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December 12, 2017 00:14

How to choose a granite sink

Washing in the kitchen is the most useful and indispensable assistant in the household. Every day it undergoes a lot of tests: washing dishes, cleaning vegetables and fruits, defrosting products, accidental strikes with metal cutlery, contacts with household chemicals, etc. Not every material will withstand such extreme conditions, so the choice of washing should be approached thoroughly. Granite has always been considered one of the most reliable and durable materials. Traditionally it was used in the construction of walls, stairs and floor coverings, then granite countertops appeared, and finally, a granite sink was invented. In this article, we'll talk about how to choose a granite sink for your kitchen or bathroom so that it harmoniously blends into the interior and lasts as long as possible.

Sink requirements

Before you go shopping or look at the catalogs

of Internet platforms, you should at least in general terms study the basic characteristics of kitchen sinks and the requirements theymust respond. This is a special plumbing fixture that must perform its functions flawlessly and at the same time be externally attractive throughout the life of the product.

Traditionally in the kitchen they install a metal sink, in the bathroom - porcelain. However, as practice shows, these materials are not so much perfect as it might seem at first glance. Porcelain can be painted and darken with time, dents and traces of strong detergents remain on the metal. But the natural mineral is devoid of these drawbacks, so the granite crumbs are so popular.


To understand how to choose the ideal dishwashing for a kitchen or bathroom, you need to make a clear list of requirements:

  1. Spaciousness - the kitchen sink should be maximally roomy and deep, so that you can not only rinse the plates and mugs, but also wash a large frying pan, wok or cauldron. However, do not choose too deep a sink, otherwise you will have to constantly bend and strain your back, hands, shoulders. The optimal depth, according to experts, is 180-220 mm. Size determines not only personal desires, but also the size of the kitchen itself. So, for a small room a small sink for 1 cup is suitable, and for a spacious kitchen you can choose the corresponding model for 2-3 bowls. They can be arranged along one line or at an angle. The corner granite sink will allow to use more useful area and save space.
  2. Temperature resistance - the shell material must withstand sudden temperature changes, for example, if you drained hot water and immediately turned on the cold water.
  3. Shock resistance - in the kitchen often there are various minor troubles: cutlery, dishes break, slides from wet hands frying panes, etc. That is why it is necessary to pay special attention to the ability of the shell to withstand mechanical influences. Granite itself is distinguished by its high strength, but this only applies to natural stone. If you need a cheaper option, you can see porcelain stoneware products with anti-shock properties, for example, granite sinks longran.
  4. Resistance to chemicals - washing should always be clean, and household chemicals help maintain cleanliness. With regular processing, the surface must retain its structure and initial appearance.
  5. From here follows the following requirement - simple maintenance. Since washing is recommended to clean after each use, it should not quickly become dirty so that you only need a couple of moves with a rag.
  6. The design of the sink determines the interior of the kitchen, so you should choose the plumbing after you have completed the repair. In this case, it is necessary to take into account not only the color characteristics, but also the geometry of the product and its material. Fortunately, granite sinks are suitable for almost any style and are presented in the widest range.
  7. Price - the price of a granite sink, even with the most simple design, is usually higher than that of porcelain or metal products, but this only once again speaks about reliability, durability and quality. If you are offered a product made of natural granite at a "ridiculous" price, you are likely to be deceived.

Helpful Hint: When choosing a sink, determine in advance the type of mixer. It is best to order all the components from one manufacturer, so that they are combined in style. The installation of a new kitchen sink enables the installation of a food waste shredder. This device has long been used in the West, but in our latitudes it is still a novelty. Meanwhile, this little thing can greatly simplify the management of the economy and reduce the number of household garbage several times - all skins from vegetables, scraps and organic debris will not go to the bucket, but to be ground and washed into the sewer.

Form of granite sink

Kitchen granite sinks can have completely different shapes. Traditional rectangular or square products are cheaper than others, they are easier to install and pick up in accordance with the kitchen set. Also popular are round granite sinks, but sometimes in shops you can find products of the most bizarre forms.

Choose the shape of the future cleaning should be based on considerations of comfortable use and practicality. For example, round and oval sinks are often more spacious than rectangular and triangular sinks. By the way, and water from such a tank goes into the drain much faster, because it does not interfere with the corners.


Comfortable and functional kitchen sink should have at least two bowls. Of course, in many cases, the square of the kitchen does not allow you to "sweep", and you have to limit yourself to a small container for 1 cup. However, if possible, do not hesitate and choose a sink from 2 or even 3 bowls. Thus, you can simultaneously do several things, for example, to defrost food in one bowl, wash dishes in another, and the third will be able to use other members of the family, helping to prepare dinner. Of course, a one-hour wash is easier and faster to wash, but its functionality is severely limited.


  1. Polygran-M and Granfest are the leading companies in the production of composite sinks in the domestic market. Worthy popularity, thanks to the production of budget and medium-price models. Also in the range there are exclusive models of integrated washers for any interior. The most inexpensive granite sinks granfest cost about 3 thousand rubles, which is quite comparable with the metal products of the middle price class.
  2. Omoikiri is a Japanese company that offers stylish washers made from natural stone. A distinctive feature is the sophisticated design and unsurpassed quality of the products. The most inexpensive granite sink Omoikiri will cost 1 thousand euros, however together with a unique luxury item the buyer receives 15 years of guarantee and free service of the company.
  3. Blanco - one of the largest producers of sinks from stone agglomerate. German granite sinks blanko are made of a special material called siligranite, consisting of 80% of fine granite chips. The rest are ceramic balls, binding polymers, pigments and special dirt-repellent components. The price for granite sinks blanco start from 9-10 thousand rubles. The products are remarkable not only for their durability and durability, but also for a well-thought-out system of accessories and technical innovations, for example, autos.
  4. Franke is another German manufacturer on our list. Granite sinks Frankish are made of a specially developed and patented material of franganite, which includes high-quality components that ensure maximum strength and reliability of the structure. It is worth mentioning separately the use of a special pigmentation technology of granite itself, while other manufacturers do not paint a crumb, but a binder polymer substance. As a result, Franke granite sinks are characterized by stability and color saturation. The video below demonstrates the high stability of granite franke sinks to the effects of household chemicals and various coloring products( sauces, coffee, wine, etc.).
  5. Plados - Italian firm for the production of sinks from composite and agglomerate. The peculiarity of the products is that in the production process a powerful antibacterial component of Triclosan is added to the formulation.
  6. Schock is another German manufacturer whose agglomerate sinks are in great demand in the domestic and world markets. As in the case of Plados products, popularity is explained by the use of the strongest anti-bacterial Pro Clean component. In addition, granite sinks schock treated with special substances to ensure the resistance of the material to the effects of coloring and chemicals.
  7. Weissgauff is a German manufacturer of agglomerate plumbing products. The popularity of impeccable quality of products and loyal price policy deserved popularity - the prices for car washes start from 5 thousand rubles.
  8. Elleci - Italian sinks, appeared on the Russian market relatively recently, but immediately attracted attention. The materials used for production are treated with antibacterial and hardening compositions, resulting in long-lasting and safe products. When painting, the technology of ceramicization is applied, which significantly improves the stability of the sinks to thermal effects. In addition, the composition adds a metal crumb, giving an attractive shine and individual style.
  9. Longran is a British manufacturer of medium and high-grade ceramic granite sinks. A special manufacturing technology creates a densified outer layer, resistant to any mechanical damage, including scratches, chips and bumps. Also it is necessary to note refinement and characteristic strictness of English granite sinks longran.
  10. Marmorin is a Polish manufacturer of inexpensive and stylish washers and sinks. Products with antibacterial "silver" coating from the company BioCote, preventing the development of bacteria, mold and fungus. Granite sinks Marmorin differ refined style, are equipped with secret drain holes and are very convenient to use, which has earned popularity throughout Europe.
  11. Teka - another German company completes the "parade" of the best manufacturers. A distinctive feature of granite sinks is the use of quartzite - the hardest component of natural granite. As a result, the products boast extraordinary strength and durability. It is also convenient that according to the model range, stylish accessories and accessories can be selected for each sink.

Installing a granite sink

Depending on the shape and configuration of products, several ways of installing them are distinguished. Sinks can be embedded or overhead. The first, as you can guess from the name, "cut" into the countertop, installing them in a previously made hole. Usually such an installation is carried out for monolithic long countertops. Fastening can be carried out at different levels: under the table top, just above its surface or level with it. The choice of location is influenced by the technical features of the model, the material of the countertop and your personal preferences.


As for overhead sinks, they are simply applied to the appropriate furniture, like a lid. As the base use special floor stands, which replace the table tops, as in the previous case. This method of installation is more suitable for compound kitchen sets, folded from individual modular cabinets.

Overview of

manufacturers Before proceeding to a direct overview of the most popular sink manufacturers, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with one classification that will facilitate the selection.

So, all the washers can be conditionally divided into 4 types according to the material from which they are made:

  1. Natural stone - products made of natural granite, onyx or marble, covered with protective transparent materials, extending the service life and facilitating care. Because of the high cost of raw mineral raw materials and the complexity of its processing, the prices of natural granite sinks may seem greatly overestimated, but they are justified by impeccable quality and almost infinite service life. These are exclusive products with a unique surface pattern that can be safely attributed to luxury items.
  2. Porcelain tiles - this material has become widely known thanks to the mass production of Italian floor and wall tiles. Ceramic granite is remarkable in that it consists only of natural components: quartz sand and clay, and the color is given to it by various metal oxides. The mixture is subjected to high-temperature processing, as a result of which it is baked and becomes incredibly durable.
    porcelain stoneware-like-natural-stone
  3. Artificial stone - usually such car washes are called acrylic, composite or made of cast marble. Most of the composition of the material falls on mineral natural fillers, acrylic resins serve as a binding agent, color is given by coloring pigments. An artificial stone is as durable and durable as a natural stone, but it also weighs less and costs less than it deserves its popularity.
  4. Stone agglomerate - such products are the result of a successful combination of characteristics of natural and synthetic materials. In the agglomerate is present from 70 to 95% of natural stone crumb( marble, quartz or granite), and as a binder used polymer resins. The most expensive are marble agglomerate sinks, but granite and quartz are characterized by faultless performance characteristics.

Popular manufacturers:

The choice of granite kitchen sinks should be approached with all due care so that after a couple of years again, do not ask the same question. A quality product will last you at least a dozen years and during this time will fully pay its cost.