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August 12, 2017 18:06

Set the mixer with their hands

If broken faucet in the bathroom or in the kitchen, do not rush to call the plumber and pay him for the work - installation of the mixer with their hands so simple that you'll wonder how smart you will succeed!Of course, we are not talking about elite sanitary products with special designs.In this article we will touch upon the installation of classic mixers, which are in every other apartment in Russia, as well as tell you what you should pay attention when choosing a model.


How to choose a faucet

First of all, we should stipulate that the mixers for the kitchen and bathroom are different.In the kitchen, you do not really need a sprinkler shower and hose, but can not do without it in the bathroom.Mixer installation height also plays a big role - if for w

ashing in the bathroom located low enough tap in the kitchen such a structure will be extremely uncomfortable, because under the mixer will not be able to wash the dishes.Choose the model is necessary not only in appearance but also material from which made the faucet and handles the switching process for hot and cold water, etc.Let us examine all these nuances in more detail.


Material tap

Today the market is represented by a variety of mixers models that my head is spinning, and understand the plumbing novice will be very difficult.If you do not want to tap rusty after a year or two of operation, in any case, do not select silumin mixers.Silumin - a material obtained by an alloy of aluminum and silicon with the addition of other substances, for example lithium or sodium hydroxide.Even the most expensive mixers from known brands are not immune to intergranular corrosion, which appears first in the form of small white spots (like lime).But under the glossy finish is a slow destruction of the metal, and once the mixer is simply falling apart in your hands or breaks, while the owners are not at home.


How to recognize silumin mixer?Note the color of the neck of the spout - if it is gray, it means that you are dealing with silumin.Spout - a part located above the O-ring on the root of the mixer.Another such faucets are much lighter than other materials, so weigh in the hands of a few models for comparison.

order not to miscalculate, choose bronze or brass faucets.Models of these metals are able to operate properly for decades, requiring only periodic cleaning, as well as any other plumbing.

Another important point - material seals.They should be made of thick rubber, but in any case not made of plastic, even if the seller claims that this is an ultra-modern and durable material.To date, only the tires able to provide a reliable and tight connection.

spacer ring spout in most cases is supplied separately from the mixer and is packaged with fasteners and small parts.Many inexperienced plumbers do not understand why it is needed and shall not establish it, leaving the spout quickly loosened and begins to flow.So make sure when you buy the mixer check for this ring.


The split spacer ring must be very tight.It is located on the root of the spout before you insert it into the slot.Since the ring is tight, it may be the first time do not enter into the hole, so it is necessary to squeeze the sides and push with a click.


mixer tap device plays an important role when choosing a model.And the question here is not about the convenience of operation - the fact that different ways of opening and overlap of water affect the timing of plumbing operation.Previously, there were only two-handled faucet valves, and recently appeared cork with one arm.

Professional plumbers recommend choosing a mixer with two handles, but if you can not imagine without a kitchen or bath.Modern dvuruchechnye lever models are superior in all respects.

valve mixer

Why do lever mixers better dvuruchechnyh:

  1. They economize on water - in mixer with two handles, you first open the cold water, and then gradually add the hot (and it rarely starts to flow at once), at this time the water flows away innowhere.The lever mixer, you can just about open so that poured warm water, and then only slightly adjust the position of the handle.In addition, overlap with water lever mixer more quickly - you just have to hold the handle down and the cranes will have to tighten much longer.
  2. Efficiency - in gate valves and valve seat with knee provide hydraulic resistance 5 times higher than in the valve faucet where the water is calm.If the system pressure drops, the two-handed tap water will hardly drop, and the rigidity of the small resistance will remain normal jet.
  3. Convenience - most of us grew up in the times of gate valves and it was necessary to gradually get used to the lever.Using them was new, but if you look, the very process of the on / off / adjust water pressure and demanded a lot less effort.No more twisting two knobs - just a little harder to press the lever and turn it to the side.Now, soaped his head, eyes closed will not work instead of inadvertently open the cold water hot - handle it all alone.


