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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to get rid of misting

In cold condensation appears on some windows.On the old wooden windows, the phenomenon is much rarer than in the new PVC windows.Sometimes fogging of plastic windows, or other occurs after the insulation and sealing gaps.Sometimes the windows start to mist over for no apparent reasons for this.


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Most often this phenomenon manifests itself in the kitchen with a badhood.The vapor that appears at boiling during cooking, accumulates and condenses on the cold surface of the glass.Manifestation of condensation inside the glass - testifies to its depressurization and the only solution is to replace it.

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Causes of condensation on the window panes

  1. condensate - in fact, a pair of transition in the liquid state during the transition "dew point."The main reason for the appearance of moisture on the glass windows, the air is a reduction in the street and high hum
    idity in the room.
  2. significant impact on the appearance of the condensate is a state of ventilation.With the onset of cold weather, many are trying to preserve the warmth and neglected even basic ventilation of the room.
  3. often tears the appearance on the glass contributes to excessive sealing.But it happens and vice versa, when the gap between the windows gets warm and moist air and collides with the cold glass.
  4. The apartment, a lot of sources for the evaporation of moisture.Sami people exhaling, raise humidity.There are fish tanks, flower pots, bathroom and kitchen.
  5. heavy and thick curtains can interfere with ventilation and natural air circulation.Often, a replacement heat affects the well-established in the home microclimate.

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fogged glass in wooden frames

  1. Old wooden window misting rarely.This is due to the traditional installation methods.At the opening of the window, under the standard frame, the installation provided for the sink sand bag, which leveled moisture balance and provided for the condensate drain.
  2. After replacing the old wooden windows with new, flow is blocked, and the windows start to mist up.Radiators, specially placed under the window openings.Input from the heat, not only blew warm window panes, but also contribute to the overall air circulation in the apartment.
  3. New large and wide window sills can prevent entry of the heat flow.Heat shields will help to overcome this trouble.They are easy to make, even on their own.Narrow plates, covered with silver foil, mounted at an angle of 30 ° or 60 ° with respect to the heat source unit to the window on the window sill.
  4. Incorrect operation and errors in the preparation for the winter period, can cause condensation.During the preparation of the windows for the winter period, pay attention to the condition of the rubber seal.It must be flexible and pasted uniformly around the perimeter of the window frame.
  5. Periodically rubber seal requires treatment with an alcohol cleaner, be careful that the rubber does not dry and does not lead to seal failure.It is unacceptable from entering the grooves of dirt and dust.If the rubber gasket has worn, it is easy to replace yourself.


methods to combat fogging of plastic windows

  1. Old and proven way to put a thick decorative candle on the windowsill.These candles are designed for several hours of burning.The effect of the candle will appear once the candle flame promotes active movement of the air, although releases little heat.
  2. At the same time, to repair all leaking taps, cover the aquarium and make the prevention of exhaust systems.Remove from the window sill flower gorshki.Mozhno put on the window sill and a fan to direct air flow to the window, and then wipe the glass with a cloth soaked in vinegar.Clean at least once a week.
  3. There are old folk remedy demisting windows in the apartment.A solution is prepared which includes a portion of the medical glycerin 20 parts pure alcohol.The composition is added a few drops of aromatic essential oils.It is recommended to wipe a mixture of not less than once every 15 days.
  4. In the automobile sells a variety of chemicals from misting.You can also use them.Applied these funds to clean and dry the surface of the glass.The effect of such means short-lived, expensive and unsafe for health.
  5. If fogging PVC windows occurs in the middle of the glass, so there was a depressurization.Independently impossible to fix the problem.Closer to the summer, it evaporates itself, but with the onset of cold weather reappear.Masters, of course, may try to restore the seal, but it will likely have to replace the glazing.It is best to behave triple-pane windows.Now there are PVC windows with two modes - summer and winter, you just need to remember in time to transfer Modes seasonal.
  6. often cause fogging of plastic windows windows are errors during the installation, assembly and designing.Incorrect slopes or invisible to the naked eye misalignment can contribute to improper heat transfer and cause the appearance of condensed moisture on the pane of plastic windows and inside it.Remember that regular airing of the premises, at least twice a day, will help in the fight against fogging window panes.