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August 12, 2017 18:06

Repair of metal doors with their hands

door - such an arrangement is that, in most cases, is rarely found in the static state.In places frequented it quite intensively exploited.Therefore, sooner or later there comes a time when even the highest quality door constructions require repair.
If you need urgent and complex repairs, it is best to consult a specialist company.A few things you can fix on their own and without the involvement of specialists from the side.

main defects that are typical for metal doors and troubleshooting

To begin with, you should study the most frequently occurring situations entailing repair of metal doors.
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skewed door design

  • door scratching the floor
  • Disturbed snug fit of the door leaf to the box
  • Reduced noise and heat insulation
  1. massive metaldoor. Heavy doors clad steel have a huge impact on any, even the most robust, hinges.Sometimes, the repair of a metal door in the apartment manages to finish at the stage of pulling loops, tightening the screws loosened.If the deformed loop, the repair of metal doors with his hands extremely complicated.In such a situation we can only recommend to dismantle the old hinges, replacing them serviceable.door
  2. Wear loops, was the result of a long operation.If it is not a welded mounts, the output is identical to the previous - the replacement of the deformed hinge.Choose only durable quality products that are ideally suited for a specific model of doors.1
  3. Deformation door box.Elimination of this problem is possible if to drive a wedge under the base of the door structure.


It so happens that the clear door deformation is not observed, and cover tightly doorway fails.Then, most likely, it is time to replace the rubber seal.Difficulties such an operation is not.

Corrosive change

most often a defect occurs in the lower part of the doors.Get rid of the rust is difficult.To repair the input metal doors need to work hard and perform certain actions:
  1. Before repair work, remove the seals, decorative items and fittings, free the affected area.
  2. wielding a stiff brush, remove the swollen paint and a rusty patina.
  3. Clean the door surface with sandpaper or a sander.
  4. Treat the wound site, degrease with a solvent.
  5. Align the deformed sections, using special road fillings.
  6. Sand corrected by the place.Seek the perfect plane.
  7. Apply a coat of spray primer.
  8. It's time for the primary painting.
  9. If the paint is laid unevenly abrade roughness.Now paint the
  10. again.
  11. Allow the paint to dry.
  12. Replace the pen, seal, etc..

Broken furniture

At the root of this problem, as a rule, is an attempt to save money on buying products of dubious quality.These hardware components are easily damaged.What can I do?Replace spoiled item for a new one, is now paying more attention to quality.

damaged decorative cover leaf

Before proceeding to the measures for the restoration of the outer decorative covering, should assess the degree of damage.And, already relying on the findings, you can decide whether full or partial repair to do.Sometimes, it is easier and cheaper in a simple way to remove the spoiled cover and decorate the door leaf again.What are my options here?

Types of decorative finishes

  1. painting. easiest option, but it is not very popular today, in view of the emergence of new, more aesthetic finish methods.
  2. vinyl leather trim. quite inexpensive and, at the same time, beautiful decor.Due to the wide range of textures and colors, the material has become quite popular among people with average income.The advantage of this finish can be considered as an additional sound and heat insulation, which provides a layer of foam rubber between the metal blade and the coating.Negatives - lack of strength vinyl leather.If there is a cat that loves to sharpen claws, such a finish you do not fit.1289005
  3. trim laminate. This finish is much stronger than the previous one, but a bit expensive.This door is easy to clean and has a presentable appearance, thanks to the texture imitating natural wood.The diversity represented in the sale of the material allows you to make a door decoration element, in harmony with the surrounding decor.otdelka_laminat
  4. application of powder coating. The coating is resistant to mechanical damage and corrosive atmospheric conditions.However, repair of metal doors (or rather cover them) with his own hands does not succeed.Sprayed surface with a polymer and a metal powder subjected to heat treatment under specific conditions.The protective layer is obtained from the molten powder.

    door - entry - 119726b

    doors powder coated.

  5. Linings MDF plates. This is one of the most expensive ways of door finishes, giving, however, an excellent result.You get a clean, durable, wear-resistant coating, which was very easy to care for.And the door at the same time looks great.Cabin - dverey_2
  6. Decorating the tree. This type of finish is very expensive, most often found in high-end mansions.After coated door made of solid wood solid, carved, should become a logical continuation of the luxurious furnishings of the house.


Broken lock

In the event of such a situation, do not think of anything better to replace broken mechanism.Cheap locks have a small lifetime, jammed in use and often break down.Well proven locking systems, which are equipped with doors Forpost, so if you started a repair, do not skimp.
Barrier - 4 on the door Outpost .
If the lock just cranky, it testifies to the broken holes, in which screws are screwed.
  1. Remove the screws.
  2. put holes in small wooden pieces (can be a match).
  3. tighten the screws again.

creaking door

quite common case.Algorithm to eliminate it:
  1. Lift slightly the door leaf.
  2. Lubricate hinges with machine oil.You can also resolve this problem by putting a gap in the loop a piece of pencil shaft (graphite).
  3. evenly distribute lubricant to the contacting surfaces.To do this a couple of times, open-close doors.
  4. Bring the door to its original position.

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By following these tips, you will be able to cope with some faults.If the tips do not help, then, alas, it is necessary to invite specialists.