In general, wherever you look - some pluses.However, some users complain that if abruptly open lever faucet, it can cause water hammer, and all the pipes burst.This is partly a truthful statement that over time, overgrown with myths and conjectures, and now misleads inexperienced people.In the very first urban water supply systems, and the truth, we put the plug valves with a longitudinal slit in the conical tube, and they were given the sudden opening hammering with clear consequences in the form of a burst pipe.Because plastic pipes had not yet invented, plumbers have found the only reasonable solution - replace the plugs on the screws that open gradually.

in aviation for more than 100 years ago, were designed valves with a spherical rather than a cone, a stopper and a round, rather than longitudinal, hole.That is actually a crane is not able to create a water hammer.Moreover, it is not even able to flow because of deterioration in the pressure of the water coming from the pipe, pushes the plug into the seat over the entire circumference.And finally - this "air-valve" is much cheaper and easier to manufacture.It is not clear why, but the pilots did not want to share his invention with the plumbing, but during the restructuring began to move business off the ground, and now Spherical cranes almost completely replaced the spool valve design.

Diffuser soul

So, when you stop to look in the direction of gate valves, it is time to decide on the "sunflower" shower mixer.The lens of the water must be equipped with self-cleaning nozzles.Identify them very easily - at every hole has a soft rubber or polymer cap with a hole.When you turn on or turn off the water, the nozzle open and narrow accordingly, dropping limescale.If the nozzles are made of a rigid static material, they will sooner or later clogged and splashing head start in different directions.


Replacement faucet in the bathroom

In this chapter we look at the different ways to install the kitchen faucet and bathroom.With all of them easy to handle any host or hostess, making sure that their hands can sometimes do something for which others pay considerable sums plumbers.

Before starting work, it is useful to get acquainted with the scheme of the mixer unit.The picture below shows the assembly diagram of the 3-hpozitsionnogo faucet for the bathroom.We remind you that the specifics of the installation depends on the type of construction and its location - in the kitchen, the bathroom sink, on the edge of the bath, etc.

circuit - mixer - for - bathroom

to work you need a gas (adjustable) key, vinyl electrical tape and a hammer.Duct tape is needed for winding nickel-plated bolts before they are tightened.This will keep the coating intact.Adjustable wrench you will dismantle the old mixer.

Particular attention should be paid to waterproofing places docking mixer elements.Previously, this used linen ropey, but now is better to buy a tape-fumku.Her wound in 15 layers in a clockwise direction (as there is a thread), so that when winding the tape seals the threaded nut and did not give the slightest chance the water leak out.Understand that you wound the tape in the wrong direction is easy - with wrap nuts it will slide, and about any waterproofing in this case can be no question.

Removing the old mixer

Before disassembling the old faucet, be sure to turn off the water in the pipes!The main problem when working with designs that did not change 20-30 years - this is their unwillingness to unwind.Over the years, salt precipitation firmly entrenched in the ground brackets and turned into real gems.And if you can not unscrew the faucet gas key, it is not necessary to tear his hands and risking to break the pipe - there is a folk remedy proven.Take kerosene or brake fluid and drip 5-7 drops on a petrified joint.After 10-15 minutes of waiting, try again to work wrench - fasteners must succumb.If does not help, use the HP-40, which instantly removes rust, coating and other blockages from metal surfaces.

Kitchen tap installation

Under mixer is better to substitute a bucket or basin, that the remaining water in it does not hit the floor.Once you unscrewed and removed the faucet, remove the faucet from the hot and cold water hoses.Sometimes it's easier to do before loosening the mixer.It is better to do the work on the basin, because the hose is almost certain there is water, even if you close the valve.

Installing a new faucet in the kitchen

Before installing the mixer in the kitchen prepare the space and cover with foil or cloth all around the surface that can be damaged by water or unintentionally cast tool.The technique works best on time rearrange to another room (the refrigerator can be left in place).

