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December 12, 2017 00:14

The window in the bathroom : design and layout

window in the bathroom - an undeniable plus.It ensures fresh air and good ventilation is required to remove excess moisture.Without it, mold and fungus will certainly become your neighbors and get rid of them rather difficult and expensive.We talk about how to make a window in the bath not only practical but also attractive from an aesthetic point of view.


benefits of installing a window in the bathroom

Although bathroom and a private area, prohibits interference prying eyes, in the bathroom window should be.To emphasize privacy, various designs in the form of curtains, blinds, frosted glass, mosaic, etc.


So, we suggest to familiarize with the main advantage of window installation in the bathroom:

1. Natural ventilation.

Although the presence of the hood provides ventilation in the room, but what could be better than fresh air that enters directly from the window.Bathroom - the place where the humidity is always present, to speed up the process of getting rid of condensate or steam from bathing, slightly open window.

2. Ultraviolet.

Through a window in the bathroom gets not only fresh air, but the sun's rays.According to scientific research, namely ultraviolet light contributes to reduce the risk of mold and mildew.Therefore sunlight - is required in areas with high humidity.

3. A wonderful view from the window.

Taking a bath, through the window you can watch pictures of nature, of course, in that case, if the window overlooking the yard or garden.Otherwise, it is recommended to set curtains that provide privacy bathroom.In addition, the room in which the window is installed, is lighter and therefore more comfortable.

4. Many ideas for design.

window in the bathroom allows you to experiment with colors.Because the room is light and so, in addition, the window is visually expands the space, and the trim and fittings, in daylight look brighter and more cheerful.The presence of free space on the windowsill to let equip it flower, which is due to humidity, it will be fine to feel in the bathroom.Also, this space can be used for placing cosmetics or other stuff.

5. Reduce costs.

Another advantage of having a window in the bathroom is a reduction in the payment of electricity charges.The presence of the window, allows you to not use lights during the day.

windows in the bathroom Photo:


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Interior design bathrooms with a window

main condition in the interior design of the bathroom is its convenience and increased space.In the apartments of apartment buildings is not provided equipment in the bathroom window, but if desired, and the resolution of special bodies, it can be done.This is preceded by cutting the opening and installation of the desired glass.

Some apartments do not allow the window opening.In this case - the ideal option would be welcome imitation.Raised box can take up an entire wall, or a small area.It practically does not differ from normal in appearance, and makes a unique interior space.In the frame of these windows are inserted both conventional and non-standard glass, a matt, glossy or stained surfaces.

The bathroom looks great stained-glass window trim with built-in spotlights.This idea is relevant in small rooms, as well increases the space.But when you install windows, you should make a niche of drywall, and will take care of the installation of electrical components.

Another option is to install window trim, simulating natural scenery.

The arrangement of the bathroom should be guided by the coincidence of the form window and bath.At the same time there are a wide variety of options:

  • oval;
  • rectangular;
  • square;
  • asymmetric, etc.


If floor space allows, install a window sill at the window.On the windowsill, it is possible to build not only the shelf, but even a special place for recreation.

When selecting the material from which made the window, it is better to prefer plastic as it is able to re-create any texture, has a rich color palette and, most importantly, is resistant to moisture.Tree during the operation - absorbs moisture, deformed, loses its properties and appearance.

Select models such windows, which flap is adjusted manually.In this way, it will make it easier to configure and ventilation.Some window manufacturers, producing special models with the presence of climatic valve regulating the humidity in the room.

avoid misting and constant washing, it is recommended to install a window near a radiator or heater.Elegant look skylights in the bathroom, in the event that the building roof is flat and allows them to install.Type clean, and a beautiful sky in the bathroom on the ceiling will appeal to all, without exception, in addition, it will provide roof windows, the so-called "privacy".


Bathroom with window - design, color variations

From the color palette bathroom depends on visual perception of space.Because the choice of color affects the appearance of the premises.It is better to give preference to lighter tones.Since in the bathroom, a person does not spend too much time, so there is any pertinent experiments and the combination of the most vivid colors.A few hours in this room are not able to affect the psychological state of the person.

To make room luxury, use a combination of raspberry and lavender.These colors on the one hand give the lightness and freshness, and on the other - are cheerful and playful.Good fit into such an interior window made in one of the colors.Bath may be the classic white or lavender.

The spacious great room and give preference to the red color.Its predominance in a residential area such as the kitchen, bedroom, living room - quite risky, as red promotes irritation, and in the bathroom - it is ideally fit into the interior.The combination of white and red will make the room elegant, and the combination of red with black and gold - turn the bathroom into an elegant holiday destination.

