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December 12, 2017 00:15

Pent truss system : construction technology

Shed roofs developing are in different buildings.Optionally, it should be a barn, garage, sauna and utility room.Such roofs are used in complex roof structures cottages.Pent truss system is somewhat simpler in design than the gable and thus requires less cost and materials.Fitted pent roof truss system is covered soft roll materials or rigid sheet roofing.


device pent roof system for roof

pent - krisha2

slope roof system for the pent roof is chosen depending on the roofing material.The minimum inclination angle of 5 to 10 ° is allowed when using roll materials such as roofing material or rubimasta.For the arrangement of the roof of the wave slate roof truss pent system makes not less than 20 °, and the roof tile a

llowable slope of 25 to 35 °.

scheme slope pent roof system according to the roofing material

tilt angle

When calculating the power roof system skeleton Guide:

  • estimated weight of roofing material, waterproofing and insulation;
  • the weight of the roof system;
  • wind and snow loads, averages for the region;
  • margin to 50% in the event of natural disasters.

Components pent roof system

For mounting pent roof truss system required sawn softwood or hardwood resistant to pests and rot.Permissible wood moisture for frame truss system is not more than 15 -17%.Overall dimensions of the timber are determined depending on the design loads on the roof, the total area of ​​the roof and the angle of the ramp.

pent - roof design

  1. For mauerlat, sleepers, puffs and grandmother used beam cross-section of not less than 150x150 mm.For rafters - board 50H150 and more.Beam cross-section of 50x50 used for arrangement of struts and podstropilnyh feet.For crates fit and not edging board thickness of 20 mm, and for continuous batten plywood or OSB 10-12 mm.
  2. mauerlat called longitudinal beams fixed to the upper crown of the building.From the bottom to the top mauerlat mauerlat attach rafters and grandmother to the vertical - tightening.
  3. Upper mauerlat or longitudinal ridge beam is set at the top of a pent roof system.The beam may be fixed at the highest boxes or wall structure adjacent to the other side, depending on the architectural design.
  4. Rafter - inclined board, connecting the upper and lower mauerlat.The thickness of the board depends on the weight of the roofing material.On rafter skeleton stuffed crate.
  5. Grandma - vertical stand, propping the upper mauerlat or skating run.The lower end of the headstock rests on the puff.
  6. Tightening - horizontal beam connecting with mauerlat grandmother.As a result of the rafter, grandmother and tightening obtained triangular profile rafter frame.
  7. Lejeune - longitudinal beam located in the middle of the attic space parallel mauerlat.Its ends are connected to a protracted beam.
  8. When a steep slope roof system and the length of the rafter board more than 6 meters of additional vertical struts mounted.They are mounted between the rafters and sleepers.They are set at an angle podstropilnye feet.

Mount - rafters

Crate - not edging board stuffed across the rafters.Step packing crates is calculated depending on the dimensions of the roof sheet.For soft roofing materials in rolls crate made of solid sheets of waterproof plywood, OSB, etc.

Tools and materials for installation pent roof system

tool for the construction of the rafter frame required:

  • Woodwork: handsaw for wood, carpenter's ax, plane, chisel and chisel;
  • measuring tools: tape measure, plumb, level building, carpenter's corner;
  • drill, hammer, screwdriver.

Installation & Supplies:

  • timber beams, timber board;
  • fixing materials: nails, screws, staples, pins;
  • insulating materials: roofing felt, mastic asphalt, wood preservative.


Installation pent roof system with their own hands

planed and sawn timber rafter in the drawing system are processed antiseptic and fireproof impregnation for wood.The ends of the beams, and the plane, attached to a brick wall, processed bituminous mastics.The samples and the upper crown of the walls in places of contact with the timber-framed roof system laid roofing material.

4 Pent - roof - node - bearing - 1

  1. on the lower longitudinal wall of the building is set mauerlat.For its fixing in advance during the construction of boxes at home in the last row of brick wall in metal studs.The diameter of the pins 10 - 12 mm and more.Beam mauerlat drilled hole size is set and tighten the nuts with wide washers.During installation of roof system periodically nuts are tightened.Wood tends to shrink slowly, and the resulting gap is selected to provide secure mauerlat.Similarly, the upper is attached mauerlat or scan ridge beam.If mauerlat fit around the perimeter of the box home, corner joints are made by nick beams in polbalki and additional fixing with nails and staples.
  2. Rafters are fastened with anchors, screws or nails to the beams mauerlat.Step rafters calculated by the width of a roofing sheet.Two parallel rafter feet are placed on the center line of the overlaps of roofing sheets, ie,step rafters to 15 to 20 cm has a roofing sheet.At the bottom of the roof slope filly stands at 20 to 25 cm from the wall cut.
  3. to install spacers and podstropilnyh supports at the ends of the beam and the place of installation is sampled in polbrusa and nailed.As additional metal fixtures used area, roof bolts or clamps.
  4. Depending on the type and weight of the roofing material is solid or sparse crate.Sparse crate stuffed with nails in increments of 10 cm up to half a meter.For it can be used and edging board, peeled.It is important that the board has the same thickness and are uniformly distributed on a plane truss system.For continuous use furring resistant chipboard, OSB or plywood.Attach better galvanized screws.

Installation pent roof system.Video: