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December 12, 2017 00:14

Bath made ​​of artificial stone : Photo Ideas

Every year the artificial stone is becoming increasingly popular in modern construction and design.This is not unusual, because for many years there is a tendency in which the emphasis is placed on non-natural materials and products created by the type of natural


  • Features baths made of artificial stone
  • main advantages of baths ofartificial stone
  • Disadvantages baths made of artificial stone
  • Bath made of artificial stone and existing interior
  • repair bath of artificial stone

interior Designers almost always say that the artificial stone - it is the best option for upgrading any room and space.Even the coarse material may be the best way to fit into the existing conditions.In addition, should pay attention to the fact that the stone - a durable material that will not break or even warp.Ultimately, if the owners have opted for this kind of material, we can only rely on positive reviews and emotions.

It should be borne in mind that the artificial stone can have a wide variety of

characteristics, which are very important for the residents of private homes and apartment buildings.Surprisingly, in recent years an artificial stone is used as a basis for creating baths.

In this article, we analyze the main points related to the choice of artificial stone bath.Fortunately, designers create hundreds of different options baths, which use artificial material.All these developments are available to all people who want to transform the bathroom.


Features baths made of artificial stone

Immediately it should be borne in mind that the bath of artificial stone are quite cheap pleasure.Most often buy such products can afford only people with high income.

For example, a bath of liquid marble on average costs about 23 thousand rubles.Accordingly, the people for whom the bathroom only element necessary for water treatment, will become the most simple metal bath.

Speaking directly to the bath made of artificial stone, it is necessary to take into account the fact that this element is often performs a decorative function.If the whole bathroom has a certain style, you need to clearly present the above elements.

According to experts, the bath of non-natural stone have been actively used even 20 years ago, but then it was incredibly prestigious element of the home, despite the fact that often the size of a bath rather modest.

main advantages of artificial stone bathtubs

When we started talking about the baths made of artificial stone, you should first pay attention to the strengths of the product.Often, all the aspects listed below apply to most products available on the market:

  • pleasant appearance.Often, manufacturers have resorted to a truly unique technology that allows to create from the available resources is really a wonderful bath.In the case of artificial stone, we get a stunning view of the surfaces, so it is possible the best way to enter the bath in one or the other design houses.Most often, the owners, who create a unique interior, pre-choose a bath, and on the basis of available resources equip the room.
  • Terminations performance.It is known that most of the baths that are based on artificial stone, have a low thermal conductivity.This suggests that over time the water in the tub will remain warm.This is a significant advantage compared to classic bath of metal.
  • ideal surface.Most bathtubs made on the basis of artificial stone, different antibacterial surfaces.Moreover, the structure of the material has an antibacterial layer, so you can be sure there are no cracks and porosity.This is a significant advantage compared with the natural stone, which is a basis for the bath is not the best one.
  • Easy to repair.Unfortunately, any bathroom can significantly damaged in certain circumstances.We also need to be sure that all of the problem areas, you can easily hide.This bath of artificial stone easier to just give in repair activities.Restore the initial appearance of this product is quite simple, but still need to bring to this business professionals.
  • high load.Due to the fact that the bath is made of artificial stone, it is able to withstand relatively high loads.This is very important if the person has a lot of weight.In addition, the bath will also be difficult to be damaged by accidental circumstances.Often, professionals who are engaged in the production and sale of such baths, claim that these products are often resistant to the active substances.It's really important, given that modern household chemicals has many questionable additives.
  • Soundproofing.Maybe for someone this factor will have a lot of weight, but the water in a bath really recruited almost silently.


Disadvantages baths made of artificial stone

Of course, there were here and without annoying drawbacks to be aware of in the first place.Of course, the benefits from the baths of artificial stone much more, and it must be remembered.

  • high cost.As already mentioned, the bath made of artificial stone - it is a very expensive product, which is often sold in large parts of the house.
  • protective coating.In many baths, which are based on artificial stone, there may be no protective coating.Accordingly, without this surface layer can absorb various substances.In the end, it may appear different spots that will not display using household chemicals.Moreover, the problem may be much more serious and, therefore, the question of the protective coating must be approached responsibly.
  • fragile surface.Despite the relatively high strength of the artificial stone, it is quite possible damage.Thus, the bumps is likely emergence of chips.Fortunately, the cracks in such situations almost never happens, which is very pleasing.It formed even if some damage, it can restore the surface.
  • changes color bath.During the operation period, artificial stone may be slightly change its color.Most often, a white stone gradually turn yellow, and it will not turn out anything.It is best to opt for dark colors that look best way within the bathroom.

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Bath made of artificial stone and existing interior

On sale you can find a wide variety of configurations bath.Oval, rectangular, round, many-sided - all of these baths can perfectly fit into one or another of the interior design.In addition, the baths can be equipped with different sides, and ultimately everything should relate directly to the comfort and beauty of the bathroom elements.

  • very popular bath of artificial marble.All thanks to the appearance of the material, as it perfectly fits in almost any interior.Often, marble bath transposes a composition of black and white colors.The walls in this bathroom can be gray, white or black.In any case, this space is uniquely attractive.
  • should be noted that most people opt for the easiest options baths.It's about a white artificial stone, which looks like a classic metal container for water treatment.Accordingly, such a bath will fit into any decor, but will still stand out because of their unusual shapes.
  • The most common bathroom is a space for those who want to relax and have fun.Accordingly, the colors in the bathroom must be sufficiently restrained.It is best to use some bright colors, or soothing green color.Strongly recommended to use sharp transitions.This, for example, may be a combination of red and blue colors.However, the transitions of light colors - this is the best solution.It is a combination of blue and white colors.In addition, often in bathrooms black is basic.I must say that it looks quite unusual, but the majority of people clearly like such experiments.

most difficult task to create original bathroom design - a combination of the appearance of the bathtub and wall.In some cases, this problem also joins the floor.Unfortunately, not always possible to find a tile with the same color scheme as that of the bath.the problem should be carefully evaluated in such situations.Do not make a choice in favor of the version that has something similar with the existing color scheme, because the difference is too obvious.In this scenario, it makes sense to opt for a tile that has a uniform color surface, similar views outside bath.The best thing about such things consult with designers and specialists in DIY stores.Often you can find directories that specifies the basic details associated with a combination of color schemes.

At the same time we must bear in mind that the assumptions relating to a particular design decision, can be a real disappointment.However, there are some tips that will not be held hostage to their own lack of professionalism.We are talking about the use of ready-made designs.There in the World Wide Web just a huge number.Accordingly, you can own eyes to look at how it will look bathroom after installing a new tub and wall.Often, along with photos, you can find a full three-dimensional renderings, allowing to explore every corner of the room.You also can not ignore the numerous videos on the Internet which is, again, a tremendous amount.Some sites even allow you to create your own style with the ability to access full functionality of the finished design.I must say that in recent years these options are becoming increasingly popular.And they lose their jobs, even experienced designers who develop from scratch their projects.

becomes clear that choosing the perfect design of your bathroom is quite simple, you need only desire.Fortunately, the sale is a huge number of baths made of artificial stone, so no problem moments in selecting the best product probably will not.

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Repair of artificial stone bath

Many people who have purchased a bath made of artificial stone, wondering how is it carried out the process baths recovery.Indeed, the question is very sharp, especially if we take into account relatively high cost of such products.Fortunately, many manufacturers claim that repairs baths do not even need to involve outside experts.The owner of the home may be on their own to carry out the entire recovery process.

It should be borne in mind that a lot depends directly on from what material is en-suite, as manufacturers of such products very much, so give any unambiguous estimates of the repair is impossible.

First of all, we must remember that most repair procedures are limited to restoring the protective layer of the bath.It is from this layer depends on how long it will be possible to operate the bath at home.If we talk directly about the specifics of the restoration of the protective layer, the more often you just need to put the right part of the entire surface of the bath.If everything is done correctly, it will damage the surface of the bath is extremely difficult.On this issue, it is best to contact the manufacturer directly to the bath.