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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to install and insulate the door to the bath

In winter especially important is the issue of conservation of heat in the bath.Winter cold air tends to penetrate into the dressing room, at the bottom of the door travel along the floor.This is not only unpleasant and uncomfortable, but also steamed after the pair runs the risk of severely ill people.


  • Warming door to the bath
  • Installation of doors in the bath
  • Thermal curtains for insulation door baths
  • Production of a two-compartment door to the bath

Assemble and install the door in the baththat will reliably protect the room from the frosty air is quite simple.Reliable thermally insulated door decide to issue drafts, and fabricate and install a door in the bath can be yourself.

Warming door to the bath


  1. For the manufacture of doors for the bath, usually use a soft plastic and softwood.The most commonly used spruce and pine.Less common cedar and fir.There are also hardwood - oak, alder, linden or osina.Eti breed well in humid conditions and with the right manufactu
    ring should last long enough.
  2. for doors need only a few boards.Traditionally, to keep warm, the door to the bath rooms are made low and narrow.The door of the bath is usually opened to the outside.
  3. Very often, there is a problem with frost, which occurs in places of contiguity door to the box.Froze - wedged door, prevents frost and dense abutting the door leaf to the box.
  4. problem persists simple.On the perimeter of the door jams wooden block or plank, serving out to 15x20 mm.It has the same thickness of insulation.Planck obbivat felt, and the free space inside the formed box filled with insulation.
  5. Insulation for doors chosen taking into account the increased humidity.It is suitable polystyrene foam, mineral wool and other non-putrescible materials.
  6. then Insulated surface can sew plywood, hardboard or other suitable for such purposes polotnom.V such as the front door is tightly adjacent to the door frame and reliably block access to cold air.

Installation of doors in the bath

wooden - doors - for - bath

  1. The wooden house doors baths used standard installation method using okosyachki and application logs on the ridges and grooves in obsade.This method eliminates the misalignment, if frame will shrink.
  2. okosyachki to perform - in the end the ends of the logs are cut grooves along the perimeter of the door opening section of 50x50 mm.Side carriages made at the height of the door.The upper is made of crossbar okosyachki board 50H150 mm.
  3. After installing and fixing nails, cracks are sealed with foam.After drying the foam to the sidewall okosyachki fastened with screws and hinges hinged door.

Thermal insulation curtain for the door baths

Bath - door

  1. must-have for the conservation of heat in the thermal bath is blind.The canopy of the dense and soft tissue in the dressing room - an old and tested metod.Pri conventional size bathhouse door 80H180 cm otrez selected fabrics for the screen, which in finished form will be 120x200 cm For the canopy, you can choose a tarp, leatherette, thin felt or other suitable fabric..
  2. On the one hand the vertical part of the canopy, which is located opposite the hinge jamb part - is flashing under a piece of wood 2x2 cm opposite side curtains pressed against the rack to the hinge part and nailed with small nails..
  3. upper side of the canopy is sewn and attached to it 8 - 10 rings.In the upper part of the door trim or the string is pulled.
  4. the inner side of the door leaf can also be warm.From timber frame or rack gets off the circuit size of bath door.In the frame overlap with the insulation pulled so that the bars were completely wrapped insulation cloth.
  5. On the door itself is glued or insulation stuffed all pressed frame.The frame is fixed by using long screws in increments of 10 - 15 cm.

Production of a two-compartment door to the bath

Warming - foam - 743x1024

  1. For such doors fit 15 - 20 cm board, moisture resistant chipboard or 10 cm plywood.It will take, and insulation.Suitable polystyrene, basalt slab, mineral wool, padding polyester batting or any other suitable material for this purpose.
  2. from a bar section 3x3 cm cobble together two identical door frame.The angles are fixed scaffolds studded way, and the two are set on a plane - three stiffeners.
  3. In the final size skeletons of plywood or particle board cut three waterproof fabric.Allowed the production of medium-sized intermediate web of composite scrap material.Facial outer and inner sheets are made of solid fabric.
  4. Prefab frames and door leaves for a two-chamber door, it is desirable to impregnate antiseptic for wood, open natural linseed oil (can be hot for better absorption) and paint over oil paint on both sides.
  5. For aesthetic reasons, facial exterior and interior sheets of the door leaf can cover a promo and two - three layers of waterproof varnish.
  6. The first sheet is fastened with screws short chassis frame.The resulting cells are filled with insulation, which sits on the glue.It is important to minimize the width of the gaps between the insulation and frame.Small gaps caulk a tow and wider you can blow out the foam.Next
  7. small nails or screws installed interim list, followed by the second frame.The process is repeated in the same order.In several places along the perimeter of the center and along the edges of rigidity are not drilled through-holes with a thin drill and long wood screws are tightened, both the frame on both sides.

insulation , doors - their - hands

End of the processed planes, sandpaper, screwed awnings and pen.Two-chamber door for a bath hung on the jamb and is aligned to the standards.