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December 12, 2017 00:15

Combined window the advantages and disadvantages

Window is an integral component of any dwelling that faces a number of requirements.The design should provide air microcirculation, to cover the space with natural light, keep the optimum temperature, as well as to protect the room from the noise.Comfort, aesthetic appeal and reliability of windows - the determining factors in the selection, which combined have a modern design.

Variety of combo boxes

reason for the increase in demand for window combined is that they are made on technologies that are constantly updated production facilities are modernized,improved finishing materials and this affects the quality of the final product.An important role in the choice of the windows assigned to their practicality and high specifications.


Wood-aluminum construction

This type of product is the most common today, due to which they are often equated with the concept of combined windows.Due to the undeniable merits of design, wood-aluminum products firmly taken the position in its market segment.

The advantages include windows :

  • environmentally friendly natural material manufacturing;
  • ensure low heat and sound conductivity;
  • opportunity harmonious combination with any interior home;
  • aluminum components are resistant to corrosion;
  • lightness and strength of the structure;
  • preserving the structural characteristics at varying temperatures.

By Disadvantages:

  • need for protection of wood components from atmospheric exposure;
  • lifetime does not exceed 70 years.


Finnish type

Similar wooden windows differ by the presence in the construction of two separate types of flaps: the inner frame is made of wood, and the outer is made of aluminum.This allows you to open each by using them separately.

Reliability The design provides a special rod, which at one end is fixed on the outer wing is fixed.And other end can move along the inner frame and mount it in the desired position.The distance between them is 95 to 200 mm, which allows to provide reliable sound and heat insulation space.

Important! The inner frame is equipped with standard glazing and the outer leaf has single glass, which on request can be a mirror, sun or shockproof.

Among the most popular Finnish producers can be identified:

  • TIIVI;
  • DOMUS;

Benefits Finnish type:

  1. Ability to install blinds in the space between the frames.
  2. DOMUS company produces windows for Windows VAC technology, which provides the appearance of naturalness of the wood due to the special impregnation.
  3. Construction TIIVI brands have paired sash.
  4. Windows FENESTRA manufacturer equipped with technology that prevents the emergence on the wood frame of dark spots.


  • windows open only in one plane;
  • designs have a lot of weight.


Swedish type

This design has two frames, connected by a static method.The outer leaf is equipped with a single Swedish window glass and is made of aluminum, and the inside of the window is glazed.Today, the most famous manufacturer of window type is the Swedish firm TIIVI.

Advantages :

  • ability to open the frame in two planes;
  • opportunity equipment hinged window fittings;
  • thickness profile of the box, reaching the figure of up to 105 mm, allows to mount the blinds inside the window.

disadvantage lies in the fact that the static structure complicates dismantling of internal components in the event that they will fail.


German type

Windows systems of this type are a striking contrast to the analogue - they lack the second wing.The window frame is made from one of wood, which is fastened on the protective plate of aluminum.For greater reliability and improve performance characteristics of the design, pad fits most tightly and fixed to the timber by means of clips.


  • reliability and durability;
  • ease of installation;
  • easy care;
  • ability to change the lining, in the case of unfitness;
  • weathering resistance.


  • need varnishing wood components;
  • fire hazardous material.

information on key aspects of the choice of wood-aluminum windows can be seen on a fragment:

Aluminium-wooden structures

Windows with a combination of materials look like an aluminum profile, which is the inner part of the profile is encased with wood.From space this design looks quite aesthetically pleasing, thanks to various overlays of wood design.Robust and reliable coupling the outer and inner slats provides thermal barrier - a special strap, made of fiberglass.It allows you to isolate and keep warm in a residential area by interrupting the flow of heat.


  • fire safety of materials used;
  • aluminum components are durable, light and durable;
  • design endures weathering;
  • aluminum is easy to care for, it's slower polluted than the polycarbonate and to clean by any means;
  • possibility of creating a window structures of any shape, such as opening, size and color.


  • high cost of materials;
  • need for staining wood profile components.


laths are made from different types of wood, which is pre-impregnated with a special compound.The thickness of this element is 20 to 25 mm, they are equipped with a rubber seal and reliably protect the space from moisture, noise and pollution.In addition, the range of the proposed combination of aluminum-wooden windows, there are special designs, designed for use in cold and windy weather conditions.

most famous manufacturers:

  • DECCO;
  • FORIS;
  • WDS;


Wood-polymer construction

Combined windows wood-plastic has not yet gained its popularity in the domestic space, but it does not diminish their merits.This design is a wooden profile, which is protected by a plastic component on the outside.PVC-based component is fixed to the sash by means of special holders.They allow you to eliminate the structural tension that arises from the difference between the rates of expansion of materials - PVC and wood.

advantages of wood-plastic windows:

  • vlagootvoda equipped with the system;
  • not require special care;
  • due to variability decorative plastic components windows harmonize with the different design solutions.


  • fire hazardous material;
  • expensive installation;
  • stronger seal profile, the less air flow provides a window.


Polymeric-aluminum windows

This type of construction involves the production of window profiles made of plastic, which for greater security is covered with aluminum plate on the outside.These products have many advantages, but also different varieties of decorative variability, thereby easily fit into the design of the building facade.


  • plastic windows with aluminum protection strong enough and light;
  • by the secondary camera inside the profile, the design provides good thermal insulation and sound insulation;
  • profile differs durability;
  • products retain performance in changing temperature conditions;
  • the windows easy to care for, as appropriate, any household chemicals.


  • formation freezing frost on the mounting components and guides that can impede the rapid opening of the system during the cold season;
  • windows combined for the price losers counterparts, but wins in quality.


accessories designs

Modern window constructions made with a combination of different materials to provide a variety of options to improve the comfort of their use.Presented accessories for sale not only improve the performance of the products, but also bring comfort in the living space.Consider the main types of accessories for combo boxes.

  1. Mosquito net - designed to protect the interior of the room from the entry of insects, mosquitoes, dust.They also serve a protective function for the pets to prevent them from falling out of windows.
  2. Blinds - help to reduce the flow of sunlight entering the room.They can be mounted inside the profile and outside the structure.
  3. Shutters - help protect premises against dirt, wind, insulate the room from the noise and other household irritants.Also shutters are the protective element against unwanted intruders.
  4. Ventilation valves - provide fresh air from entering the living space by adjusting the humidity balance.
  5. windows - help arrange to your liking the light opening, considering the decorative, heat protection, sound insulation, etc.


Among optional accessories for composite window profiles, you can also select such components accessories:

  • automated control ventilation;.
  • child lock function;
  • micro ventilation mode;
  • remote control transoms and shutters;
  • locks with vandal-proof locks.


care combined windows

Features care combined window constructions depend on the manufacturer and product type of material.However, in manufacturing such windows similar materials are often used, and therefore may be summarized as general guidelines for their content.

  1. carefully monitor the sealing tape on the frame.The profiles of the combined type should be no less clean than 2 times a year, and impregnated with a special oil.
  2. Every six months clean and apply oil to all moving parts of fittings, its fastening components.
  3. Regularly clear a blockage in the drainage channels - holes specifically designed to remove accumulated moisture inside the window profile.