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August 12, 2017 18:06

Carbon Water Filter : Installation Guide

person for life need water and always clean.To always receive high-quality drinking water is not enough boiling.The best solution - installing water purifying devices.Popular filters, efficiently cleaning the tap and well water - a carbon filters for water purification.


  • How to clean water
  • Scope cleaning filters
  • Timely replacement filter
  • Installation of carbon filter
  • sound operation
  • carbon filters How to make charcoal filter for water with their hands

Why carbon filter?Since ancient times, people have tried to purify water from shallow impurities, debris and mud in many ways.Was most effective water treatment method using charcoal.Modern plants operate on the same principle, but not pieces of charcoal found inside the flask, and crushed activated carbon.

How to clean water

Pressed charcoal filter is in, along with crushed coal and other materials.Due to the fact that the carbon filter has a sufficiently long, the device gently and effectively cleans the incoming water fr

om contamination.If further explore the principle of water purification activated carbon filter, then it becomes clear that the cleaning device is equipped with a large and small pores.The first are able to detain large particles, and the second - do not give the smallest molecules pass through the filter.

To verify the effectiveness of the filter, pay attention to the iodine index and hardness of the material.If the hardness is insufficient, the smallest carbon particles will leak into the water and clean water to fall in our body.

main filter problem - to purify water from impurities, removing dirt, rust fight (with the water enters the reservoir), and clean water from foreign odors, remove the bad taste.And that's not all, because the carbon filter capable of retaining live microorganisms.


Unfortunately, the filters can not completely purify water from harmful bacteria, remove radioactivity, salt and reduce the concentration of metal ions.For this purpose, the station must be used and additional devices.

Scope cleaning filters

charcoal filter for water used in the home, at least - in the industry because of the large volumes of water consumed.

common form of release - in cartridges.This multilayer small block in which there are several layers of mesh material (different density) and activated charcoal.Grid retains large particles of dust and rust.These filters are suitable for home use.The industry is inappropriate to install filters because of low efficiency.For large enterprises using magnetic or electromagnetic filters with a reliable metal housing.Such devices installed in drainage systems.

Timely replacement filter

Not all consumers realize why you must change the cleaning filters.If we consider separately the flow charcoal water filter, it can be concluded that in a few months (it depends on the amount of water consumed) print cartridge needs to be replaced with new one.As soon as the water passes through the carbon filter, it is cleaned.On the grid inside the cleaning device accumulate small particles and other contamination.As a result, if a long time to change the filter, these deposits would gradually leak into the water.And finally, most importantly, when a lot of deposits and place them there, they break through the filter and enter the reservoir for treated water.The quality of such a liquid remains in doubt, water is more polluted than tap.Therefore, it is important to change the cartridge on time.


The average service life of the carbon filter - 2-3 months, but each cleaning device can have its lifetime.Therefore, if you buy a filter in the store, you get the advice of the seller.Water quality and quantity of consumption affect the timing of carbon filters work.The only thing that can be advised - this is to change the filter in a timely manner or with a slight delay of a few days.

To make it clear, we give an example: you have purchased in a store carbon filter resin and silver.It is rated at 450 liters of water (at the maximum), which is approximately 1.5-2 months of use.After 2 months, the filter cartridge must be replaced.

Installation of carbon filter

Set charcoal filter can be on their own, if familiar with these recommendations:

  1. you bought in the store as a compact filter jug.How to insert a filter, can be found in the instructions.Look at this image.You see, what's inside the filter.First you need to release the cartridge from the packaging.Then lift the receiver compartment or hopper and screw it into the cleaning device.Then you need to insert the hopper with the toner cartridge into the second compartment.Everyone can check how the filter works.In order to obtain purified water, water must pass through the filter several times.During this time, the filter will pass the degree of purification.Pour water into the tank from the tap and close the lid.Wait until the water will pass filtering.Clean water can pour through an opening (indicated by numeral in Figure 5).Repeat several times, then you can drink the water.Make sure that the tape was constantly in the water.