One wrench, you may be a little, so it's best to stock up on a couple of screwdrivers, pliers and a set of wrenches.Also, you will need to drain or corrugated-metal pipe (2 pcs.), And its length should be determined in advance.The hose will go from the sink drain hole to sewage, and it is desirable that it is not curled, or at the fold will create a potential site of obstruction.


Shut off hot and cold water.If possible, gently move the sink from the wall to free up more space to work.

Set mixer on the sink:

  1. hose fittings connect to the mixer from the short nozzle (a metal rod with a thread).
  2. Remove the protective bronze studs and nuts to tighten the stop pins.
  3. through the opening in the sink miss hose to the mixer, and the second from the bottom, connect the hose to the corresponding hole in the mixer.
  4. When the mixer is already on the shell, and to it connected two hoses put on it the rubber gasket and pressing a metal plate, screw the bronze nut on the stud.
  5. Tighten nuts suitable key, but do not over-tighten to avoid damage to the sink or not to strip the threads.
  6. Connect hoses coming out of the mixer to the water supply.The hardest thing here - do not confuse them.To do this, turn the faucet on myself right hose - cold water, left - hot.
  7. union nut attach the hoses to the water pipes.
  8. Check the tightness of connections (2 and 2 from the mixer in the pipe).
  9. Turn on the water and test the mixer.Before using, make sure that the crane arm is twisted or omitted.

Video about the installation of the mixer will give a complete picture of this work:

Installing a new faucet in the bathroom

Installing bathroom faucet there is a little bit different than in the kitchen, and installation methods can be a little - on the wall abovebath in the sink and on the rim of the bath.If you want to put the faucet into the sink, use the instructions set out above - much of a difference there.

Consider installing shower mixer, which is attached to the wall, because it is the most common option:

  1. Shut off hot and cold water.If the taps are turned tight, treat thread lubricant space and try again.Then check to see if the water is flowing at the open gates of the mixer.
  2. unscrew the two nuts on the eccentric Using an adjustable wrench.
  3. Remove the old faucet.
  4. If unions are in good condition, they can not change the (brass).Unfortunately, in most cases, the houses of the Soviet unions have long left much to be desired, so they should be replaced.Gas hold key close to the wall and start to rotate counterclockwise.Unscrew very careful not to break the eccentric - if it happens, would have to dismantle the wall.
    Tip: if the old iron eccentric defies, heat it lighter or a candle flame and try to unscrew again.
  5. to unscrew the old Soviet unions, insert it into the hole one claw pliers and try to crank it up from the inside.If you do not have enough forces, clamp pliers pipe wrench, which will serve as an additional and more convenient lever.More clearly the process is seen in the image below:
  6. The pipe after removing the cam can see the old linen winding.Remove it, or a new faucet instantly clogged.
  7. Clean the inside of the pipe surface from plaque and wind the tape-fumku new cams.
  8. Screw tape sealed eccentric threaded in clockwise direction.Keep cams arranged strictly symmetrical.For convenience, the first tightening of the eccentric count the number of revolutions.
  9. To properly install a horizontal mixer, screw it without sealing tape by one cam at each side, and the second check horizontality building level.
  10. If everything smoothly, remove the mixer and install it pads.
  11. on the eccentric screw decorative cup until the end of the thread.
  12. Start cranking mixer nuts on the eccentric at first hand, and then a wrench.Tighten only slightly so as not to strip the threads.
  13. Attach the hose from the showerhead and other elements.
  14. To cut gaskets, pre-lubricate them with liquid soap.
  15. remains only to unscrew faucets for hot and cold water and test the functionality of the mixer.

more clearly the process is shown in the video below:

Set mixer on the bath board is on the same principle as in the shell, the only difference is that the hole for the faucet is not in the sink and in the bathroom cabinet.

Concealed Mixer

More and more people prefer to replace conventional mixers concealed type structure - they look very interesting, and aesthetically pleasing.However, installing concealed mixer requires knowledge and skills, so it is best left to a specialist, especially if you have not ever change the plumbing before.


Any concealed mixer consists of three components:

  • mounting box;
  • functional part (the mixer);
  • decorative outer panel.