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December 12, 2017 00:15

How to make skylights

Attic is a superstructure housing the top floor under the roof.Because of its location, this room has a lot of design features.All these features are imprinted not only on the overall arrangement of the attic, and inlay on its windows.


design features of the attic

Since the attic is located directly under the roof, there are many features in its design, which directly affect themselves and windows.First of all we are talking about the slope, which determines the shape of the room.The house has a pent roof attic has a wall at an angle, in a house with a gable roof - two.The windows in this case is constructed in the slope, they will be inclined.In a second embodiment of the window made in direct front of the room, but more often they have an irregular shape.All these nuances are reflected in the subsequent design of the window.


When making the attic space into account the fact of its incorrect form.There inappropriate straight lines and classic solutions.Optimally suited for the room wrong and jagged lines in all elements of the decor.Skylights decorate using eaves, but also require a number of additional elements, which will be described below.

Types skylights

Because of the unusual shape of the room dormer windows in the manufacture and installation of projects identified for a special approach.But the advantage in this situation appears that there is an opportunity to experiment with shapes, sizes and modifications.

roof window is able to create in the room a unique stylish way that will transform it completely.The standard position of the window - at an angle to the wall directly to the roof plane.The height from the floor is chosen arbitrarily and is not particularly precise standards.The same applies to the number of structural elements of the windows, they do any number, any arbitrary shape and opening process.In general roof windows are divided into the following groups:

  • Classic windows in the mansard roof.This structure is mounted directly to the slope.A window disposed in such an embodiment, only at an angle at any convenient height.Area and design are selected at random.


  • vertical skylights.Mounted in the roof slope, but not tilted, and in a vertical position.This is accomplished through the visor, which covers a roof window.This visor as it grows out of the roof of a square box.On the inside of the box will have a very deep ditch.The amount of light passing through the window is significantly smaller than a conventional inclined design, but it provides ample opportunity in the decor.Vertical roof windows sizes are very different, in some cases, they are transformed into a small balcony.


  • Facade or soffit box.If we look from the point of view of technical terminology, then this is not an attic window, since its installation is carried out according to the type of the classic.These windows are installed in multideck under the roof, they are placed at a right angle and are used as a panorama.The design starts from the floor or at a different height.Lack cornice window that due to structural features of the room, it does not transmit to it a large quantity of light.Advantages - possibility to use the box as a classic, to place flowers on the windowsill and watch over him for everything that happens on the street.Often facade windows are balcony blocks with a door that leads to an open porch or balcony.An interesting structural solution is direct access from the attic through the facade door.In this case, a balcony leading to the street equipped external staircase.Possibility of installation of such a construction is due to the number of storeys of the building.


  • transformed into a balcony window.An interesting design, which, thanks to its artful system of opening and closing, easily transformed into a balcony.This flap forms a small area, or do without it.Very convenient solution that helps to adjust the room for different seasons and weather conditions.During summer, when the need a large inflow of air into the room, windows are transformed into a balcony and provide it.In winter, the whole structure is tightly closed and provides thermal insulation of the attic.Another advantage of this design - it does not require seasonal insulation as is the case with conventional balcony.


  • light tunnel.If you can not install the full window, then come to the aid of the light tunnel in some attic rooms.Most often, this method of light in the attic resorted to if the roof structure does not allow to install other window.For example, if the ceiling between the attic and the roof covering has a thick layer of technical space, floors and beams, which can not be dismantled.Light tunnel looks like an ordinary pipe, one end of which opens onto the roof, and the other in the room.To increase the light stream, tube equipped dispersing bubble.


  • Combined windows.If the design features of the room does not allow us to establish a greater number of windows, the yield will increase the size of existing ones.In this case, combined with the soffit window facade.The window is extended until the end of the roof, and at this point supplement the small front insert.This design will flow into the room more light and also very unusual complement the interior.The disadvantage of this design only in the fact that a design will have pretty tricky.Shows such skylights pictured below.


features skylights

Skylights are distinguished from ordinary lot.First of all, it is the very form of the window, which is rarely rectangular, and often has a plurality of slats.Secondly, in this part of the house often openings are angled.Third, the roof windows are of particular opening and closing system, which corresponds to the function they perform.The frame of the window is rotated, tilted or perform both of these actions immediately.The opening mechanism is equipped with door closers and clamps that hold the open state inclined frame.Some designs allow you to deploy the frame 360 ​​degrees, without removing it from its hinges.

8 affects the design of skylights and features of the room.Since it is directly under the open sky, windows let in more light, and with it the heat.Because of the window on the roof carefully protected to keep out the heat in summer.Protection is expressed in this particular coat weight, which is used for curtains.All the designs are equipped with a system that allows you to remove them, letting the light in the room, or to lower back.

