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December 12, 2017 00:14

Winterizing slopes : step by step instructions

of today is becoming increasingly urgent problem of energy saving.One of the most effective measures allowing to warm the room, spending a minimal amount of resources, is the installation of modern window designs on the basis of metal-plastic.Plastic windows have properties such as sealing and heat insulation.But in order to increase heat retention window designs need to perform high-quality thermal insulation of slopes.This measure will allow to create the room a comfortable temperature.In addition, due to the warming of window construction can maintain its performance characteristics over a longer period.


  • Variety designs
  • Ways of warming
    • Applying foam as insulation
    • Features Use foam
    • Thermal insulation using mineral wool
  • Technology external insulation
  • Criteria for selection of material forexternal and internal insulation
  • options finishing
  • Conclusion

Variety designs

escarpment called the external or internal surface of the opening of the window from the frame to

the wall.These elements serve several functions.Primarily their presence gives a complete and a more aesthetic appearance of the window.Also slopes prevent noise penetration into the room and provide thermal insulation.There are several types of constructions which differ procedure finishes, the materials used and functionality.Let us consider in more detail the main types of slopes:

  1. slopes of gypsum material.They have good thermal insulation properties and a relatively affordable cost.However, the subsequent performance inferior types of structures, because they can be installed only on the inside of the room.The reason for this is the instability of the material to moisture.
  2. most economical option considered slopes with plaster.In the opening part of the surface of applied plaster in two layers, and after drying - dirt and paint mixture.This slope can last quite a long time, however, it has several disadvantages.Plastering slopes have relatively low rates of heat-saving properties, and as a result of temperature changes in them may develop a crack, installation is quite time-consuming process.In addition, plastic and cement are incompatible with each other material, so that it may be necessary to eliminate gaps between the window and the slope.
  3. most durable recognized slopes on a plastic base.They are resistant to moisture and sunlight, and combine well with plastic windows.Warming plastic slopes can be performed using mineral wool or foam.Working surface should be thoroughly cleaned of dirt, remove all defects.Then, cut the insulation required size and fix it with glue.After that, around the perimeter of the slope, drill holes in which to score a plastic dowels.


methods Winterizing windows slopes insulation

can be done in three ways.Thus, these methods can be applied to any type of window constructions.However, embodiments of insulation differ depending on the material used:

  • insulation using mineral wool;
  • insulation using foam;
  • insulation using foam.

Using these methods, insulation made from the inside slopes.

Applying foam as insulation

use of this material makes it possible to further carry out the finish designs using decorative panels, putty or plaster.Winterizing slopes foam is made in the following sequence of actions.

  1. initially necessary to prepare the wall with which the peelable layer is removed finishing.In the presence on the surface of any defects they should also be eliminated.To fill the cracks using mortar.In addition, the preparatory phase is necessary to take measures to prevent the emergence of a variety of micro-organisms under the heater.To do this, the slopes are treated with special anti-bacterial compounds.
  2. After the preparatory work can proceed directly to the insulation.The work is recommended in warm dry weather.Because the foam is necessary to cut the appropriate size pieces and attach them to the slopes by fungi or mounting adhesive.
  3. When working with foam should be applied to a moderate amount of adhesive.Since the material has the property to increase in volume when heated and too thick layer of adhesive may occur cracks.
  4. To determine the necessary material parameters necessary to measure the slope, added to the result for the inlet 1 cm. To fill the connecting joints between fragments of foam used assembly foam.


Features Use foam

This method is appropriate to apply in the event that between the opening and window profile available space.Features of work are reduced to such aspects:

  1. between the profile and the base construction keeps opening the foam and thus carried out the sealing assembly seam.To carry out this procedure you must use the assembly handgun.Sealing is performed on both sides of the slopes.
  2. addition of slopes should be performed insulation under the sill and shimmer to eliminate the possibility of heat loss.Polyurethane foam may lose their insulating properties as a result of exposure to ultraviolet rays.To avoid this, you need to cover the foam composition of the building.Check the quality of work as follows: moisten hand and put it in front of an assembly seam, if the cold is not felt - insulation is correct.
  3. to design not only retains heat, but also had an aesthetic appearance, the gap should be closed by a decorative panel.For this purpose, you can use plastic, moisture-resistant gypsum board or MDF.Focusing on the size of the opening is necessary to cut the decorative elements of relevant parameters by using the mounting knife or jigsaw.
  4. Next to the bottom of the profile window is fixed starting profile, which is put the top panel and side panel members.
  5. Fixing is done with the help of foam, which is necessary to fill the space between the base of the wall and slope.


