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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to build and install the door frame

From proper assembly and installation of the door frame varies a lot.Distortions and gaps may result in loosening, jamming or other problems with the door, remove that later will be difficult.


Doorbox must be properly adapted to the door hung perfectly exhibited by the horizontal and vertical levels, as well as firmly anchored in the doorway.Besides additional sealing is carried out during installation of the door frame in order to eliminate drafts and atmospheric effects on the wooden door.

kinds of wooden door frames for the house


  1. Wooden boxes for doorways are manufactured separately or bundled with the LEAF - blocks.Doorframes parameters depend on the width and height of the openings and doors.According to the width of the doors are divided into single and double.
  2. Closed boxes doors are made up of four bars wit
    h doorsteps drawn in the correct box.Unclosed - consist of three bars, with no threshold.Such boxes are installed, as a rule, in the domestic interior doorways.

Chemical workpieces

  1. To box stood for a long time, it is necessary to process antiseptic.After drying, the bars are covered in two - three layers of varnish.It is advisable to use natural linseed oil.Better warmed, so it is absorbed deeper and dries faster.Apply the varnish can be conventional brush.
  2. Under Saddle fit roofing material, but rather rubimast in two or three layers.If the door outside, in order to prevent wood rot and mold - a wooden door frame obbivat roofing material around the perimeter.

Building wooden boxes doors


  1. height of the side uprights for rebated ledges should be equal to the height of the door.The standard height of the door leaf - 200 mm.Add 2 - 3 mm clearance between the pommel and the base of the door leaf.
  2. In that case, if you plan threshold, the lower side, add another 3mm tolerance.Without the nut, the gap is up to 1 cm in order to prevent precipitation in the case of the rubbing.
  3. doorframe going on the floor in a horizontal position.Mounting corners made screws for wood, and the best furniture SCREW, pre-drilled out under their hole diameter.The tolerance for standard installation of SCREW at 2 to 3 mm smaller than the diameter of the screw.
  4. In the supine position, the wooden door frame is applied directly to the door leaf itself screwed thereto door hinges.
  5. on the door frame is a thin pencil markings for cutting the loops.Cells are hollowed out by a chisel, but the size and depth corresponding to the thickness of the wing petli.K slotted cell screwed anchoring second portion of the hinge.

Nuances mounting wooden doorframes


  1. Nezamknutnye doorframes - have secured on logs and logs.
  2. for this business grooves for proper mounting of the door a wooden box.Selected bit sockets, hiding the decorative board performs the functions of the nut.
  3. usually spikes nailed to the beams or joists with nails, that provides stability wooden door frame.
  4. Wooden door frames are assembled from glued bars that do not allow them to warp and deform.
  5. Gather doorframes on direct through thorns and glue.There is also another way of mounting the box to apply this long screws are screwed into the pre-zasverlennye holes with plugs.
  6. diagonal bars wooden boxes provide adequate strength and rigidity.Clearance _ okonopachivaetsya wet process, ie, cement or plaster solution, and it is better to blow out the sealing foam around the perimeter.

mounting box in a doorway

installation of doors

  1. Install the door frame in the intended opening.Buttonhole side aligned, but a spirit level.Prepared from the wooden bars mortgages - are adapted in size and mounted on the vertical side uprights.
  2. Drill desirable before installing embedded drill with centering nose.Having set the level of the door frame in the horizontal and vertical plane, it is possible to start mounting.
  3. Screws into the holes to drive better not to end.Profit box, gradually tighten the screws level being tested in all respects.Self-tapping screws can be adjusted along the axes of the state.
  4. adjusting the self tapping screws on the exposed door frame hinged door polotno.Regulirovka continues until a complete coincidence latch plates and beams locks.
  5. Recently, a very popular fixation structure using foam.This is a good method, foamy mass fills small cracks and has a low thermal conductivity.

After drying, foam - protruding bumps removed the knife assembly and cavity sealed with putty.In the final, stuffed casing from the inside and the outside.

At the end of the article there are two videos on how to correctly compile and install the wooden box.