Due to the fact that the roof windows are at an angle, for them not to apply the usual system of curtains and shutters.For this type of windows are available special designs that have a variety of different hardware and backups to help keep the curtain in the right position with respect to space.Or on the roof windows blinds install homemade and all fasteners systems buy and equip yourself.

Making roof window

most simple and standard design options for the attic windows - blinds or curtains.Applicable in the case of options and there are many styles.As for the windows, then when you make should first be defined, it is necessary to protect from the sun, breaking or as a decorative element.As protection from the sun are the best option exterior shutters or blinds.These designs are set inside, but in this case will warm the glass itself, and with it the entire room.

External blinds act as a heat shield and in the cold season, do not let the heat out of the room.Another advantage of roller blinds - protection against mechanical damage windows and attic insulation.Minus their that performing protective functions, they are not decoration element.


Another option of protection from the sun - awnings.This thin web of material which passes light, but scatters it, reducing the heat supplied to the room.Perform additional role and mosquito nets, if installed as an additional screen.When you open the window, the Marquis remains in place, and if there is a need, easily folds and retracts.

Alternative design of roof windows - interior shutters of various types and designs.Making roof window with his hands, it is possible to produce and install the shutters of any shape and configuration.The only caveat, which is necessary to consider - installation for mounting the valves on sloping windows.For example, to install conventional hooks or bolts that will hold the flap against the wall and did not give them hang down.

Skylights improved by lining - additional sections of the window.For example, in a rectangular aperture is more semicircular top section, which is attached to the window view of the mysterious medieval battlements.Overlays do deaf or opening, in this case they act as vents to ventilate the room in bad weather.The best decorative elements to an existing windows are curtains and blinds.

blinds on skylights

blinds are the easiest to install and operate way decor skylights.Due to their design, they are suitable for sloping designs, openings for simple or complex shapes.The main advantage of this design is that it is mounted directly on the frame and does not interfere with the window open in any position.This is especially true for those types of windows that do not open in the standard version, and unfold or spinning.The second important advantage - the ability to easily adjust the amount of air entering the room.


For windows in the attic are suitable for both classic blinds and pleated blinds.This design is a harmonica, which is going to the bottom, top or in two directions simultaneously.For windows irregularly shaped pleats are simply irreplaceable, as are produced in a variety of configurations.

third type of blinds - roller blinds.By design, they are similar to classical blinds, only the basis of their not made of dense horizontal or vertical bars, and whole cloth.

Curtains - is a cross between conventional curtains and blinds classic.Pitched roof window blinds are fixed over the entire height of the window, thanks to no need to use a special mounting structure for holding in position.This mounting system leaves gaps on the sides of the closed curtains.When opening the curtain is rolled into a tight tube at the top of the window opening is adjusted manually.When folded, the roller blind on the window is almost imperceptible.

Blinds for roof window

Conventional curtains for the windows in the attic are not the most appropriate and convenient option.Due to the structural features of these windows is to install curtains on them is problematic.But if it is selected as the decor curtains, then install them using some tricks.


  1. first option to install blinds on skylight - the use of two eaves.This is especially significant for inclined windows.A curtain rod holder performs a function and is mounted at the top of the window.The second ledge required to keep the curtains in position, it does not allow it to fall vertically downwards.Positioning a second cornice selected individually depending on the design and size of the window.For example, if it is inclined window that ends near the beginning of the line the walls, it is optimal to place a second ledge on the corner where the inclined wall passes in a straight line.Such an arrangement will create a composition along the sloping windows and form a beautiful folds under.Keep in mind the distance between the cornice and the wall, it should be enough to press tightly against the curtain and not let it slip out of the holder.
  2. Another option curtains on two ledges - holes.On the second level of the cornice in fabric made holes through which the curtain is strung onto the ledge.This design makes it easy to push the curtains and lock it in position.If the window is small size, it has a ledge at the very bottom of the curtain and pull between the two bindings tightly enough that it does not hang down.To fix the fabric on the cornice also use Velcro to allow the creation of any, even the most complex composition.


To curtains securely held on the second ledge and crawled, their secure the eyelets, tie tacks, or nodes.

takers and grommets - is not just a fastener, but also an element of the decor, which is chosen based on the total composition curtains.For windows placed high current setting mechanized system that controls how the window itself, and its decorative elements.

As for fabric blinds for roof windows, you do not have certain rules here.Place the thick heavy fabrics or light lace curtains.The only recommendation to the choice of curtains - pay attention to the material foiled coating which would delay the heat from the sun.