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August 12, 2017 18:06

Niche for bed : installation instructions

Niche for a bed in the bedroom are not only an original complement to the interior, but also fulfill a very important function - to create a sense of comfort and security in sleeping.Even very shallow niche is able to instantly transform a room and give it comfort.If you think, that is fun available only favorites of fortune, we hasten to please you - the bed in a niche of their own hands can make anyone who knows how to keep screwdriver and a hammer.


From which to build a niche?

Modern construction market offers a wealth of material from which to make a niche in the headboard, but most convenient option is to drywall.It is inexpensive, environmentally friendly, is lightweight, and most importantly - work quickly and easily with him.With the installation niche handle any homegrown master.

drywall and technical characteristics ,

But the store building materials as varieties of drywall, it is no wonder that confused. inexperienced master will be difficult to navigate in this diversity, so we have prepared a few tips.The first thing you should be familiar with the classification of gypsum boards and their technical characteristics.In the latter, most of gypsum products are similar: they have a completely smooth surface, afraid of moisture and relatively fragile.

To enhance the design of the FCL use special metal profiles of various stiffness depending on the expected load.In the case of a conventional bed suitable niche for low-cost rack profiles without reinforcing elements and reinforcement.If you plan to install a niche with built-in shelves for decorations or useful things that may need bedroom, useful poprochnee profiles.


for plasterboard work requires no special tools .This is yet another advantage of the material.Cut sheets are easy with the usual stationery knife - it is only necessary to hold a straight line to cut the layer of cardboard, sheet of fracture in this place and carefully slitting the second layer of skin.To attach to the frame of the plasterboard sections using screws.

Tip: Gypsum plasterboard afraid of water, but it does not mean that it can not be completely wet.If you want to bend the sheet to make an arch or other decorative element, slightly moisten it and slowly bend in the right direction.Lock it in that position until dry, and it will retain its shape.

plasterboard is easy to operate, not only in terms of installation, but also to finish a decorative finish.Since the surface of the sheets perfectly flat, any coating falls on her flawlessly.After coating putty can be applied to the surface of painting, do decoupage, painting and wallpapering.


There are several types of plasterboard:

  1. Wall - is produced in sheets 2, 3 1, 2 m or 2, 5x 1, 2 m 12,5 mm thick.As the name implies, this material is used for wall cladding.
    wall - drywall
  2. Ceiling - sheet format 2 1, 2 m or 2, 5x 1, 2 m 9,5 mm thick.It is used for covering ceilings and that it should not choose to create a niche above the bed in the bedroom.Specifications are almost the same as that of the wall - is afraid of water, not very durable, but its value is much lower (the cheapest kind of drywall).
  3. Moisture resistant - material is in the format of 2, 3 1, 2 m or 2, 5x 1, 2 m 12,5 mm thick.Unlike the previous two types, which are gray in color, moisture-resistant gypsum board is encased green cardboard.It is used in environments with high humidity levels.Moisture resistance is due to the special composition of the protective cardboard layer - it is impregnated with a waterproofing agent antifungal.
    moisture-resistant gypsum board ,
  4. Fireproof - sheets of light-gray color with red markings format 2, 3 1, 2 m or 2, 5x 1, 2 m 12,5 mm thick.It is used in areas with high requirements for fire safety (for lining fireplaces and chimneys).Refractory quality GCR was due to a large number of flame retardants reinforcing agents in the composition of the core and a reinforced outer shell.It should be noted that any GCR is not able to burn or support combustion, maximum - he can char.However, fireproof drywall resists burning, and after prolonged exposure to direct flame core is not scattered, and retains its shape.
    fireproof drywall ,
  5. Arch - special flexible material for the manufacture of arches.Produce it in a format 3 1, 2 m 6,5 mm thick.Such thin plates are usually mounted in two layers.If Diza dh cr Ovate niche provides an arched vault, better to choose this type of drywall.However, it is worth considering that the material cost is quite high, and because it is necessary for the strength to put in 2 layers, the cost doubled.

the markets and building stores usually sell drywall thickness of 6, 9 or 12 mm.To make a solid niche, it is better to choose a thicker sheets .

assembling niche for

bed Before installation niche of drywall or even go to the store for materials should develop a detailed plan to create a design.The figure should be marked on the scale of all sizes to the nearest centimeter, to avoid mistakes.It is also recommended to mark the fixing points to count how many need fasteners and components for the carcass.

Niche for a bed in the wall can be deep and shallow .In the first case you build like little cozy cave for sleeping.Typically, these depressions do in accordance with the size of the bed.These designs look very original and tidy.In addition, they allow you to create additional storage space - on the sides you can make a lot of holes and small built-in shelves.Bottom sliding drawers fit perfectly for the more severe things - bed linen or clothing.The deep niche for the bed in the nursery - it's a great way to save a lot of space, and to teach the child to order - before going to bed on niches should definitely expand the toys or books.


also deep niche is a good solution for small studio apartments .If the bedroom + living room, on the exit of the cavities can hang beautiful curtains to visually isolate a place to rest and and unity.Bunk bed in an alcove will look very compact and stylish, especially if applied to the design of a little creativity.

Yet often choose shallow niches that serve more decorative than functional element.Although they can ponadelat many shelves for useful veshchichek.It looks original version with photo wallpapers for the headboard.Also, there can be placed a mirror, LED backlighting, framed photos or paintings.


So, what is needed for the manufacture of niche above the bed:

  • drywall;
  • metal profiles UD ( guides) and CD (Rack);
  • U-shaped brackets ;
  • fasteners (dowels, screws, hardware);
  • perforated corner profile for a beautiful design flat angles (metal or plastic);
  • putty Drywall;
  • drill with a set of drill bits ;
  • screwdriver or screwdriver ;
  • roulette;
  • simple pencil;
  • building level;
  • reinforcing tape;
  • spatula;
  • adhesive for drywall;
  • paint, wallpaper, decorative plaster or any other finishing decorative coating.

If you try and get it right, a niche will perform two functions (or one of the functions of your choice): hide the premises defects, making it more spacious or releasing beneficial certain area and be a place of storage of the necessary things.In other words, you can make a beautiful and useful niche - the perfect variation nt to me any apartment, where there is never enough space.

How to make a niche for bed:

  1. In accordance with the drawings make the marks on the drywall sheets and cut them into individual parts.How to cut the drywall, we have already told, but you still and useful video showing the entire process graphically:
  2. Make layout profiles for the frame on the floor, to avoid the possibility of skew.
  3. Make marks on the wall in the place of installation rack profiles.
  4. Attach the rails profiles according to the markup.The upper rail mount without mounting hardware.When you you leveled position building level, then they can be fixed to the end.
  5. Screw profiles to the wall, floor and ceiling with dowels.To do this, first attach the profile to its place of installation, mark the fixing points pencil, drill holes in concrete and hammer dowels.The last place the dowels with a distance of no more than 50 cm from the end of the profile.Step install intermediate fasteners should be not more than 70 cm, but not less than 3 pcs.for profiles of any length.
  6. the back of the guide profile is recommended to paste over the special sound-proof soft Velcro tape.It will be possible to reduce the vibration and the bedroom will be quieter.
    wrapping - profile -sound - tape - 600h453
  7. Assemble the frame according to the drawing.If you do the shelves, it is better to strengthen the intersection of the profiles with special metal corners.
  8. Now you can attach the gypsum produced parts to the frame.Obsheyte rack, make shelves by screwing screws sheet metal. edges of the cut sheets are obtained fairly sharp and unsightly, so that they can be a little treat sandpaper small grain.
  9. Glue joints sheets ribbon serpyanku to strengthen the Union and make it more accurate.
  10. to the corners of the structure on a special adhesive glue for plasterboard Perforated corner profiles.Metal plastic last longer, but are more expensive.For the bedroom should be fine, plastic, because in a place like the angles are unlikely to be subjected to regular mechanical stress.
  11. Zashpaklyuyte place with screws and fasteners tape-serpyanku.
  12. After drying putty cover all even one layer to obtain a flat surface.
  13. After drying putty layer remove streaks and unevenness with sandpaper and clean away the dust with a dry cloth.
  14. Now you can start finishing niche of drywall over the bed.Very nice looks decorative plaster with imprints made figure roller, embossed plaster or interior paint.At this point, you can let myself go and use any artistic techniques .Even if you just paste over wallpaper niche under the bed, as well as on the other walls, it will look stylish and neat.
  15. You can set the lighting.It is better to give preference to spotlights or LED ribbon . Such devices do not heat up much, therefore, is not able to create a fire hazard.Place the frame in the wiring or transformer LED strip.

This video montage niche is shown in great detail, so after watching such work will not cause you problems:

Finally - some useful tips on how to properly execute the built-in bed in a niche:

  1. always draw as much as possibledetailed drawing with all sizes, the number of fasteners and other important details.Ideally, better to have two sketches: one size, the second - the color scheme of the future construction. So you can compare the result with the planned.
  2. Always take a bit more materials and fasteners than provided for drawing.Recommended a stock is 10% of the total.
  3. At all stages (markup and attachment parts), use the building level.
  4. Before drywall sheathing frame, check its stability.
  5. Try closing plane of one solid piece of drywall than a few small.
  6. The fewer joints, the better.
  7. not regret putty and process not only the joints, but also the entire structure as a whole, lining the surface.
  8. If you want to make a powerful sound insulation, for example, if you live behind the wall noisy neighbors fill the interior of the mineral wool niche.It is inexpensive and perfectly absorbs noise.
  9. Think kind of illumination and the way it installation advance.Route the wiring prior to attachment of gypsum boards.Holes for fittings should be cut immediately.

Bed niche: photo

Among the variety of design making difficult to choose something specific, but we still recommend you see a small photo galleries with original ways to design niche in the bedrooms.


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