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August 12, 2017 18:06

Shower room in the house: design features , the photo idea

Every landlord tries to make the interior of his house was unusual, and at the same time functional.Therefore, preference is given to practical and comfortable piece of furniture, including wardrobes, showers and others. Many have benefited from the shower stall as compared to large-sized bathrooms.They are quite interesting to complement the interior bathrooms and thus very convenient.Then we explain how to make a shower room in a private home, and the nature of the decor of the room.


shower room in the house: the pros and cons

Shower -cabin , or tub

Most of the old houses were built on standard designs, so all the rooms in them are similar and do not differ originality.In new buildings the owners are trying to approach the arrangement of rooms with special responsibility and imagin

ation.So today often installed in bathrooms showers.They have a small size, that is their major advantage.

Shower room in a private home allows you to save the maximum useful floor space to be able to here has set such an important home decoration, like a washing machine, dryer, laundry basket, bidet and others. That is why the design variant with the installation of the shower enclosure suitable forBathroom facilities small dimensions.Moreover, today there are many ways of interior decoration shower room in a private home.Give preference to one or another variant may be allowing for the premises, for example, taking into account how the system is laid water pipes, or taking into account the views of bathrooms - combined or separate.

sometimes in homes with small bathrooms the owners break the existing walls, combining Bathing room and bathroom.Thus, the bathroom becomes bulkier, and now here it is possible to install a shower, washing machine and other home furnishings.The larger the room, the more options available for its completion.

Design and finishing a shower room in a wooden house depends on many factors, among which:

  • Area.
  • type bathrooms - separate, joint.Location
  • doors.
  • configuration of the pipeline and other

have shower stall compared to a bath there are several significant advantages:.

  1. It saves valuable floor space, making it possible to install in the bathroom all the necessary home furnishings.
  2. Easy installation.Installing a shower room in a wooden house with their own hands - a simple task, which under the force of each master.
  3. savings.If you have installed water meters, in the house, you can save considerably by installing a shower, because when taking the soul spent a lot less water than a bath visit.
  4. Many modern models are equipped with showers hydromassage system.This massage is not only relaxing properties, but also therapeutic.
  5. functionality.There are many options for using the shower stall.For example, besides the usual water flow here has a feature "Turkish bath", "aromatherapy", "old souls", the vertical and horizontal hydro-massage, and others.
  6. possible to use steam, infrared emitters.
  7. There are many options decor shower stall.For example, you can set the lighting, music, TV, etc.

showers Disadvantages:.

  1. where you can not relax and "lie" as while taking a bath.
  2. Multifunction modern models of shower enclosures have a relatively high cost.

Design Basics


order to choose a competent design bathrooms with showers should be available to visually divide the room into zones.One of them will include pieces of furniture, and the second - a bathroom and the third - just a shower stall.In order to separate one area from another uses many techniques, for example, the distribution areas of the room in color or by means of lighting.

If the bathroom has a pretty big area, then you can place a variety of decoration items - chairs, couches, closets, laundry baskets, etc. However, keep in mind that the bathroom -. It is a room with high humidity, so all the furniture is installedhere it should be made of water resistant materials.With regard to the floor covering, it must not only be manufactured from materials resistant to moisture, but also of those that exclude drop (cover-slip).

As for the colors of the bathroom with a shower, according to the designers, the best option is here:

  • Light green.
  • Light Blue.
  • Pale yellow.
  • Beige.
  • Pink.
  • Light gray.
  • Lilac.
  • White.

not be used during the design darker shades, they will make the room visually less Bathing.In addition, this room will look pretty bleak.


Most often the walls of a bathroom in which there are showers, get off the following materials:

  1. Moisture resistant drywall.
  2. Natural and artificial stone.
  3. ceramic or glass tile.
  4. plastic panels.

to visually increase the space in the bathroom mirror can be installed.Typically, they are placed on one or more walls, often above the sink.Sometimes the mirror wall trim tiles.

