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August 12, 2017 18:06

Brass faucets in kitchen design

Overhaul in the kitchen or just a replacement of faulty equipment, it does not matter, we are faced with a difficult choice - a best buy copper kitchen faucet?


design of this important attribute in the kitchen to choose according to your taste, well, or with the help of specialists, then they will doubt if the model does not have to like.If you have already decided on a color, and you know approximately what you want to purchase, you first need to learn more about the types of kitchen plumbing.

Types kitchen plumbing

clear that the kitchen faucet is opened and closed during the day very often, even more than in the bathroom so, especially when choosing a faucet in the kitchen you need to pay attention to its quality.Do not forget about the convenience and appearance - the mixer should not stand in the kitchen and be one with the kitchen furniture.

By design mixers (whether copper or steel), a

pparently the same as the kitchen and bathroom - working principle is the same.But there are some differences - this operating conditions, as well as the purpose of this device.


Kitchen mixers can be:

  • single lever;
  • with two valves;
  • touch.

Let's take a look at each type to determine the choice and to buy quality mixer.

Thus, single-lever faucet copper color is now considered one of the most popular and sought after on the market.The intensity of the water flow and the temperature can be set flick of the wrist.By the way, not only comfortable operation as important when choosing a mixer, you should pay attention to the fact that the valves with one lever (or nose) are more economical, that is - the water consumption during operation will be less.

mixers can be of 2 types, in turn: a ceramic ball or cartridge.What does this mean?The ceramic core is more reliable, a mixer will last a long time, the flow of water is completely excluded.Ball cartridge - not the best option to buy, as will last long, and the principle of operation is as follows: inside the mixer has a hollow ball with a hole through which water is poured and mixed.The cost of this mixer is low, they are uncomfortable to use, the water flow rate - is high.

mixer with two valves - a popular option for both bathroom and kitchen.Here we must be guided by your taste, if you want to buy something modern, but that the mixer was similar to the Soviet tap from your childhood, then you should opt for this model.


external mixer is as follows: This is a 2 tap with spout, which is installed between the taps.The supply water pressure and temperature need to be adjusted independently by unscrewing the right, the left valve (hot-cold water).Despite the fact that the appearance of brass faucets look very attractive and stylish, even popular, the system of the mixer is not too popular.Why?In fact, the crane looks beautiful, lovers of style "Vintage" very pleased with this decision, only the operation of such a mixer, as practice shows, not too comfortable.If you are not often cook in the kitchen, will get a dishwasher, then you can consider buying copper mixer of this type.

Sensor faucets - choice of style fans of "high tech".Mixer contactless, ie, it has no control levers - is responsible for all actions of the electronic system.


Selection of options is extensive, you can buy a faucet with an infrared sensor, which reacts to the movement of the hand in the core.It is enough to bring the hands to the mixer, sensor triggered and pour the water from the tap.You do not need to press.Another convenient option is a non-contact mixer - independent adjustment of the water temperature and pressure.hand movement in a given direction (up or down) - the sensor is triggered, and the water flowing from the tap the desired temperature.

These mixers operate either on battery or AC 220 V. By the way, there are models that can be installed water flow duration, 20-30 seconds, turn off the water.This is great when you just need to wash your hands or a quick cup of rinse, wash the fruit.There is also a function such as protection - the water is turned off independently, if triggered shells filling sensor.

All these features are very handy in the kitchen, only the cost of the mixer is too high, so these models are not in demand among the population.

spout mixer - is it important?

If you choose faucet from copper, it is important to consider not only the interior of the kitchen, but also to think about functionality.Size "spout" or spout of the mixer and form are important not only from an aesthetic side, but also practical.According to experts, the water from the "nose" should get the exact car wash center, so the size of washing and spout must be taken into account.For example, in a small size with a small sink "spout" big wash dishes uncomfortable.Conversely, if you plan to install a double sink with a few cups, then you need to buy a pull-out faucet (spout on the hose).Then you will be convenient to fill even a bucket of water, without raising it in the sink.

hose or tube to the mixer can also be copper, hose length must not be less than 600 and not more than 1200 mm.Choose a core of a more mobile and soft materials: rubber, rubber polymers.Why is that?Because these materials will last a long time, they meet the standards of hygiene and braid of the hose can be made of textile, metal or copper.


And some more information about the convenience: the design of the nozzle (tip of the crane) is also important.Select models of mixers with a mini-watering can (for the soul) or a common aerator.Incidentally, the watering can be switched in two modes: the jet and the soul.

Copper eyeliner mixer

Which is better, the flexible hoses or copper?In terms of convenience, connecting the best and faster to connect the mixer to the water and sewer pipes with flexible hoses.To cope with this kind of work can be as little as half an hour, but what is the guarantee that the hoses will last a long time?They often occur and are easily damaged.Another thing - hard eyeliner, it is reliable and high quality, will last a long time.Just to sum up everything and connect, you will need not only a tool, but also more time.Often people do not want to mess around and wins a decision to establish an expensive copper faucet, but with cheap flexible hoses.Then you need to decide and choose the right solution - durability and reliability, or temporary connection.

When installing the mixer can be encountered with such a problem as a discrepancy supply of materials - that is, the supply may be copper, and the pipe - do not, then you need to install adapters or buy a special crane with a clamp, a collet and a corner.By the way, expensive models of mixers has already sold copper with copper soldering, so I have to just connect everything and check how the mixer is running.

faucets brass, bronze and copper - is an excellent choice for the kitchen.If you like the style of "retro", "baroque", "Empire" or prefer the classics, then you definitely will like copper faucet.

Look at these images, so can look and your kitchen:


Externally copper faucet looks very nice and stylish, so most people prefer the mixers of this precious metal.


main difference mixers copper - long life and elegance, as well as a wide choice of models.


Different spout height, adjust the temperature and water flow, high-quality coating resistant to scratches and other mechanical damage - these are the main advantages of copper faucets.