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December 12, 2017 00:14

a barbecue with their hands Garden

Many see the cottage as a holiday destination.Often picnics are held here in the fresh air, which is often accompanied by the preparation of delicious kebabs.As you know, it takes place where you can make a fire.They can be a gazebo with a barbecue, which is not hard to do with their hands.The main thing that it was fireproof.How to build this building?


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use different materials for the manufacture of the gazebo with barbecue.This is important to keep this building in harmony with the landscape in the area.The basic materials for the construction of such buildings are often wood, brick or metal.If you do not know which one to use, take the wood.Pergolas Garden of it will fit well in almost any plot style.After all, a versatile material can be called a tree on the right, which allows to realize the most daring fantasie


The advantages of wooden gazebos and barbecues can be attributed the fact that the material itself is available.Tools to handle it is easy to obtain.In addition, if such a construction process special media, it will be long and reliably for many years.More should be noted also that the construction process takes a little time and, more importantly, is relatively simple.Thus it is possible to use lightweight base.

barbecue for the garden ,

gazebo with a barbecue made of bricks need a full-fledged basis.This material is commonly used for the construction of capital construction.Brick gazebo for the garden will be more expensive than wood.And, perhaps, this is the only serious drawback of such a construction.

Virtues brick gazebo much more.If the structure is being built with a barbecue, an important advantage is its fire safety.After all, the brick building is not afraid of sparks that can easily occur when cooking in the grill.In addition, the structure of this material does not require any special care.These gazebos for the garden does not need frequent repair.After all, the brick itself is a very strong and durable material.In addition, because it is possible to build a gazebo enclosed barbecue, which can shelter from any weather vagaries, whether it is rain, snow or wind.So here you can even celebrate the New Year.

much harder to build a gazebo wrought.Especially if the necessary skills and a sufficient amount of free time.The cost of such an arrangement depends largely on the design and complexity.Crafting allows you to create a truly unique gazebo that can be characteristic of any garden.And the BBQ can be erected in the same style with a gazebo.In the same style may make garden benches and other decor section, made by forging.

Wrought iron garden furniture is durable construction.The service life can be increased significantly by using powder coating, alkyd, enamel and solutions.These tools allow you to prevent corrosion.

Often site owners choose construction, in the construction which combines several materials.Their properties are often complementary.For example, there is a glazed arbor with barbecue made of bricks in which there are elements of forging as a decoration.

materials gazebo with barbecue

on the photo - brick - building

If so you have in mind to do a barbecue in a building, you do not get to do without the Open-Fire.That is what must be considered when choosing the material.Therefore it is necessary to provide good fire safety.Therefore, you can not use flammable or explosive materials.Take care not only about their comfort, but also security.

Before selecting materials for the construction of such a structure, we recommend the following tips:

  1. Perhaps the most common gazebos erected of brick or stone.But the tree does not prohibit anyone to use.It is only necessary to protect it from fire.This is done with special protective structures.
  2. If the barbecue is provided compartment under the woodpile, it is recommended that other elements made from concrete blocks.Here, as the material for the furnace and the flue is best to use refractory furnace brick.
  3. It is important to choose the right metal for metal barbecue items.For this purpose, it is recommended to use a cast iron, which has good resistance to high temperatures.Moreover, this material is not burns, durable and, most importantly, safe.More for this purpose it is possible to use stainless steel with a titanium coating.
  4. Sometimes erection of structures used ordinary steel.However, this is not recommended, because it burns quickly, not resistant to high temperatures.Furthermore, when it is heated slag formed, which may get into the food.
  5. Sex in the summer gazebo with barbecue is best to put the refractory tiles.If you want to still be used for this purpose, the usual stuff, be sure to soak it flame retardant (protective) composition.

By the way, the floor of the gazebo and its porch is desirable to fix tiles, lined with a certain bias.The most difficult part will be to create this very bias that usually amounts to 2 degrees.It was he who allows the water flow to the holes in the side of each output.The same gutters are usually in the bottom of the cap.This slope to avoid the accumulation of moisture and, consequently, the people in the gazebo will be comfortable.

How to make your own hands gazebo with barbecue


In this case, it is important to take into account the key features of the garden plot, where the construction will be carried out.And the place for the future gazebos must be selected in advance.It is best to pick up a piece of land, located in the shade.This area must be flat, without deviations.

variant of metal

phased order of execution of works:

