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August 12, 2017 18:06

Ceiling Decor with their hands

ceiling, as well as any other surface in a residential area, in need of special attention.Today, you can find a huge number of ceiling finishes, and for many decisions do not need to spend too much money.It should be noted that the ceiling decor - it's a fairly lengthy question, which requires the public review and consideration.


  • Features ceiling coverings
  • ceiling decor Resources
  • services of outside experts
  • Decor ceiling imitation stucco
  • Decor ceiling textured plaster
  • Decor polystyrene plates
  • Suspended ceiling structure
  • Otherdesign options ceiling

most apartments and houses owners opt for the simplest solutions related to ennoblement of the ceiling, and in some cases it is really the right choice, as, for example, it makes no sense to create a multicolored ceiling in small rooms,which will focus on the attention.At the same time it should take into account that in large areas an attractive appearance ceiling is able to easily change the overall impression of space.

Modern materials and tools allow us to make such ceilings, which has not been previously.You only have to apply their creative abilities.Of course, without considering the existing ceiling decor choices down to business it is also not recommended.

In this article we analyze the main items related to the decoration of the ceiling, as well as consider the most common options for the design style of the ceiling surface.It is safe to say that today there are all conditions for the establishment of a modern and attractive ceiling.


Features ceiling coverings

Ceilings are surfaces that can radically change the perception of space.And in this case we are not talking about some modern materials, which are based on the original construction resources, and of the most classic variations ceiling coverings.Practice shows that the creation of a truly decent option ceiling decor is enough to have a little imagination and taste.In a pinch, you can always use the services of specialists.This is a designer who can easily turn a modest home in a respectable dwelling.

important to bear in mind that the ceiling decor variants difference of large and small rooms are simply huge.They can be used different variants of refining the surface, which will allow for a fresh look at the ceiling.Many people believe that the conduct of the ceiling decoration in the living room - just as there is plenty of room for creativity.In a sense, this view has a right to exist, but we must understand that a large room - a large amount of work, and not all people are able to adequately carry out the huge ceiling decor.If the items decorating the surface will be too small, it can adversely affect the overall design and style of the perception of space.

In small rooms, everything is much easier than it might seem at first glance.It is enough to take advantage of already existing solutions related to the design of the ceiling to add an element or apply a specific material on the ceiling surface.A small amount of work allows, if necessary, to do everything possible to remedy the situation.In a pinch, you can just do it all over again.

ceiling decor Resources

decorating the ceiling - not an easy undertaking, which includes a deep analysis of the current situation.It is understood that today the market can find hundreds of resources for decorating the ceiling.These include the following materials:

  • imitation stucco.On sale you can find many versions of these products, which can easily make any room more solid, and sometimes even noble.When using this resource the most important thing - do not overdo it with the amount of stucco in the same room.
  • use of textured plaster.This option is the ceiling decoration is used for many years, and in most situations, it looks really attractive.Again, textured surface, like stucco, make the ceiling more graceful and solid.
  • use of suspended structures.Suspended structure always helpful in the event that one or the other surface is rough.In this case, you can create a multi-level structure that uniquely attractive will make the ceiling and the total space - modern.
  • Engaging polystyrene sheets.With the help of expanded polystyrene can transform the ceiling surface in a short period of time and get high quality results.Of course, this variant has a decor and disadvantages.

There are many other variants of the ceiling decoration that are used infrequently, but in certain circumstances may be indispensable.On this and the above ceiling decor options, we'll talk later in this material in detail.

outside experts

Services If the owners know that will not cope with the existing decor of the space, you must pay attention to the professionals who provide a full range of services, from design decoration options, and ending by the repair work on the beautification of the space.

Practice shows that the services of such professionals cost is quite expensive, so make a choice in their favor should be extremely cautious.However, it is essential in the case of services, indoors if we already have some kind of style, and it is necessary to apply in a particular room.In this case, the expert takes into account all the details related to the rest of the space, and makes some conclusions.Ultimately represented space should ideally fit into the existing style.Such cases can be very much, so it is a responsible approach to the issue of use of the services of experts.

If you are confident in their abilities, it is worth to analyze the most common variants of the ceiling decoration.

imitation stucco ceiling decor

As is known, moldings for many years graced the world's most famous palaces, restaurants and apartments VIPs.Nowadays, stucco is not so popular with the modern decor of the premises, but in many cases it is able to transform the gray room in a really attractive space.

Today the market can find a variety of options for imitation stucco.Moreover, we can confidently say that finding the most appropriate products for the decoration of a ceiling can be hassle-free.These are small elements of polyurethane, which look attractive, and are characterized by high durability.In contrast to this stucco, decorative begins to crumble, and will not crack.The light weight of such products is a positive side, since there are no problems with its use should not be.


As for the element of imitation stucco, it can be curbs, cornices, edging, which perfectly fit into any space.Most often used as part of the room smooth or textured strips that are installed at the junction of wall and ceiling.

interesting that during the manufacture of the material is primed, after mounting on the surface it is possible to apply paint, which greatly expands the possibilities of decorating.Sometimes stucco applied gilding.