Thermal insulation using mineral wool

Winterizing slopes mineral wool produced with the same technology that the insulation and assembly foam.The only difference is that the space is filled with mineral wool, polyurethane foam and is used for fixing the material.There are three types of insulation based on mineral wool:

  1. most high insulation qualities have soft insulation material, but they have a large volume.
  2. Semi heaters have a smaller volume, but at the same time their ability to significantly lower thermal insulation.
  3. most thin heaters are tough, but their insulation properties are minimal.For this reason, they are used in combination with other materials.

to get the best results insulation slopes of plastic windows must be performed not only on the inside but also outside.Start warming recommend it to outdoor work, because in this way you can significantly reduce heat loss.

external insulation technology

For exterior applications use mineral wool or foam.In addition, you need to prepare:

  • reinforced mesh;
  • adhesive mixture;
  • paint;
  • primer.

technique involves a sequence of actions:

  1. Work should begin with removal of dirt and foam from the bottom.
  2. further applied to the surface of the primer layer, which should be well dry.
  3. The next step is to measure the height and width of the slope and in accordance with the received parameters to cut the net and insulation.At the same time, by cutting the mesh width of the resulting figure must be added 20 cm, cutting heating material to make a lap of 2 cm.
  4. Next, you mount a heater.The adhesive mixture is applied on the first slope, then a heater.After that the material adheres to the slope.
  5. Then, a heater is fixed with an adhesive mesh.Gluing must be on the side that is closest to the window, leaving a lap on the wall 10 cm.
  6. remaining fragment of a grid distributed over the slope and is wrapped on the outer wall.The adhesive should be well dry.Once applied another layer of glue mixture.
  7. After drying of this layer is performed putty, and then - smoothing, and the application of a primer.
  8. final step is painting.

Another option is an external thermal insulation termootkosy.This product made on the basis of foam and having a protective and decorative coating of acrylic binders and marble chips.Of the two fragments formed termootkosa termougol.This type of insulation material has a number of positive characteristics.

With the ability to withstand the marble chips sunlight material does not burn.Decorative coating is resistant to fire.Wide range of colors will pick termootkos for every taste.Winterizing slopes outside is a necessary measure, since the insulation only from the inside will not be able to completely prevent the penetration of cold air.

warming - slopes

Criteria for selection of the material for internal and external insulation

Material exterior slopes should have the following properties:

  • resistant to weather conditions over a long period;
  • resistance to deformation;
  • adhesive strength;
  • waterproof;
  • vapor permeability;
  • providing opportunities unhindered removal of mounting moisture seal.

for interior works choose the materials you need, according to the following criteria:

  • resistance to steam;
  • durability;
  • good adhesion.

warming process has its own nuances, depending on the design features of the outer wall:

  1. insulate the slopes is not necessary if the wall is composed of several layers, among which there is a heating material.As well as the presence of facade insulation walling.
  2. When single-layer outer wall preference should be given to insulating inserts that need to be placed around the perimeter of the window.
  3. Make sure that the insulation tightly to the ground, and do not form air layers.This can be achieved by firmly pressed to the surface of the material.

durability of insulation depends on several factors.In the first place - is the level of quality of the insulation.To select the high-quality material should pay attention to its cost, good insulation can not be cheap.Therefore, it is not recommended to acquire material relating to the low price category, it would be unjustified savings.Also, the insulation keeps its properties for a long period, the work to be performed in accordance with all technological requirements.


Options finishing

After completion of the warming of the slopes, if desired, they can be given an attractive and original look.You can do this in several ways.

  1. most common method of finishing slopes - painting.There are several technologies perform this type of work.The simplest is to apply the paint with a sponge.Pre-moistened sponge in the paint made prints on the surface.You can perform a combination of several colors.Another method - a coating ink with a stencil.
  2. interesting solution is to use cork.This material has good insulation qualities.Therefore, its use would solve the problem is not only decorative, but also to make the slopes even warmer.If desired, the panel of balsa wood can be covered with a layer of lacquer.
  3. on slopes can also pokleit wallpaper.



Thus, we can conclude that the warming of the slopes plays a significant role in the insulation space.At the same time equal importance is the implementation of thermal insulation works, both inside and outside buildings.Today, there is a significant range of thermal insulation materials and various methods of insulation.All process steps are based on simple, affordable action that allows you to perform insulation of slopes with their own hands.
Video warming slopes: