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August 12, 2017 18:06

Production of wooden windows with their hands

Wooden windows have a proven history and reputation.It is no secret that they are far preferable to plastic windows.You can not always find the right size and design of the finished window.Custom wooden box with his hands is not difficult, if you have skills in woodworking, and you are familiar with woodworking tools.



important point- to choose the right wood.The windows are made of oak for centuries, but the Oak expensive and difficult to process the material.In addition, there is no guarantee that it was dried on technology.Select for the manufacture of wooden windows glued board from any species of wood.This assures you that the window is not ready wagged from moisture and is not offended.It is desirable that the board has a homogeneous structure, no knots and dark spots.

preparatory work and construction of a window box


In the window opening must be embedded.The mortgage is a wooden bars fixed on the perimeter of the window.They attached a long box with screws and by twisting and loosening screws, adjustable for right angles, vertical and horizontal.The amount depends on the window inserts sizes, but in any case should be at least three for each side.Before installing the window unit, the window sill must be fastened in place.

  1. for window boxes suitable dry board, about 50h150 mm.The board, eat through "L" - shaped grooves on both sides, to the right abutment of the frame.The attachment points of window hinges is sampled using a chisel or a chisel-sized ear loops.
  2. Connection boards window box is placed on a spike.The horizontal profile boards sawed rectangular stud and vertical - the size of a thorn eye.For rigid fixation of the box in the corner of the end planes drilled holes for cylindrical wooden pin, which sits on the carpenter's glue.Absolute rigidity is not worth pursuing.A small gap is eliminated during the installation of wooden windows in the prepared opening.

frame Production and window frames made of wood


for wooden window frame is fine cohesive well-dried lumber 50x50 mm.The geometry of the profile of the window frame has a complex configuration, and if you do not know what a drip or low tide, the necessary parts can be ordered and pierced in the near carpentry workshop.

  1. Simple dull cover for the frame into three panes - the easiest.You will need six bars of the same section.In bars made by counting the spikes and eyelets.The sample can be done using a jigsaw and electroplane profile.
  2. In the middle of the side rails of the frame are made deaf or through eyelets.You can make a hole with a drill or a brace.On the inner side of the frame corner joints and binding metal reinforced flat area, and the compounds themselves sit on the adhesive and fixed round wooden stud.
  3. collected the details frame, folding or stripped zenzubel.The spikes and eyelets have tightly adjacent to each other.Formed in the process of slits or cracks sealed with wood putty.
  4. on vertical frame bars and boxes made selections for the loop BTE.To do this, apply a frame to the box and make the risks in the field of fastening loops.Sampling is done with a chisel.
  5. on the lower and middle horizontal rail outer binding developing are low tides.Their shape is different, as a polygon, rectangle or trapezoid, but underneath it must be VALLEY - drip edge.This longitudinal sample at a distance of 1 - 1.5 cm from the outermost edge of 5x5 mm, semicircular or rectangular.
  6. done groove, and on the crest of the frame for mounting tide in the bars.Before installing the ebb zapilivajut from the porch at 60 °, and from under the flaps 45 °.Thrown tides on carpenter's glue and an additional fixed with nails.

Construction casement window leaf with

wooden box for cottages 1

Useful Features pane is difficult to overestimate.If you are not afraid of the process of manufacture of wooden window with his hands, then with a little effort, you can build it and the window.

  1. In the classical "T" - shaped cover, add a vertical profile rails.For opening the vents into the room, to the previously selected Pfalz, nails or screws are fixed overhead bars.
  2. For vents designed to open outwards selected deeper folds fixing overhead bars.The vestibule is either smooth or with overlap.Naplav, planed and sewn after manufacturing windows.It can be arranged from the porch, it interferes with the penetration of drafts.
  3. Most often vents do on a single spike, but it is possible and on a double.Angles, flat reinforced metal corners.Vents can arrange in any binding, regardless of the configuration of the profile bar.They can be incorporated into a ready-made and installed window.For information on how to make your own wooden box, the video will show in the end of the article clearly.

Installing window unit into the prepared opening


Installation of wooden windows with his hands - probably the easiest process.The window unit with a box made of 3 - 5 cm less than the window opening.This is done in order to be able to correctly set and adjust the finished window.

  1. Ready window unit soak hot natural drying oil, two or three times with antiseptic and cover.On the outer perimeter of the box fasten the strip Rubemast or roofing material.You can miss the mark with a waterproof sealant.
  2. Glazing promazhte frame shelves clear waterproof silicone.Small studs obkusite pliers on both sides, in this case, the stud does not split the bead.Loosely pin on the bead, also missed a thin layer of transparent silicone and nail gently tapping a small hammer.
  3. glazed window unit is exposed in the opening window.Screw length unit is fixed in the wooden mortgages and adjustable.With the help of a spirit level and carpenter's corner, exhibiting box on all planes.Alternately twirling and releasing screws, achieves perfect condition boxes and abutting frame.

space in the opening between the frame and the wall is filled with foam.After a couple of hours, you can remove the excess foam, plaster sections and decorate frames.Then the box can be painted or lacquered open.