounting Features

specifics of the installation of the door frame casing depends on the material from which it is made and what kind of configuration has.Casings are wooden, plastic or MDF.

Tip: If you cash out the door in the bathroom, the kitchen or the bath, that is in the room with high humidity levels, it is better to give preference to products with a laminated surface.They are more resistant to steam and temperature changes, and therefore will last longer than usual.

Features casings installation, depending on the material from which they are made:

  1. Wooden - wooden door handle trims the easiest, because they fit a lot of ways of fastening.The most basic option - paste them on the "liquid nails".However, the removal of such frames can not be correct, and this would be quite difficult."Liquid nails" can only be used if your house perfectly smooth wall, or fixing is weak.
  2. can also nail trim special thin nails without hats.If there was not, suitable and conventional thin nails, but then the cap will have to cut yourself.If you do use nails with heads, the fasteners should be slightly "imbedded" that it was flush with the surface of the casing c.After the installation of all the places to be to cover fasteners on wood putty to match the color of the product.
  3. Plastic - such trim is best to glue because gently beat their nails will not work.This is a budget class products, so break them when removing possible without much regret.In contrast to the wooden planks, bendable plastic can be glued to the wall with small irregularities.
  4. MDF - exterior trims virtually indistinguishable from wood, but their attachment must be done in a special way.Because MDF is very solid, his nails pierce is not so simple.Mounting holes must be drilled in advance, otherwise there is a risk to damage the slide rails.The diameter of the holes should be 1-1.5 mm.Alternatively, you can use nails adhesive compositions, but, as you remember, dismantle the trim without damage is unlikely to succeed.
    Platbands MDF _ _ _ Milan ital._ nut _

angle for cutting the door jamb is directly dependent on the shaped relief.For example, if the surface is smooth, can make a cut of 90 °.Similarly, we can proceed with the cashing of the door with a capital goods.Interfacing can be both vertical and horizontal.

Tip: Before engages zatoniruyte saw cut with varnish or paint to match the front side jamb.

How to choose casing

to the door frame look aesthetically pleasing and completely hides all the unsightly elements of the door frame, you need to find the dimensions correctly.By the rules of the width of the door jamb must be such that it overlaps the gap between the box and the door 3-4 cm. In the market basically universal models that are low cost and suitable for almost all designs.


But it is important not to forget about the aesthetic purpose casing.He should be in harmony not only with the door leaf, but also with the interior room.When you select should pay attention to color, texture and thickness of the door jamb.If you choose too massive option, unpretentious door in such a frame will appear even smaller and inconspicuous.And, on the contrary - too modest casing "lost" against the background of luxury door.

Normally used flat trim width of 5.8 cm (universal version 6.4 cm) for simple concise door models.Quadrant also very common as a form allows you to combine different styles in the interior.Their width is typically 7 cm. With respect to shaped articles, their width is determined by the complexity of the thread.

Installing casing

is installing casing should be only after finishing work on the walls: wallpapering, plastering, painting.If you plan to priladit casings from two sides of the door, respectively, the wall must be repaired in both rooms.Also, be aware that it is necessary to strengthen the frames before installing skirting, otherwise the latter will interfere.

Tip: Begin to attach jamb on the side where the door hinges.So you get a measurement reference point in the form of strips, closing the door frame with the place where the singing are, because of their casing can not get flush with the structure.The distance between the clypeus and the box must be equal over the entire height.When attaching the casing on the back side, to maintain the distance is not necessary.


How to install trim on the door:

  1. Measure the length of the vertical strips of the box next to the door hinges.It is important to consider every millimeter.Gap, which is obtained at the indentation, add to the length and make a mark.From this point it will start line, which should make the casing Res 45 °.
  2. To make the casing to the opposite side of the box, make some measurements in a similar manner.You can not just cut the exact same item, taking the first pattern, as in most cases the apartments have sex differences in height and size of the door jamb may vary by a few millimeters.
  3. Loosely sawn planks with nails.First, attach the nail at the base, and the second - a meter away from him.
  4. upper ends of the components remain unfixed.Enclose under them blank for the upper ceiling casing, which will go over the door.
  5. Make markings on the upper bar, indicating where the saw cut should be done at 45 °, to dock all three parts.
  6. miter saw or other suitable tool saw off the excess parts, to get a clean cut.
    setting - casings - to - door
  7. Dock items, resting the base of the side casings on the floor.In some cases, the support can be a kind of wooden stand, which put under the door salary.
  8. Fix all parts with nails without hats or pins.The distance between the fasteners can be chosen arbitrarily, but experts recommend to drive nails in increments of 15 cm is especially true of the doors, which are often used and clap -. If the trim little fix, very quickly they shatter and fall off.If your house used to gently handle the door, drive in nails every 40-50 cm. In this case, you will have less to disguise the point of attachment.

If you are engaged in manufacturing and installation of casings for the first time, but still could not get miter saw, almost certainly will not cut entirely flat.If it turns out the assembly parts, which between them are small cracks, do not worry - there is a way.Fill in the resulting gaps with silicone sealant, and when it dries, zatoniruyte wood putty or paint in the same tone with a decorative surface casing.

Tip: In order not to soil all over all around the sealant, and get accurate results, cover the surface of the casing on either side of the slit mounting tape.After drying, it is possible to easily peel the sealant.

Attach trim on the door is not too difficult if the hand is the right tools, and before his eyes - the right instruction.We hope our article will help you cope with this work and make your home more comfortable.

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