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December 12, 2017 00:15

Children's table to feed the child with his hands

With the advent of a new family member, every parent buys her baby only quality clothing and toys.Parents have to buy a lot of things for your child, including - children's furniture.Unfortunately, to choose something suitable is not always realistic: if the price is acceptable, the quality does not live up to expectations.And when the quality of children's furniture meets all the requirements, the cost of such a highchair too high.For the head of the family who knows how to work with wood, make yourself such furniture does not take much.


  • What need materials
  • Types highchair
  • How to make children's table to feed children
    • How to make parts
    • Assembling side portions
    • Putting seat and backrest
    • Gatheringchair
    • Assembling table
  • simplified version highchair

tables for feeding babies are different, in this article we look at how to make children's table transformer for feeding.This model is popular among the majority of parents.Basic requirements for children's furniture - it i

s a choice of high-quality materials, safety and structural strength.

What materials are needed

Reliability and security - is the main thing that you must take into account not only when the finished furniture, but if you decide to make something with their own hands.The table must be stable surface (table top, sitting), and all other details - smooth, without cracks, bulges and other visible defects.Since the need to work with natural materials - wood, then to the choice of the basis for the manufacture of children's furniture should be approached thoroughly.So, for children is better to choose a soft wood: pine, spruce or lime.To work with such material is easy, by the way, lime is more durable than softwood.

Before you begin cutting out blanks, you must carefully examine each board, and just in case, treat the surface with fine sandpaper.

addition nazhdachki necessary to prepare the tools for working with wood: this is a standard set of carpentry tools, and fasteners (nails or screws), plus choose a safe paint or varnish (pay attention to the packaging, we need a varnish or paint marked "Non-toxic").Suitable and acrylic paint.Be prepared for the fact that your child will not only use the furniture for a meal, most likely, he even tries tree "by heart."So to approach the choice of finishing materials responsibly.

Types highchair

Reaching the age of six months, the child begins to show an interest in food, parents are more likely to take with them for the kid table.Sitting alone in a chair baby is not yet in a position to keep the grown toddler in her arms hard, so baby need to sit at a special table-chair.There he will be safe and comfortable.Mom can not survive, her baby will not fall, because the different models of chairs for feeding fasteners provided - special straps that hold fidget.

principle of children's furniture designed for feeding babies, is the same - it is, as a rule, universal design - the table can be high, so that the baby was on the same level with his parents at the table.Mom and Dad it's more convenient to feed your baby.You can fold the chair, then the table will be level with the chair.This option, too, like the parents, the child can feed and leave to sit at the table, so he played a little bit.


In stores you can see the different versions of children's tables and chairs made of durable plastic, metal and wood.The principle is the same for all, but there is the classic chairs - high, and there are transformers.As children get older, high chair can be used not only for feeding, but also for games and activities.Stool-transformer is very practical and help out their parents, starting at 6 months of age, up to the first class.

Note the children's table several options for feeding - Transformers.Photo:




How to make children's table to feed children

offer make yourself versatile table and chair for feeding children, which can be used also as a desk for employment (when the baby gets older).To work to prepare the wooden beams (section 40 x 20 cm), and the whole board (2 cm thick).In addition, the need still fiberboard sheet (standard size).

beam is useful for cutting bearing elements for the manufacture of chair of the board should be cut rounded parts (including the handles for the chair).The seat is fashioned from a sheet of hardboard (need to cut the seat the right size), as well as for the table.By the way, the table can be used, and other material.Suitable sheet of plywood, particle board with effect lamination or classic - a tree.

When you can not buy all the necessary materials in the store, do not put off the idea of ​​doing for your favorite children's table child feeding.To work, you can use the old board (only that they were not rotten), disassemble the old cabinet or chair.In any case, each owner can find the house not only the entire instrument, but also the material.Only if you will be working with old materials, then pay more attention to the preparatory process - every detail must be carefully processed to smooth out all the bumps and remove defects.

What is needed for the manufacture of a stool:

  • need for legs wooden beam length of 40 cm - 4 pcs .;
  • rounded parts have to do 4 pcs .;
  • also nice bar, length 35 cm for the manufacture of bars - 2 pcs .;
  • upper rungs cut timber 2 equal segments, each of length 22 cm - 2 pcs .;
  • crossbars, size 30 cm - 3 pcs .;
  • worktop (on the drawing size) - 1 pc.

To make the table, prepare the following:

  • for legs - a wooden beam (50 cm length) - 4 pcs .;
  • strap - 40-41 cm - 4 pcs .;
  • cross straps - 35 cm - 4 pcs .;
  • countertop (dimensions 38 x 45 cm) - 1 pc.

How to make parts

Preparatory work - the most difficult and laborious, not tolerate hustle.Therefore Stored patience and start.To find details of the desired size, you will need to saw a wooden beam.Without exception, all the details to be processed sandpaper.

To get the rounded parts, you must first move the drawing pencil on board and in accordance with the scheme, with label carefully cut all the details.

Attention!To all parts are durable, it is necessary that the wood fibers are perpendicular to the corners rounded.


Connect carved items must be by means of fasteners and all places further processed furniture glue.

If you are using as a dowel fasteners (furniture "Chopik" of wood), the first under them it is necessary to drill a hole in the tree, the deepening of 3-4 cm.

Assembling side portions

first need to gather the right side of (or left, it does not matter).Prepare these parts:

  • rounding - 2 pcs .;
  • legs - 2 pcs .;
  • bar (lower and upper).

First you need to prepare connecting elements (wood dowel) and fluff adhesive fasteners and holes.Feet assemble and connect with the bottom of the bar stool.Check the result of the work, you can use the construction area.It is important that the angles are the same (90 ° C).

Now pick the top bar: combine it with two radii, coat with glue.We expect he will seize, to continue the work.Suffice to wait 30-40 minutes, and then pull the finished clamp structure.Leave blank for at least a day to a tree dried up.

second sidewall assembly is carried out similarly.Do not forget to treat the side chair nazhdachkoy (at an early stage in the preparation of parts).


Putting seat and backrest

Prepare 6 equal parts (can be cut out of chipboard), size 30 x 25 cm. The corners (two) rounded to the radius was 0.5 cm. The ends of each blank is necessary to clean them toIt was smooth.Take 3 equal parts, each promazhte good glue, connect and put any heavy object on top.We need to workpiece firmly interconnected.We did seat.

now back - cut out the necessary procurement and fastening it to the seat with screws and brackets.back - seed

Putting chair

Ready sidewalls need to connect the slats (length 30 cm).To avoid confusion, it is necessary to make a simple pencil mark and drill holes for fasteners (Furniture dowels).

now down: they also need to drill holes (4 pcs.), And in the bar, which holds back chair, too, do the same number of holes (2 pcs in the butt and 2 straps to attach to the back.).

The side panels will need to make 2 holes to fix the bar and back, and 2 to attach the countertop.

Do not rush to immediately and permanently connecting all promazyvat adhesive - first make a test assembly to see if you have properly assembled all.If everything is correct, there is no bias, then you can put all the details on the furniture glue.Wait until the glue dries.And only then can finally polished surface and then apply a coat of paint or varnish.


table assembly

Now you need to collect another part of the table-transformer - assemble the table.This requires the legs to connect the upper and lower strip.The length of each plank is 41 cm. The sides of the need to fix by transverse bars (length of each slat 34 cm).On the right or left side to install and fasten the table top.

now need to do similar actions and to collect the right side of the table, to designate a place in the fixture, drill a hole to insert the wooden plugs.

now need to raise the rest of the details, check every corner on the strength and only after that you can miss the mark every detail glue.Then you can begin to assemble the side pieces.For this to fix these parts transverse slats so that they are positioned to each other.All that can be inserted into the table top, and then walk across the table surface with emery cloth.Now we have to handle this part of the varnish and children's furniture - table feeding.

On this, perhaps, and all, but there are some nuances.We ourselves like to have breakfast, lunch and dinner as comfortable as possible.This applies to seating - kitchen stool or adults are choosing a soft seat.also need to sew a soft seat for the child.To do this, cut out a square of foam of the same size as the seat of a stool, covered with foam with a soft cloth, and best of all - the artificial skin to care for children's furniture did not take long.If there is foam, add a few layers of padding polyester, wrap it with a thick cloth and furniture stapler secure edge on the inner side of the chair.

wooden children's table to feed ready, you can put the baby and feed tasty porridge.

Children's table for feeding.Photo:


offer watch this video to learn about the stages of creating a more highchair:

simplified version highchair

What to do if you can not make yourself a complete wooden highchair child?Do not despair, do it yourself, this option forces for every mom.Let's sew fabric device for feeding the baby.The cost of this simple, at first glance, a soft chair in children's stores is high enough, we will try to make it yourself.Rescued a soft chair at a party, transportation and travel.

exterior design is quite simple - it's soft case with holes and straps.He put on a standard chair with a high back and secured by fasteners.

scheme of this uncomplicated device is quite simple: just 2 parts - a cover for a chair with so-called pocket and two holes - to put into the child.


What you need to prepare for work:

  • thick cloth.Suitable cotton, you can take old jeans or linen shirt.Prepare the 2 m of fabric;
  • solid braid - 3 m;
  • carbines, Buckles - 3 pieces.

also need needles, thread, scissors, tape measure, pencil and a sewing machine.

Once again, read the cloth cutting scheme.The width of the pocket, which will sit a child, should be equal to the width of the back of the chair.The chart shows the standard sizes, plus / minus 2-3 cm margin to be able to attach a car seat on the chair or on the chair, being on a visit.


fabric can be any, do not worry, if it's a piece of fabric with different colors and textures.You need to carve out only 2 parts and sew them together by a simple suture.It is desirable that the dense tissue was inside (it's a smaller part), and the lining located on the outside (a big part).

And again carefully look at the pattern - we see that at the top there is a crook.This means that the fabric at this point and need to tuck stitch.You should get a handbag without handles or a pouch.He put on a chair and tied a solid braid (need to pre-stitched).Do not forget about the belt loops - they must securely hold the baby under the handles.Straps from her shoulders to fall should not, then you can not worry about the safety of the child during feeding.


you have children or you are just standing at the planning stage, in any case, you do not interfere with both options highchair: the first will always be to rescue your home, while the second can take with you if you are planning a visit to his parents,friends or a journey.