Fixing decorative element takes place by means of universal glue.Often imitation stucco used in the event that there is a plaster surface, since the alignment in this matter - the most important thing.

in recent years in building supermarkets, you can find a great selection of fairly large variations in stucco.It can be a kind of ceiling domes, which are ideally combined with a chandelier or other elements of the room.To mount such an element used liquid nails.If the design is too large, it is advisable to use screws.Often these same dome ceiling sockets are - there is a hole in the middle of the material, through which the wire chandeliers.Thus, it is ideal if there is a match with the overall style of the room or the entire house.

ceiling decor textured plaster

plaster is one of the most popular options for surface finishing.And it is not only about ordinary apartments, but also about a large private home, where it is expedient to create a unique style with a number of additional elements of the interior.

texture of the ceiling - the important thing that can completely change the appearance of the room.Using various tools, including combs, rollers and other elements can be achieved simply amazing surface texture, and it does not need to exert too much effort.Despite this, the overall appearance of the invoice must match the dimensions of the room, as well as the available space.If something does not match the existing conditions, can not be excluded that the result obtained is not the most attractive space.

textured - plaster - 01

also create texture on the surface can be after plastering.This can be used sharps.Often, professionals use a smooth plastered surface as a canvas to create three-dimensional images.Here the main thing - keep in mind that such activities are conducted on the basis of the wet plaster, otherwise you can only mar the surface.

The hosts often become just decorative plaster, which includes not only the usual fillers and preservatives, thickeners, and numerous binders of water-based (they are highly environmentally friendly).

good news also is that the textured surface can be easily dyed, which significantly expands the possibilities of decorating the ceiling.Also, many experts point out that the main advantage of the ceiling textured plaster decoration is a seamless surface that sets this option finishing among others.However, it should be understood that during the restoration of the new pieces of the plaster surface will stand out clearly, and this may not be the best way to influence the design of the room.

For coloring textured surface it is advisable to opt for dispersion paints.

main advantage of decorative plaster owners and experts justifiably consider a variety of options finishing surfaces.It so happens that other variants of decoration in this regard can not create a worthy competition.

Decor polystyrene plates

polystyrene plates are used for ceiling decoration for many years, and experience shows that it is also a excellent option for improving the space.Just to keep in mind that the external appearance of the ceiling with polystyrene plates is not the most solid, and the material is often used to decorate the ceiling in the bathroom, the toilet and the balcony.


Appearance majority polystyrene plates really not the most attractive, especially when it comes to the rooms that already have some of its original style.It should be seriously to the choice of material as it may not be the best way to match with other interior elements.

Despite this, it is still possible to find sufficiently attractive product options that have stucco elements, beautiful patterns and even the whole composition.Often commercially available square plates, which should perfectly fit into the dimensions of the ceiling surface.The material is quite fragile, but his appearance did not change over the years.Therefore, in terms of durability in polystyrene plates virtually no competitors.

Suspended ceiling structure

Suspended ceiling structures are used for decoration only, if the owners aim to create a truly amazing design of the room.It is not just about the texture and painting the ceiling, but also the multi-level surfaces that allow to realize the most daring design ideas.

Multilevel ceilings are created with the help of drywall.Thus, it is necessary to create tremendous complexity frame which would keep many sheets of drywall.The process is further complicated by the fact that a multi-level ceiling need much crop a portion of the material, and it takes a lot of time and effort.


Already after a ceiling has been set up, you can proceed directly to the decor.First of all, the ceiling can be painted or poshtukaturit.Particular attention is paid in this case covering the surface.Apply a variety of spotlights or entire systems.Visually, such surfaces can look modern and space.Of course, variants of arrangement of false ceiling structures very much.

metal profiles are also often used, which are included in the list of suspended structures.The appearance of the ceiling cover - modern, and it almost has no equal among many other materials.It should be borne in mind that today there are many metal ceiling options, most of which make the ceiling looks perfect and truly reliable.

There are also many other ceiling structures, but as soon as it should be borne in mind that practically all of them complemented tiles, racks, and many other elements.Often today uses modular ceiling structures.They are used in offices, industrial buildings, as well as in educational institutions.In the living rooms of these solutions are used less frequently, but it is really practical and easy to implement the project.The most important thing - it turns out the ceiling is really smooth, beautiful, modern.Unlike drywall surfaces for the creation of which is necessary to make a lot of effort, the creation of modular ceilings - this case is quite simple, and if necessary any problematic situation associated with the surface, can be easy to fix.For sale is a huge range of ceiling tiles, which should be used for different design decisions.

greatest strength suspended structures is the fact that under the roof surface can be easily hide all the necessary communications.It's about the wires, pipes and many other facilities that often spoil the overall style of the room.Of course, on the basis of such coverage decor it turns even more versatile, since creativity and sweep nothing prevents ideas.

applying pattern - to - help - stencil

Other options Ceiling design

  • Many people do not want to use modern solutions associated with the decor, and in most cases can be encountered with the wallpaper on the ceiling.It should be borne in mind that in some cases, this option decor looks very nice, especially if the wallpaper perfectly matched to the overall style of the room.You can also opt for wallpaper with texture, and then get a very interesting effect of the surface.Options for creating decoration on the basis of just a colossal amount of wallpaper, and the most important thing in this business - it's not too serious to admit mistakes, to the surface of the ceiling was not insipid or simply inadequate space.
  • also on ceilings often are drawings.This image can be deposited the conventional brush.Most often, such work allowed the artists, who already has experience in creating patterns on surfaces.Often, these solutions are used in children's rooms, where artists create images of various characters from cartoons and fairy tales.At the same time applying the paint on the ceiling and can be very serious decisions.For example, lines of different colors are applied that are used in the interior space.