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August 12, 2017 18:06

Design ideas small bedroom

Not everyone can boast of impressive size of his bedroom.But this does not mean that the premises can not be made cozy and comfortable.There are many design techniques that will help deal with this problem.When making small bedroom is necessary to solve two problems: put the necessary furniture and visually enlarge the space.It can be done adhering to certain requirements.


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  • Ideas design small bedroom:
  • classic How to make a bedroom in modern style
  • design small bedroom: country style
  • How to make a small bedroom in the style of minimalism
  • Modern designsmall bedroom: high-tech
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design rules

  1. When choosing a color scheme must take into account the fact that the dark and bright colors as well as several combinations visually reduce the already small room.Therefore, preference should be given to a bright cool colors.
  2. surfaces of the walls and the ceiling is recommended to give the same color, it will help to achieve the desired effect.
  3. Make room for more elongated visual perception is possible by means of horizontal stripes.This may be a characteristic pattern with a pattern.You can also apply the desired image using the paint.
  4. an integral part of the room is a bedroom suite.Do not choose a bed large size, because it will take a lot of accommodation places.
  5. The bedroom should be present only the most necessary pieces of furniture.For especially small room more appropriate choice would be a sofa bed.Modern furniture industry offers a wide variety of models.Choose a suitable option could even the most demanding consumer.

With the right approach can not only easy to equip a small bedroom space, but also to unite in the room several functional areas.Suffice convenient option is a loft bed, which is located near the ceiling.The saved space can be used for arranging the cabinet, putting a sleeping area and a small table, shelves for books and a computer.

next piece of furniture, without which it is difficult to do a wardrobe.When possible, experts recommend arrange clothes in any other room of an apartment or house.This will save more space for movement.But it does not always have such an opportunity.In this situation, you should opt for a cabinet with mirrored doors, a corner model, or wardrobe.

The use of mirrors is the best solution in the interior of a small bedroom.With their help, you can significantly affect the visual perception of the room.To visually enlarge the room enough to hang on a wall mirror.But it has to be large in size, in the opposite case, the accessory can not cope with the task.And if you mark the two mirrors facing each other visually increase small bedroom twice.

In the process of registration can not be ignored and the window.The increase in space contribute to large and bright openings.For small windows do not use massive curtains, a more suitable option would be transparent tulle.Today is quite popular are items of furniture made of glass.For a small bedroom can pick up the shelves and coffee table.Such furniture is a good job with functional responsibilities, but it is not evident.Many owners of homes and apartments in the bedroom and placed the TV.model with a small screen should be selected for a small space.
design a small - bedrooms

Design Ideas small bedroom: classic

Classic style combines several directions.It is possible to find the elements of classicism, Rococo, Baroque and Empire.Classic style direction is characterized by certain features.This presence in the interior works of art and antiques, natural wood and fabric, as well as the design of the room warm colors.By creating a design in this area is necessary to remember that in this case, the placement of the sofa in the bedroom would be inappropriate.

cabinet should be chosen with hinged doors, asit is this model corresponds to the classical direction.A striking element of the interior is a dresser.In addition to its direct purpose it plays the role of supports for accessories: photos, ceramic figurines, vases.But we should remember that their number should be moderate in a small room.For the small bedrooms inadmissible piling up of various items.


Working area classic design does not provide.If room allows, you can put a small yardage chair and floor lamp.The whole set is desirable to pick up in the same style.Pieces of furniture can be decorated with carving or gilding.When choosing a color scheme must take into account that the classical direction does not tolerate any contrasts.For wall design suitable paper or fabric wallpaper, it is also appropriate to staining.It is not necessary to supplement the interior of the synthetic or plastic elements.

small room should be well lit, this should be organized several light sources.For this purpose, use wall sconces, floor lamps, chandeliers and table lamps.To emphasize classic design you can place on the wall of one or two paintings to put on a chest of drawers or a porcelain figurine of an old watch.

How to make a bedroom in modern style

The main difference of this style are the flowing lines.The interior should not present sharp edges.Modern combines the practicality of minimalism and classic sophistication.Choosing a color scheme for the bedroom so you can stay at the ashy shades of light or blue.

most suitable option is parquet flooring.The main emphasis in the design of this stylistic direction is on the walls and ceiling.Therefore, the floor is not necessary to place the carpets.Move the focus on the surface of the ceiling is possible by means of bright element.For example, plaster moldings and wrought iron chandeliers.Make emphasis on the wall will help mirror placed in a gilded frame.

furniture selected natural material.Set decorated with various ornaments.Cabinet or chest of drawers may have a rectangular shape, but their front of the image should be fine.The bedroom, decorated in this direction, it is permissible occupancy of the sofa.But his feet and armrests need to have a curved shape.
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design small bedroom: country style

This area involves the use of finishing materials of natural origin.It is suitable for lovers of rustic atmosphere.Walls should be given a textured surface.To do this, use a special dye formulations lining of wood or vinyl-based wallpaper.Against the background of plain walls ideally will look curtains with floral motifs.To pick up the ceiling wooden beams or structures made of natural wood.But the suit and just plastered surface.

When choosing a floor covering should proceed from the practical considerations.For registration of a sleeping room, country-style suit oak parquet or laminate that simulates a natural tree.These materials are quite practical and at the same time will help to create the atmosphere of a village house.When choosing colors should be preferred lighter shades of green and blue.
Bedroom - in-the- country - dome_original

furniture should be made only from natural materials.Set recommended to choose light-colored or uncolored.This stylistic direction permits the use of elements of wicker furniture.Comply with rustic style will squat bed.Mostly used furniture made from pine.But it is possible to use and a metal bed with a hand-forged.

Wardrobe does not comply with this direction.Therefore we can restrict chest.All items headset must be decorated with carved patterns in the legs.To top style on the floor can be positioned fur rugs.Country involves the use of accessories.On the bed is placed cushions, decorated with embroidery.On the chest of drawers can put a porcelain figurine, clock or vase.Do not forget about the selection of the appropriate textiles.To fit a bed coverlet of chintz, linen or wool with the image of plant motifs.
Country - bedroom - 1

How to make a small bedroom in a minimalist style

priority in creating this style is the functionality.In a minimalist interior, there are no excesses, which is very convenient for a small room.This direction is based on the Japanese style.Minimalism is characterized by the absence of decorative elements.Bed is selected without a headboard.The best solution is to place a berth on the podium.This will give the opportunity to equip a bed room for storage of various items.

Wardrobe well fit into this interior.What can be said about the open shelves, they should not be much.Minimalism involves a specific approach and the choice of colors.Not allowed to use more than three colors.You can borrow an idea from the classic style and arrange a bedroom in pastel and white shades.Neutral tones will look quite impressive.Dominate in the design should be only two colors, and the third is introduced as accents.The brightest hues are given to small surfaces.Elements of large and medium-size are allocated in two different colors.

walls give monotonous design.Type of finish, you can choose according to their own preferences.The surface of the walls covered with wallpaper or paint.The main requirement is the lack of drawings and ornamental images.The ceiling is made with a simple geometrically design.As a floor covering use floorboard and carpet.When choosing a finish for the floor should be aware that if there are any patterns unacceptable for minimalism.

purpose of this stylistic direction - creating a visually spacious room.Even with a small footage.Not least in this task takes lighting.It should be enough.Chandeliers are not combined with a minimalist style.The use spot lighting, floor lamps and bedside lamps as lighting.

With regard to textiles, this should be limited to a set of bed and monotonous blanket.For registration window curtains are not used.A good alternative would blinds.The room allowed the presence of three or four decorative elements.You can put and indoor plants, but no more than two.If the minimum amount of decor makes uncomfortable bedroom, will help to remedy the situation additional lighting.
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Modern design small bedroom: high-tech

name of this trend in design is translated as high technology.High-tech based on the use of glass products, plastic and metal.Many will work with this style of holiday destination will cause doubts.But it is quite feasible task.This style involves the use of only the necessary parts, which allows you to save space.This is especially true for small bedrooms.

Furniture selected with the correct geometric forms and monochromatic upholstery.Its amount should be minimal.Mirror should be placed in a shiny metal frame.The luminaires are mounted on several levels.Decorative items are not applicable.If there is a desire to make a variety of design can be hung black and white photographs or paintings, executed in the style of abstract art.

Small bedrooms.Photo:
12 design bedrooms

Bedroom - in - style - high-tech

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on windows mostly set, roll curtains or blinds.You can use curtains.But tulle and curtains with floral motifs in this case do not fit.It is necessary to choose the textile with metallic threads.For example, nylon or nylon.For the flooring, you can choose natural wood or tile without ornamented pattern.Good fit in design and self-leveling floors.

Enlarge help visually room ceilings.It can be glossy ceiling design with metallic effect or acrylic model.The last option due to the presence of chrome tubes, reinforcement elements and fixing screws which can be made visible favorably complement the interior.To finish the wall wallpaper is not suitable, because the surface should be smooth.In most cases, they simply painted white.The exception may be metallic wallpaper, which have the ability to reflect light and thus emphasize the style.


When you create a style small bedroom should be limited to essential elements and a minimal amount of furniture decor.Today in the field of design, there are techniques you can use to make the most comfortable and functional, even a small room.

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