Another option arrangement - the choice is practically the same color walls, floor and ceiling.Thus, texture data sites should differ among themselves.For example, the floor will be glossy, matte walls, and the ceiling is decorated with decorative plaster or moisture resistant plasterboard.If space allows, buy the bathroom wooden bench, which will bring her to the salon and spa will be the resting place after taking a shower.

The classic solution to the design of the bathroom - sea shades of blue, blue or green.The combination of these colors immerses man in thought, soothes and adjusts to the correct thoughts.Using the round shapes will bring style to the sea bath.Mosaic in the form of algae or wave - well fit into this interior.window form will resemble the view from the ship, so it should be round and small.As decorative elements fit hangers with anchors, compasses, ship models or lifebuoys.


In addition, an excellent option for a young girl or woman becomes pink ladies bath.Look good combination of pink and turquoise, pink, gray or white.A large mirror, a cozy rug, a beautiful window, a lot of shelves - complement the interior.

suggest to consider recommendations on the choice of flooring for the bathroom with a window:

1. The variant of using tiles in two contrasting colors, such as white and black, orange and green, blue and yellow.Different tone of the room provide coziness and comfort.

2. Use colored tile grout to match the walls, will combine several colors.

3. In addition to ceramic tiles possible use case:

  • sinter - process material, which is very similar to the tile, but differs from it by the thickness;
  • plastic panels - less expensive than the tile, but at the same time practical and attractive, they are able to imitate wood, brick or stone surfaces;
  • does not require special care to use damp-proof gypsum board, although in places a bath or shower connection, without tiles can not do;
  • use of noble materials as marble will design elegant and refined, except that it is suitable for lining the windowsill;
  • use washable, vinyl, acrylic, fiberglass wallpaper - long-lasting, cost-effective and practical solution;
  • mosaic bathroom decoration - different attraction, beauty and brilliance.


Options window decoration in the bathroom

To ensure complete privacy in the bathroom, with a large or medium-sized windows should conduct its drapery.The frame window must fit the overall design of the room, it is desirable to her performance in one color with the walls.

The most popular option - use blinds.They are easily adjusted, well close the window, set in the doorway, so saves space.

Applications textile curtains make the interior a refined, light, they decorate the room, but need good air circulation.


use stained glass to decorate the window panes.This element will make the room unique and will be a real highlight of the bathroom.

most practical option - standard blinds, a large number of colors, ease of use and instant results make them the most popular.

If the bathroom is installed skylight, then for its decoration and ensure privacy apply preset, by shutters, the opening of which is controlled using the remote control.

addition to providing privacy, there is another use of the windows in the bathroom - enjoy panoramic views.This type of glass is popular in high-rise and private homes.


To make a room a dynamic and original, use a combination of several geometric shapes.Divide it into 3-4 zones, for example, bath, toilet, wash basin and mirror.The first and second zones will be finished in the form of vertical stripes, and a third horizontal.Floor Finish in this version is monochromatic and simple, so as not to burden the room.

The style in the design of the bathroom with a window

If you plan to equip a bath in a classic style, it is possible option walls using wooden linings or veneers, in this case, the material is pre-processed vlagootalkivayuschimi means.The solution requires a large and spacious baths, high-quality porcelain, chrome, lights and ceiling emphasize the welfare of the owners.Using the shutters on the windows, bring the style of the bathroom to the style of country music.


large area of ​​the bathroom makes it a really luxurious.The use of expensive finishing and furniture will allow a person who has accepted the procedure bathrooms, completely relax and unwind.The use of English curtains will help to emphasize the classics.

Art Nouveau style often found in contemporary versions bathroom with a window.The main characteristic of this style is the asymmetric arrangement of objects, strongly saturated color palette, plumbing equipment non-standard forms.At the same time, the decor is not welcome excessive luxury, and many accessories.Bathroom in modern style suitable for areas with limited space.The shape of the window is also unusual, possibly asymmetrical.To decorate, use the stained glass, the frame is coated laminated or lined by a multicolored mosaic.

bathroom in a minimalist style allows you to tune in to the rest, does not distract with unnecessary details.In this bathroom has everything you need: bath or shower, sink, mirror and window to enjoy the scenery.The design should be monosyllabic, monotonous, perhaps in relief.Using frosted glass allows you to soften the natural sunlight while providing privacy.


With the blinds get to adjust the amount of light they provide complete privacy.There are blinds with water-repellent effect, which is installed in rooms with high humidity.

Another good option is to use roman or roller blinds that are easy to install, easy to handle and are made from environmentally friendly materials, such as linen, cotton, etc.

using fabric curtains, should provide good ventilation, otherwise they will start syret.With the wooden shutters will make the interior as a country.