  1. If installing a simple cleaning of the filter clear, then put the carbon filter on the faucet so will be a little harder.You bought a filter that should be put on the tap.You must decide at once, what thread at the tap: inner or outer.If normal, this facilitates the task.It comes with a spare filter cartridge.You need to collect the filter and screw it to the tap.
  2. Box filter on the sink.This single-stage activated carbon filter, which requires not only the right to assemble, but also to connect.To get clean water, you need to install the filter itself next to the sink and connect it to the mixer by means of an adapter (this diverter).He always will be connected to the filter and ready to go at any time of the day.Adaptor switches the water in 2 directions: the water is drained into a sink or passes through the filter (passing through a separate hose) and enters the receiving tank.If you purchased a model without diverter, then you have to constantly connect the nozzle to the nozzle when it is necessary to filter the water.If you have an old mixer, just enough to put the handset on the tap and fix the rubber washer.If you have a modern filter, then you may need an additional adapter.

filter device:


Wiring diagram:


  1. Installing the main coal water filter under the sink.Install stationary filter under the sink and you need to bring a separate faucet on the sink to release the treated water.Carbon filters can be 2-, 3- and 4-speed.Pay attention to this scheme in order to understand how the devices work, and charcoal filter.


And now dwell, and together perform the installation of the filter:

  1. First you need to prepare everything necessary, discuss with all members of the family in what place better to put the filter and try on it in a niche under the sink: Well if he's fit andwhether handy replacement cartridges.If everything is OK, you can start training.
  2. You will need tape to seal the joints and tools.
  3. mark the place for the new crane and calculate length of hose for drinking water.
  4. Attention!It is important before starting to block the water.
  5. Do not confuse: tap, water shut-off, you need to put in front of the filter!
  6. Install faucet for pure water and run hoses to the filter.
  7. Now you can cut off the water and drain off the leftovers.Hoses detach and attach to the fastening point of the pipe to the water mains adapter.
  8. hose (reinforced) can be put into place.
  9. perekryvayushy Install faucet.
  10. You can then take the filter assembly, if you bought it in a disassembled form.The bundle has everything you need.Check the caps and stoppers, they can be removed.
  11. Inside the main building there are filters, you need to connect with a hose valve and a filter adapter.At the outlet, attach the crane to clean water.
  12. That's all, you can check the filter.To do this, open water and immediately look carefully, if there were a leak at the connection hoses with the adapter, as well as output and input, it is necessary once again to tighten all (you can roll up the tape) and check seals.
  13. Open the faucet for purified water and wait.The system will be filled approximately 5 minutes.No need to be afraid of, if the water is cloudy.The system is washed and, after a couple of minutes to come out of her air, clean water flows.


sound operation charcoal filters

To extend the life of the filter, you must adhere to these rules:

  • water pressure in the system shall not exceed 8 atmospheres;
  • if you connect through a filter system of hot water, then this water can not drink.Filter quickly fail;
  • prohibit the fitting of cleaning devices near heat sources;
  • distance between the filter and heater - from 2 meters;
  • regularly check the drain hole to contaminated liquid came out and came back to clean water;
  • if tap water often is treated with chlorine, the carbon filter can neutralize it;
  • if the water comes from sources deep (wells), the carbon filter is not capable to cope with this water cleaning.

How to make charcoal filter for water with their hands

For a family of several people can make their own filter, and without significant cost.For the construction of cleaning the water container you can use the means at hand, such as a bottle.


So, we need to work:

  • plastic bottle for 5 liters;
  • bucket (made of plastic with a lid) or jar;
  • napkins;
  • fabric "Lutrasil";
  • wool;
  • charcoal;
  • file or sandpaper;
  • electric with thin drills;
  • sharp knife.

to construct a filter yourself:

  1. screw cap from the bottle and in the center of the circle outline the marker, it must be of the same diameter on the inside of a neck and the same as the thread.
  2. drilled hole drill (using a fine drill bit), and then you can continue to cut a hole with a sharp knife hand.
  3. sharp edges smoothed with a file or sandpaper.
  4. turns the bottle and cut off the bottom of a sharp knife.
  5. bottle is inverted and inserted into the hole.It should get a funnel.It
  6. put folded in several layers of cloth, paper and cotton cloth, and then pour charcoal and again laid layer of filtration material.
  7. We put the bottle in a bucket or glass bottle and fill with water.The water can take any, from the tap, from wells or wells.
  8. After a few minutes, when the water passes through a homemade filter bucket is full.First Strait should be emptied as we cleanse the carbon filter.You yourself want to do it, because to see that the water from the filter comes out muddy.Fill the new water again and wait, it will already be clean and fit for use.

Charcoal can be bought at the store or do it yourself.To do this you need birch logs.Do not use pine because it contains resin.Put the wood in a metal container and light.Wait until the burn through wood, black coal will remain - that is charcoal.It is necessary to wait until it cools down, crushed and used for its intended purpose.