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August 12, 2017 18:06

Installation on the door linings

door leading into the living room, is its "face", calling card, and creates an initial impression of him.Its main mission is to protect tenants from illegal entry into their territory.But at the same time it should not stand out from the common room styles, break the harmonious atmosphere.To avoid stylistic inconsistencies, you can take advantage of special decorative plates on the door.


What functions are performed on the door linings?

strip doors are very different in terms of design and material point of view from which they are made, but they are all united by a common purpose:

  • protective function.Covers protect the surface of the door of various kinds of mechanical damage - shocks, scratches, etc.
  • decorative function.With overlays, you can update old door design give it a gloss or make appropriate under the ne
    w interior.
  • savings.If the funds for repairs are limited, you can save on the purchase and installation of new doors, simply decorated with old plates.


Additional advantages that door, decorated plates:

  • resistance to vandalism or unauthorized access;
  • refractory properties of some materials;
  • protection from extraneous noise;
  • heat retention inside the room;
  • opportunity to decorate to your taste just bought a metal door.

materials of which is made lining, their strengths and weaknesses

There are several basic types of door linings for facing the door from the inside and the outside:

  • plastic lining on the door or MDF with a plastic coating.Plastic - it is durable and lightweight material that does not require complex care, and not amenable to mechanical stress.Covers of this material increases the door resistance to wear and along with it are very practical;
  • veneered MDF moldings on the doors.Lining of the material is strong, reliable, moisture resistant, safe for human health and the environment, asnot emits no harmful substances.Because of these qualities MDF lining on the metal doors for many years are not abate demand;

742 748 MDF

  • metal plates on the door to the room is very simple.For their installation does not need a sophisticated tool.metal panels, if not will save the door from breaking, it just as difficult as possible for criminals this task.They are more protective overlays on the door than decorative;
  • lining of the laminate.They are cheaper analogue linings from MDF.In fact, it is a thin board consisting of several layers of chips and pressed paper;
  • pads made of solid wood.This material is the most expensive of all the above.It looks very impressive because of the possibility of combining it with a mirror, glass or wrought iron elements.

Plastic plates have the following positive effects:

  • they are less than the wood of various types of mechanical damage;
  • a wide range of various colors can combine them with a variety of design solutions;
  • plastic is not afraid of changes in temperature, sunlight, moisture, adverse weather conditions;
  • hardly prone to burning;
  • resistant to household chemicals, even one that contains elements of the abrasive;
  • with all the obvious advantages of plastic moldings on the door, the price is relatively low;
  • plastic coating has a high strength, and therefore it can be used even in areas such as child care centers, public places, places of Pet, chemical laboratories and warehouses where various substances are stored.

pads of the material can withstand the conditions under which other types of simply collapse.In this serious shortcomings have been observed.

veneered MDF trim appearance and color mimic the natural wood.Typically, they are used if you wish to upgrade and beautify the front door and do not spend a lot of money.The positive qualities of MDF linings:

  • made from environmentally friendly material;
  • appearance beauty resembles natural wood, but surpasses it in terms of functionality;
  • processed so as to survive when exposed to moisture and temperature jumps;
  • opportunity through a wide range of various colors and textures to show imagination when you make doors;
  • is not a breeding ground for microorganisms and mold.

2-16192-2-17352 - entrance - door - with - MDF - plate - smile

But despite all the advantages of the material has some drawbacks:

  • sensitive to mechanical damage, making inappropriate facing the street door;
  • can deteriorate under the influence of chemical and abrasive substances;
  • sensitive to UV radiation;
  • from time to time needs to be painted;
  • can deteriorate when exposed to moisture.

From this material it makes sense to make moldings on the door, the front of the entrance into the living room, but not from the street to the entrance.

laminated plates have advantages such as:

  • resistance to wear;
  • good sound insulation;
  • does not fade with time;
  • easy to clean, easy to care;
  • has a large palette of colors.

This material also has disadvantages:

  • is not the best option facing the front door due to lack of need for this performance;
  • under the influence of humidity can swell and crack;
  • afraid thermocline;
  • can only have a smooth surface without the possibility of drawing.


This type of doors because of its simplicity and low cost of the most suitable for installation in the office.

coatings made of natural wood could be considered the following advantages:

  • visual appeal and nobility;
  • a wide variety of natural colors;
  • stability of solid fuels to damage, sunlight, dampness effect;
  • processing capability antifungal impregnation;
  • ecology.

By cons include such properties:

  • main function - giving beautiful view;
  • high price;
  • on temperature jumps reacts cracking;
  • require periodic painting or varnishing;
  • can burn in the sun.

Material of this type is designed for luxury homes and luxury leisure facilities.Rather, they emphasize the status of its owner, than are some functional load.

How is the installation of overlays on a door

consider the installation process in the door linings MDF example.To accomplish this task requires the following tools and materials:

  • MDF panels;
  • degreaser;
  • hammer;
  • drill;
  • screwdriver;
  • screws.

Before you start the installation you need to think about the fact that with the door linings become much thicker and it will lead to the inevitable replacement of locks and handles.


The installation pad consists of several stages:

  • preparatory work.In preparation for the installation should be clean and degrease the surface of the door, which will be mounted panel.It is also necessary to paint it or pasted vinyl film.All these actions have a positive impact on the coupling doors and linings;
  • then you can start assembling the door linings.To fasten them with screws needed around the perimeter of blade hole drilled approximately ten centimeters apart.
  • first pad is installed inside, and then outside, while the inside of the cap fasteners are hidden under the outer panel.If the door opens into the room, the pads need to strengthen in the reverse order.To fix them as much as possible to more reliably can be in addition to the self-tapping screws to use a special glue;
  • the last stage should be set locks.Upon completion of the door can be set in the opening.