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December 12, 2017 00:15

Grating on the window with his hands

Initially, bars on the windows began to put to protect their homes from intruders.But over time, people began to pay attention not only on the reliability of the design, but also on the fact whether such a fence would make the façade more attractive.


  • Simple grille
  • sliding grate with your hands
    • material for lattice
  • Installation gratings

Simple grille

Very often guard the windows people perceive,as a negative phenomenon, as a limitation of their freedom, why blacksmiths have come up with several types of construction.Make a grating on the windows you can own hands, for beginners masters have the easiest option, first ends of the valve openings left in the window, and then attach them to the bars and ready to decorate wrought iron products.It can be:

  1. peaks.
  2. Baskets.
  3. Wenzel.

To make the bars on the window with his hands, you need to stock up on metal strips or rods.

  1. Make measurements of the window, which will put the grill.
  2. Make a drawing of the future grid.
  3. Using drawings and calculations, bend the bars, or put them on top of each other and weld at the joints.
  4. to bars are not peeping out, it is necessary for the perimeter fence to make the frame.
  5. Check that the holes in the lattice were not large, it should not squeeze even a very thin man, to put it differently - it makes no sense.
  6. Simple grill ready and decorate it came the wrought products.Places lattice patterns and connections must be closed with special cutters, then they will not be visible to the general background and does not spoil the picture.For the protection of the home is the most suitable and simple design but with lattice decoration will become a design element.But such are the lattice order of magnitude more expensive than usual.

Wrought iron lattices

If your budget is limited, then you fit the usual welded grating.If you once held in the hands of the welding machine, you can try to make them yourself.The design of their simple and holds much more reliable than in forged variant, to the same design and they can be different.Their distinctive feature is that the shape they resemble geometric shapes, and all the parts are arranged symmetrically.The main elements can be called:

  1. arcs ovals.
  2. rings or portions thereof.
  3. cookie cutters, resembling the Latin letter «S».

Due to the fact that they look neat and are securely welded grating lead today in the selection of window guards.Incidentally, the lattice as a result will look like depends not solely on the hands of skilled craftsmen, and on whether it is made of any material.Examples bars on the window you can see in the photo.


wrought - sliding - grill

metal lattice - on - windows - 22

sliding grate with your hands

is difficult but possible to make the sliding grate and with his own hands.All the complexity lies in the mechanical part of the structure.Individual sections should not only shape, but also move.
design sliding lattice consists of:

  1. Rama, which is a guide for the movement of the lattice and is holding the entire structure.At the top and bottom of the frame has grooves in which rollers and drive.
  2. lattices, which will be divided into separate sections and rolling you need to connect them with each other.A top and bottom tie the roller mechanism.

To produce gratings on the windows must be:

  1. to manufacture a folding mechanism is necessary to prepare two plates for each segment between the bars.Make
  2. on plates by two holes at the edges and the middle one.Connect them together through holes (first crosswise and then at the edges).This should be done with steel rivets, because the plates must remain mobile.Such mechanisms should be three: the top, middle and bottom of the grating.
  3. Where the plates are connected to the hole in the middle, it is necessary to weld the upright.So you need to do immediately with the three mechanisms.Make sure that they remain in the extended state during the fastener elements.
  4. Attach end plates when they are in the deployed state to the frame with steel rivets.To flaps under its own weight does not jam, you need to put a guide to it by sliding bearings, it must be mounted on the edge of each leaflet.
  5. Install a lock or latch to the discretion of the owners.You can use latches or door locks.

Sliding lattice

material for lattice

As a material for a welded lattice can serve:

  1. bars.
  2. Metal square.
  3. profile combined.
  4. Metal band.

In order to save, you can use a metal band, but it is necessary to take into account the fact that they are cheaper than other materials, but also on the quality and reliability they also concede.Yes, and highly artistic products are difficult to call.From
metal rod or a square lattice can be made interesting to the window.Typically, the wizard takes the square of 1616, and the rod diameter of 2 cm. Grid window of the pipes are durable, but still most of the masters make the frame tubes and the inside structure of the other materials.Typically, in order to make the welded lattice take different materials and combining them.

1381175221_plastikovye - window - 10

Installation gratings

Mount grille are two options:

  1. The ends of the window opening.
  2. The pad on the window opening.

If the home is constructed of brick or concrete, the window openings need to score metal studs, so that in the end they were a couple of centimeters.The finished grille must be attached to the ends of the pins.

If the building is built of wood, then to the window frames need to attach lugs, through their holes to fasten screws to the ends of the design window.In the houses of laminated veneer lumber lattice installation can be carried out vnakladku.To do this, you need to drill holes for the screws across the wall.A design to hold steady, it has to be put on through bolts.This is the most reliable method of fixation of window guards, but it is not always acceptable, all zavisiti on how thick the walls and what kind of material used for construction.

possible to put the fence and in this way:

  1. Mark on the window frame, which will be attached grille pins.
  2. With Punch to make the marked locations recess.Installing the rods need, starting from the bottom and gradually moving to the top.
  3. Weld bars.This is the most reliable method of fixation of the fence.Welds can be as stationary grille and swing open.
  4. If the lattice has a loop, try not to damage them during the installation, otherwise you will not be able to open and close this design.

After install the grille, it is required to be painted, so you hide the weld area, and the construction will be completed once the form.Also, the paint will protect the metal from the damaging effects of natural phenomena, especially from moisture.So grill will last longer.

Likewise, you can attach and sliding grilles, but they still need to mount rails, which will move the whole structure.Also, if the sliding lattice, then they are easier to crack, and therefore need to be protected against burglary.Runners can hide behind a variety of decorative elements, most commonly plants in pots.

there is another option for self-installation design - a removable grille.They are mounted on special hooks, with the grating must be in itself is not severe.But this construction experts do not consider reliable, but rather performs a decorative function and not become an obstacle to the attacker.Also, this type of grating is appropriate when you will soon be replacing the windows.

But in terms of reliability in the lead lattice that set indoors.For example, all banks put just such a design.Experts believe that to break into a lattice, you need to spend a lot more time than the one that is installed outside.But if such a way to put design at home, you have to redo the slopes of the windows, because the existing installation will be damaged.

Sliding lattice - your - hands
There are situations, such as fire, when the grid will become a trap for the owners of the house.In this case, can help sliding or hinged grille.This kind of design can be seen in many public buildings, because the installation of a continuous lattice permission to fire department would not give.

Sliding grilles can be opened to its width is almost completely (80%).If you do own a grill, be sure to see to it that the castle was with her inside.But the key to this lock must be stored out of reach of children.