  1. When the site is picked up, you can start doing layout of the foundation.The size of the basis depends on the type of materials used, and the type of oven.You can use ready-made projects with barbecue arbors or create your own.
  2. different types of foundation, but it is better suited for the belt base that can be used for this construction.Such a framework could withstand the weight of construction and barbecue.In any case, the foundation must be laid to a depth of at least 330 mm.
  3. At the bottom of the trench must be excavated to pour sand layer 80 mm thick.After that should be put on top of a metal mesh or rebar.You can then proceed to grouting.
  4. When finished with pouring concrete, you can do masonry.The first two rows is recommended to lay a continuous layer.Then you need to mark the location of the niches under the wood.It is laid out in seven rows of solid brick.
  5. After the erection of the niche you need to lay down smoke box and pipe.The upper portion of the tube must be protected from precipitation using a metal sheet.When
  6. brick BBQ is ready to do the erection of walls around it.Remember, in the construction of a barbecue gazebo for the garden is recommended to use more than one material, and a combination of several.For example, the furnace can be applied to heat-resisting metal, a hearth wall made of brick or stone.
  7. Even if mounted grill is made of a different material (brick), the foundation of the gazebo should be of sufficient strength.If platiniruetsya build a stone oven, be sure to consider all the features of the construction of such a structure.
  8. It is important not to forget to make the hood.Otherwise, the smoke can quickly spoil all the pastime in the gazebo.Hood, usually made of bricks or a metal.
  9. Depending on the size of the basis for the gazebo can require laying transverse lag.If this was done, but they then plank board.The bars can be placed close to each other or to leave between them a gap of about 11-22 mm.In the second case, to carry out garbage collection, accumulated after cooking in the grill, obviously, it will be easier.
  10. If gazebo capital, its walls can be raised to the level of the roof.Though, instead of the walls may be simple to erect parapets of brick, wood or other suitable materials.And their optimal height is 1.1-1.5 m. On top of the parapets are fixed railing.
  11. midspan and at the corners, you must install the pillars section 550 to 550 mm.In fact, they can be made thicker.Most importantly, they were able to withstand the roof.For pent roof on the one hand supports usually set about 220 mm larger in height than the poles on the other side.Thus, you get the desired slope.
  12. Along the long wall gazebo on poles need to consolidate logs, after which an equal distance from each other on their stuffed-section bars 40 to 40 mm.Then, it can be installed on the roof of roofing material.As it is possible to use polycarbonate, slate, metal or corrugated board.

If you know that you can not build a gazebo with a barbecue with his hands, then ask for help in companies that are engaged in construction of such facilities.There you will be able to pick up a ready-made drawings gazebo with barbecue.This, of course, will cost a bit more expensive than the work carried out by himself.However, this option will allow as soon as possible to build at his dacha a cozy sitting area, a gazebo with barbecue.

Construction area barbecue

Stationary barbecue

phased order of execution of works:

  1. to furnace must be filled with a separate foundation, which must also be secured reinforcing cage.To prepare for the basis of a mixture of cement used №300.
  2. When the concrete hardens the base, it is necessary to lay the waterproofing sheets are then placed bricks.And from the outside by the red lining, and inside - heat-resistant.
  3. To prepare the solution for masonry mix 3 parts clay and 1 part sand.Water should be added so that the consistency of the solution was similar to sour cream.The base of the furnace as a result of future masonry reminiscent of the shape of the letter P. The height of the structure shall be approximately 1.1 m.
  4. In the process of masonry between the sides must be installed at a distance of 260 mm from each other two grids of cast iron.The upper is used for cooking, and on the bottom is prepared coals.It is important to install over the top of the chimney grate.
  5. In order to facilitate the laying of a brick, a pair of pins can be used about 420 mm long.These supports in the process of laying the cap during the construction of corners and columns are fixed directly to the solution.If you take them as a guide, it can be evenly spaced bricks.
  6. After another series of pins are pulled out and relocated on the next row as a solution.This method allows you to lay out the base of regular geometric shape.In addition, all the columns are obtained smooth adjustment.


above one of the simplest designs has been described.It is somewhat more complicated to erect barbecue shaped base E. This structure provides two recesses at the bottom that can be used for storing wood.To this end the upper part is better to make the refractory brick and the bottom of gazosilikonovyh blocks.

Often barbecue design provides not only the furnace, which is the basis, but also some additional features.It turns multifunction oven.For example, there can also be arranged sink with all necessary equipment and lateral compartments are designed for cutting jobs.

What are barbecues


Today on sale there are different designs ready barbecues.Consider just some of them.By the way, to determine the structures should be more in the design.Thus, we consider the main varieties:

  1. The simplest, perhaps, is folding collapsible grills that are in the folded state are folding suitcase, fits easily into a car trunk.Among the shortcomings should be noted the fact that its walls can be easily deformed.Furthermore, they do not tolerate prolonged heating of the wood and can not be used in them.
  2. One of the most popular today are metal grills.They have earned their "glory" due to its reliability, low weight and long service life.Steel walls retain heat well, and in the box you can successfully build a fire.Furthermore, the steel does not corrode grill and does not require frequent maintenance.Above it is possible to mount the grill, a skewer of meat or skewer for roasting.
  3. most appropriate for the gazebo, perhaps, is a cast-iron grill.Constructions of this type are very durable.Furthermore, they consume cooking much less fuel than other options.Thus they are easy to use.
  4. a long time can last brick barbecues.Only they need a reliable and strong enough basis.It is important that he was able to withstand the weight of heavy construction.
  5. For people who for their own reasons do not like the smell of smoke or open fire, but the desire to cook tasty meat in his country, quite acceptable option would be an electric grill.

Gazebo with barbecue: photo


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