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December 12, 2017 00:14

How to choose wooden windows

If you want to install in your home windows, saving warmth and comfort, wooden windows will help you.The use of traditional materials in a modern interior brings a lot of benefits, and the windows in this regard is no exception.Unlike plastic double-glazed windows, windows made of eco-friendly wood, actually "breathe" - gently and naturally regulate indoor climate.In addition, they successfully combined with parquet flooring, door and furniture.Wooden windows are durable enough and the correct choice can last for many years.


Advantages of wooden windows with double-glazed

Contemporary wooden double-glazed windows:

  • combine the functional advantages of high-tech developments, as well as natural and environmentally friendly natural wood;
  • meet the highest functionality requirements - provide a rel
    iable thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as different moisture resistance, high strength and durability.Estimated lifetime of plastic window is 45-50 years, while wooden windows can last much longer (larch - up to 60-75, and oak - about 90 years).

Currently, residents of many countries gradually incline their choice in favor of wooden windows with double-glazed windows.According to statistics, in Europe about 70% of the windows are just wooden.


The advantages of wooden windows with double-glazed windows include:

  • their high aesthetic characteristics - wooden structures are classics that never go out of style.These windows will fit elegantly into any environment - a study, living room or bedroom;
  • environmental and water vapor permeability - basic functional advantage wooden frame is that it does not impede natural ventilation, "breathes" - hence, the air is able to circulate freely in the room even with the windows closed, in order to avoid accumulation of condensate on the glass in the cold season;
  • resistance to precipitation and temperature extremes;
  • durability and longevity of the operation;
  • high functionality in the form of high-quality thermal and sound insulation;
  • wooden frames lend themselves well to restoration and repair.

The choice of wood for windows

First of all it is necessary to choose a wooden frame material.They are made from the wood of coniferous (mostly pine) and hardwood (larch, oak, sometimes exotic materials - red meranti wood, mahogany, rosewood).By the advantage of softwood frames are their excellent thermal insulation properties, as well as the low price, so they are quite popular, although a number of characteristics lose frames from hardwood.



produces the following types of wooden windows with double-glazed windows:

  • windows from pine trees - coniferous wood retains heat well in the room, strong enough for the manufacture of frames, but it is quite soft and susceptible to mechanical damage,and deformation.In the production process to improve the water resistance often produce processing of the material with the help of special means of deep impregnation, which significantly reduces the water vapor permeability of a pine frame.By the advantages of using pine material is a nice golden color and a beautiful wood structure, as well as a low cost material.Windows made of pine are popular enough;
  • windows made of oak - wood, this refers to the elite, the frame of oak are valued for their beauty and durability, different saturated colors and unusual texture noble, characterized by a large proportion of high-strength and wear resistance is 2-2.5 times higher than that of pine.Like other modern wooden frame, oak frame made of laminated veneer lumber, but the front slat is made of solid wood.Oak wood passes antiseptic treatment and drying procedures, sanding, staining or varnishing.To this material requires a prolonged natural drying for three years, or by the use of a complicated procedure, Dehydrators, and it is difficult to machine.Oak frame is extremely strong and durable.Price data windows with glass is quite high;
  • windows of larch - wood, this refers to the hardwood timber along with oak, and its wood is much easier, and also differs considerably lower price.Frames made of larch differ strength and durability, moisture and fire resistant, can withstand significant changes in temperature;
  • windows from meranti (mahogany) - the most popular tropical wood for windows.Meranti has a high moisture resistance, suitable for installation in rooms with high humidity (eg, baths, basins).Wood is resistant to weathering and "biological attack" insects frame of such material is high-strength and durable;
  • aluminum clad wood windows - aluminum combine the advantages of traditional elegance and warmth of the wooden frame.Aluminium protects wood against weathering, mechanical and static load.Perhaps the painting of aluminum profiles in virtually any tone, as well as the use of frames for different types of wood.Windows wood-aluminum constructions are very durable and will last more than 50 years, their disadvantage is rather high cost.

Production of wooden windows


Before processing the wood is thoroughly checked, discarded materials with cracks, knots, signs of rot, defects.Large manufacturers carefully monitor the quality of the supplied raw materials and strictly control the process of treatment.

order to avoid twisting and changing the shape of the frame with time, in the manufacture of wooden windows as a raw material instead of solid wood file using a three-layer laminated veneer lumber (wood profile thickness of 78 mm), which significantly increases the strength of the finished product.The windows of the timber during the manufacturing process of paint cover compositions, after mounting, they do not require painting.Shrinkage of laminated window profile is not more than 1%, which means the subsequent stability of the shape and dimensions of the wooden frame.


material is carefully dried and treated with special drugs to protect against moisture and insects.Wooden frames are lacquered or stained with water based paints, do not interfere with "breathing" of the tree.

If was not sustained drying technology or subsequent storage timber, some time may experience the following problems:

  • distortion, changing shape and size of the frame, cracking, resulting in the need to replace the windows in a few years;
  • window may start to creak.

is important to check the quality of treatment - must not be uneven joints and rough spots.It is necessary that the frame and the paint was applied wings evenly.

Selecting glass

the following options for glazing wooden windows:

  • one or two glasses;
  • glazing;
  • combination of glass and glazing.

are commercially available window of virtually all shapes and sizes.The prices of wooden windows with double-glazed windows vary depending on the material and the complexity of manufacturing (from economy options to stylish luxury boxes in standard sizes as well as custom).


Heat and sound insulation of modern windows depends largely on the glass structure.Single chamber consists of two windows, combined with an aluminum frame.There are two or more chamber windows, the number of windows depends on the quality of sound and heat insulation space and the cost of the window.Dimensions of frames of wooden windows is strictly dependent on your window openings.

It should be borne in mind that an increase in the number of glasses worsening room lighting.

When using glass with a special coating, indistinguishable to the eye (so nazyvaemoego k-glass), the room will be kept cool in summer and warm in winter.

For optimal energy savings can be installed triple-pane windows with glass thick as 4 mm (standard thickness) and 6 mm.should choose glazed with glass of different thickness for the best noise isolation - he will be able to prevent the current resonance, and the street noise does not penetrate into the room.


glasses with mirror coated metal oxide different shades have sun functions and reduce visibility from the street.Laminated glass (triplex) with a special layer is characterized as impact resistance, effectively protects the room from the street noise, thus it looks like ordinary glass but is much stronger.

accessories Choice

Modern wooden windows are fitted with the same furniture that is used in the production of plastic windows.By the window fittings are:

  • handle;
  • swivel hinge;
  • locks;
  • fasteners window.

can be used both horizontal and vertical version of opening the valves.When choosing accessories you need to check the availability of factory marking the brand.It is also worth to note - if the products are present in the various influxes, it says that the hardware is made from substandard materials.

is necessary to take into account the weight of the valves, additional loops may be needed.For windows of the oak, due to the significant weight of the frame, you need to pick up a very solid fixture.

One of the conditions for a long service life of the window is its quality installation.Defects can occur, and a year after the purchase and installation, which is why it is important to choose a reputable trusted manufacturer.Good wooden windows manufactured using modern equipment in strict accordance with the technology, if the quality of installation and proper operation will serve you for decades.


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