The ceiling in the bathroom with a shower can be coated with water-based paint, water-resistant plasterboard oblitsevat or plastic panels.For those who prefer natural materials, it can be finished with wood ceiling.But keep in mind that the material must be processed with special mixtures, preventing its deformation.

Types showers

shower -cabin - his - hands

Showers, depending on their design are:

  1. Open.The design of this cabin does not provide for a roof.The pallet is fenced by perimeter walls.
  2. closed.As the name implies, in the design of these showers present roof also has 3 (if cabin corner) or 4 walls, fencing around the perimeter of the tray.

Pallets in shower enclosures are similar to several species.Depending on their shape distinguish pallets:

  1. flat.
  2. Deep.
  3. Minor.


Depending on the manufacturing material pallets are:

  1. Cast.
  2. Acrylic.
  3. Ceramic.

today quite popular booths without pallet.They fit perfectly into the interior of the small bathrooms.In this case, the base lockers lined with the same material, which is lined and the bathroom floor.This allows you to visually expand the space of the bathroom.Sometimes comfort tenants, floors made warm.Thus, the flowing water will dry faster.Sex in such bathrooms equip a slight slope to allow easy flow of water.Constructions without the pallet will be very convenient for people with disabilities, who can easily enter the booth in a wheelchair.

As for showers with deep pan, they are similar to a lot of advantages.Thus, a large deep pan can be used as a tray for bathing the baby or as a container for washing clothes.

Options arrangement showers

shower -cabin - in-the- private - house

choosing a place to put the shower stall, vannogo estimate the size of the room.There are several ways location:

  1. Corner showers.They allow you to save the maximum usable area of ​​the bathroom.Suitable for small spaces.
  2. -standing booths.Such an arrangement is only available in a large size bath room.
  3. shower, Attached to the wall.This method is suitable for medium-sized bathrooms.

Giving preference to a particular embodiment, the location of the shower stall, remember that the most comfortable bathroom can only be done if all the home furnishings will be in harmony with each other.

Shower room with his hands

shower -cabin - his - hands - 05

Before installing the shower should be familiar with some rules:

  • Prior to mount a booth, there should be electricity, water and sewage system to the installation site.
  • All seams and the junction of the details need to be sealed.The mixture is usually dry in 20-24 hours.
  • If experience in installation works have little better to seek professional help.


Stages of installation works:

  1. drain hose leads to the sewage.The joints should be sealed.Install the gasket.Coated with a mixture of silicone compounds locations.
  2. unit for flow, is fixed with screws.
  3. proceed to the installation of the pallet.Initially, fasten the bracket to the wall.They are designed for mounting tray and usually come with a shower.
  4. Places where the pallet will be adjacent to the sewage should be carefully sealed.On plum anchoring pads.
  5. Set the pan on the previously fixed braces.Make it easy.Typically, complete with walk-in shower is a schematic instruction.
  6. on pallets set side panel.
  7. In places where the doors will be placed lockers, install guides.All seams and the junction parts should be properly sealed.
  8. Installed roof if this cabinet closed.Joints sealing.We are waiting for the complete drying of the mixture (it will take 20-24 hours).
  9. Check the operation of all electrical cabin systems (ventilation, lighting, etc..).
  10. adjust and set the level of the stall door.Attach the decorative panel.This installation work is completed.

Shower room in a wooden house: photo ideas

To arrange a bathroom with a shower, you can use the following photo ideas:

shower - in - wooden - house shower - kabiny_03 shower - on - cottage - h2gyk shower - in - dome_4 f479b786da5k nome0040 kakuyu_kupit_dushevuyu_kabinu_dlya_zagorodnogo_doma2 на-фото-представлен-закрытый-бокс-для-принятия-душа-в-доме-из-дерева ngYFOrrnNA4 vannaya_pod_derevo - 27

Shower roomin a wooden house: video